This is a short piece I did as part of a drabble tree. I'm posting it here for fun. Enjoy!


"We're missing the Winter Olympics," Rodney said morosely, his spoon halfway to his mouth. He slid the spoon inside, sucking away the last of the chocolate pudding with a sigh. He let the now-useless spoon clatter into the empty bowl, where it rested against John's.

John frowned, not understanding what the deal was.

"Hockey," Rodney said with emphasis, as if that one word explained everything. When he realised that John still wasn't getting it, he rolled his eyes.

"Sorry," John said. "Hockey's not really my sport."

"Right, I mean, but...It's the Olympics." When John didn't respond, Rodney went on. "I mean, come on," he said, biting out that last word. "It's the Olympics. I mean, isn't there...if not hockey, then there must be some sport - Even Radek..." he said, throwing his hands up in frustration.

John interrupted the rant with a shrug.

"Come on, not even snowboarding?" Rodney asked, leaning forward across the table. "I figured that would so be your thing. Very 'dude' and..." Rodney made the "hang loose" symbol with one hand, wiggling it slightly.

John frowned. "Sorry."

Rodney stood, his chair sliding back with a screech. "Hopeless," he said under his breath. As he stomped off, John could hear him muttering something about, "Radek - Czech Republic - hockey - understand the finer things."

As Rodney left the room, John finally let himself smile. Playing Rodney was so easy.

And anyway, hockey really wasn't his thing - he'd always been more for figure skating.


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