She'd never felt so awkward in her life. For some time, she'd been up, wondering how this odd morning was going to go, but she hadn't actually gotten anywhere. She was sitting in a chair; he was stirring in her bed. When his eyes opened, she whispered, unable to believe, even after the previous night, that he'd loved her, "Good morning, Fiyero."

His smile seemed to grow as he woke more. The way he looked at her, she knew he was remembering the night before and the way she'd behaved. He seemed to find it amusing, and she was not sure whether or not to be offended by this. "Morning." He said wearily.

What was there to say? The dreaded morning after, that's what this was. She was still trying to get over the intensity of the previous night while adjusting herself to the light that was slowly coming in the skylight above the bed where he was stretching out lazily. "Hungry?"

"Not really," he sat up, still naked, and studied her.

She shifted uncomfortably, though she was dressed. "Well…"

"Well, what, Elphie?"

"I… I don't know." She relaxed a little and smiled.

He smiled back at her, and then looked at himself, as if only just realizing he wasn't clothed. "So, when can I come back?"

He wanted to come back, did he? She should deny him; she knew she should. But she also knew she could no longer deny him. Had nothing happened the night before, maybe she could've told him that he could not come back. However, she'd lost control and let him have it… ha! Or had he let her have it? What sort of language was she using, anyway? Shaking her head, she stepped out of her mind for a moment. "Tonight, if you so desire."

A lustful grin crept into his face and he let her see it. "Will tonight be like last night?"

Without hesitation, she replied, "If you so desire."

Standing up, he moved to kiss her. "Elphie…"

She turned her head away from his kiss. This was lust, not love, right? Kissing was for love; sex was for lust. "What?"

"Why do you turn away like that?" He asked quietly.

Shocked, she looked up at him. "Why not?"

He only looked at her. When she blinked, she kept her eyes closed. She felt his hands traveling down her body, finding the opening of her dress and sliding up. Immediately, she pulled away from him. "Stop. We need to set a few things straight, okay?"

She hated the way he could look so dejected. It almost broke her heart, but she would not give in. When he nodded, he said, "What sort of things?"

"You cannot and will not ever touch me below the waist with your hands, do you understand me?"

"Elphie, what sort of rule is that? That's ridiculous."

"Do you understand me?"


"Do you?" She glared at him, making it clear he would not have her until he agreed.

"Yes," he sighed. "Anything else?"

"You are to tell me exactly what time you're going to come here so I may wait for you under the blankets. I will not be seen. Is that clear?"

"Not be seen? Elphaba, what?"

"No surprising me, ever. Nothing romantic or anything. You may not ever sneak up on me in here. This is my place, it's good for me and I'm not going to let you ruin it, all right?"

He took a deep breath, seemingly unable to take everything in that she was telling him. "Okay. I got it." He began to kiss her neck. "Now, can we go back to bed, please, Elphie?"

"I…" She'd been planning on refusing, but he'd won her over and he knew it. There were no more words needed to lead him towards the bed.

They tipped back onto the bed with ease and he fumbled boyishly with her dress. "Sorry, I'm not used to…"

"Hush," she put a finger to his lips, slipping herself out of her dress with ease. Claiming his mouth, she sank beneath the blankets.

It pleased her to see that he took pleasure in her. He was ready to play, to experiment, though she wasn't sure she'd always match his energies. However, this time she was as willing as ever. Still tracing and learning the routines of one another's body, they made love with wild fervor, disturbing only the cat, which'd fallen asleep on the bed.

It was almost afternoon when she realized she had to leave. Feeling a bit wanton, she rushed Fiyero and herself out the door, knowing she'd be very late if she did what he wished her to do and go to bed with him one last time before the next night. "You're coming back tonight. Sweet Oz, Fiyero, when do you think you've had enough?"

And she, certainly, knew that she'd had enough. Her entire body ached from their repeated and vigorous lovemaking. How could she possibly take another night and morning like the last? Thinking about it, she felt a sudden rush of emotion and knew she could, though she doubted tonight would be the same. There were rules that still needed to be set, things that still needed explaining.

She had places to be before tonight, though, she realized. The cold fall air that nipped at her reminded her harshly that she had work to do for her cause. Walking briskly, she moved away from her "home" and towards the church where Fiyero had caught her what seemed like barely moments before.

Entering the church, she looked around, wondering if he was, maybe, following her again, curious. As much as she… wanted… him, he could not follow her. If he were to break her rules, that would be the last straw, though she knew the last straw should've been long before then. The last straw should've been when he'd first found her, before that, even. He could not get to her this way.

Through the oratory, she made her way to a small, hidden room. There was a door at the other side of the room that, to the average church patron, was an exit. It was heavy, metal and labeled "exit". However, she and few others knew it was not an exit.

"Miss Elphaba," greeted a crackling voice as she entered the room, "you look like… well, you look like you've had a very interesting morning." An old woman stood up from her chair in the center of the room and began circling Elphaba.

"I have," Elphaba said truthfully.

"I can see that. What've I told you about love, Miss Elphaba?"

"Oh, it's not love," Elphaba reassured the elder woman, "really."

"Sex, then. Well, I guess that's different. Why engage in sex with someone you don't love, Miss Elphaba?"

"Desire. Pleasure." Elphaba shrugged.

"Well, you certainly have fulfilled your pleasure, Miss Elphaba, as I see you can't even walk straight."

Elphaba felt blood rush to her cheeks. Had she been walking that way the entire time since she'd left her place? Had people on the streets noticed? Worse, had Fiyero noticed? How could she have possibly not realized this blatant, obvious fact? She began to wonder if it was even true. Maybe the old woman was having fun with her. However, she could not simply walk around the room and watch herself, for she'd look ridiculous. "I, well…"

"Please, do not let this get in the way of your mission, my dear."

"Believe me, I won't. The mission comes first. I know that." But did she? If the mission, the cause, really came first, Fiyero would not have been with her at all last night. He had been with her the previous night, there was no denying that. She imagined that after the strength and passion they had possessed, that she smelled like it. For all she knew, she must have.

"Well, good. I have nothing for you, today, dearie, so do not bother yourself with anything. You may go home and have your… fun." The elder woman cackled loudly. "Just please, don't have too much fun."

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "I know, I know." She said, and left the building through the closest exit. Looking up at the clock in the church tower, she sighed. There were still several hours until she and Fiyero would meet again.