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Chapter 6: Little Red-Top Riding Hood.

Terra half groaned, half sighed. "What next?"

"Do we have to?" Robin complained. "Isn't this good enough?"

"Bumblebee, you can go now, thanks again," Raven ignored Robin's complaint.

"Thank you," Bumblebee said as a black portal thing popped up next to her. "See ya later, guys." Bee stopped and smirked at Cyborg. "Have fun, Sparky," were her final words before she stepped into the portal and was gone.

Cyborg glared after Bee in an annoyed way, seemed a lot of those glares where going around today. "So what next?" he snorted as he re-crossed his arms.

"Hopefully something that doesn't include me wearing these tighty tights again, I can like feel them going up my butt," Beast Boy complained.

"Too much information, Beast Boy," Robin put in while Terra tried not to laugh. "Can we just do this already?"

"Fine. Have fun," Raven more of taunted then said.

Robin had already turned his head away as the bright flash of white light came. He kinda expected it now. Terra had closed her eyes to keep the light away. It was too bright!

"For a person who hides in dark corners you sure like blinding us with these darn lights!" Cyborg yelled as he rubbed his eyes after the light blasting.

"Owww," Beast Boy moaned as he conked himself on the temple with his palm to regain proper sighting. He looked around, "Woods?" he questioned as he looked around at the wooded area.

"Well it's not the Sahara Destert BB," Cyborg snickered.

On one end of the wood was one cabin, and on the other end was another. Both looked to be about… one room big. Terra still had her eyes jammed shut, muttering something to herself. "Please don't be a dress, please don't be a dress, please don't be a dress!" She opened one eye and looked down. "HA! No dress!" She was in her regular uniform. For about a split second. "Finally no-" out of nowhere a dress that looked like it belonged to an old woman popped up on her. "DARN IT!" she wailed.

Robin snorted on his laughter, though tried to hide it for the most part. He was wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt with an over shirt over it. He looked about… normal. Except he still wore the mask.

"Aww, poor Terra." Cyborg said in mock pity. He looked over himself, praying it wasn't some tutu or something of that level of evil. To his surprise and joy, it was only a extra large pair of jean overalls with straps going over his red checkered shirt. "Cool! clothes that fit me!" he joked.

Beast Boy looked over himself, he was a giant gray... wolf? He was about to ask what they where doing this time, but looking over at Starfire and the plot was clear.

Starfire had a little red cloak on over her usual outfit, her red hood was drawn up and covered most of the scalp. "Friends, what now?"

"Little red riding hood!" Beast Boy screeched. "Well... it could be worse I guess." he sighed, knowing it was all to true.

"…" Terra looked down at her clothes again. "Assuming I'm grandma?" she asked. "Nice, Rae. Thanks."

"Who am I supposed to be?" Robin asked.

"Grandma Terra, HAHA!" Cyborg teased before picking up his ax, though it to was wooden. "Kinda ironic isn't it? An axe made of wood..."

While Cyborg was going on about his 'axe', Beast Boy was looking at Robin. "I dunno... my, after lunch snack?" he joked.

Robin gave Beast Boy a 'That's not funny' look as Terra laughed. "Hey," he said with a smirk on his face. "You know what this means?" he asked Beast Boy.

Terra stopped laughing to listen.

"Uhh...no." Beast Boy sat down and lifted his back paw up to scratch behind his ears, he was kinda good at this since he was an animal shape shifter.

"You have to 'eat' Terra," Robin said with crossed arms.

"He... has to what?" Terra asked. Okay, so she'd forgotten about that part.

"Hu?" Beast Boy set his foot down and looked at Robin with a bewildered look.

Starfire gasped, "We can not make him do such things!"

"Not for real Star!" Cyborg tried not to laugh.

"Oh," Starfire blushed.

Robin chuckled at Starfire. "We would never make him do that," Robin told her.

"Strange… you've been vegetarian for years, and now here's Raven putting you in the role of a wolf that eats people," Terra joked.

"Well, I'm not doing it!" Beast Boy snorted as he shot his nose in the air in a protesting why.

"You have to, or we are going to be stuck here for a long time." Cyborg noted.

"I don't care."

"I DO!" Cyborg shouted now. "I got an axe, do NOT make me use it, little man."

Beast Boy eyed the wooden axe, "This isn't fair! Isn't there some other way?" he whined. "Even if she is cute enough to eat," he said a little lower so it was meant for mainly Terra to hear.

Terra looked over at Beast Boy as if asking 'What'd you say?' but she thought she caught it and smiled at him with a light blush.

"Can we just get this over with?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, lets hurry up with this," Cyborg nodded.

"And may we please try to behave?" Starfire pleaded with them, she was really getting tired of the book.

"Me? NOT behave? phst," Beast Boy waved his paw in the air. "Behave is my middle name!"

"And misbehave is your first," Cy laughed.

Terra laughed a little bit at Cyborg's remark.

"You can say that again," Robin grumbled. "So… I guess one of these cottages is where Little Red Riding Hood comes from, and the other is Granny's house?"

"…" Terra stared. "So… you're saying I have to sit in that little cottage, get eaten, then that's it?"

"Sounds like the sum of it, yeah," Cyborg laughed. "I would guess Robin over here is playing 'daddy'. And I have to wait to 'kill' the wolf."

"I don't care what you guys say, I am NOT going to eat her, isn't there one version when the wolf stuffs 'granny' in the closet?" Beast Boy was more of muttering to himself.

Terra shrugged. "I thought there might have been."

"I did too," Robin said. "You can just do that then, just get this over with."

"Fine, I'm going into my little 'house' if you can call it that," Terra grumbled before walking off into the little cottage.

'"Do you need a cane?" Cyborg hollered after Terra before busting into laughter.

Terra turned to face Cyborg, glaring a little. "I might be dressed like a little old lady, but that does NOT mean that I can't kick your butt!" she smirked before turning around to keep walking.

"Okay! jeesh! Go take your sleep pills or somthing 'GRAM', your getting cranky," Cyborg joked once more before heaving the fake axe up. "Well I just wait for y'all to get workin'."

Terra shook her head, clearly annoyed. Okay, Cyborg would be going down once they were back at the tower. She opened the door to the little cottage and stepped in. Yep… one room. A bed room with a little TV that didn't work. Nice. Oh, and a door that Terra supposed was the closet.

"Umm, Robin?" Starfire asked, she didn't know what to do.

"Yeah, Star?" Robin turned to her.

"I do not know what lines I am suposed to say, nor what I should do..." Starfire stated as she tried to pull her hood down, though to her slight frustration it poped back up on her head.

Robin chuckled again. "It's okay, see all you do is-" Robin was cut off by a phone ringing. Instead of going in the house to get it, the phone popped up in his hand instead. How… convenient. He picked it up. "Umm hello?" he asked.

"Robin!" Terra scolded. "Where ARE those cookies I ordered? I must have ordered them like… half an hour ago! Remember the cookie company policy? 'If we're not there in half an hour or less, they're half price!' It's been…" there was a pause through the phone. "Thirty-TWO minutes!"

She continued rambling as Robin gave an annoyed look before hanging up the phone. "Okay, so all you do-" the phone rang again. Robin's eye twitched as he picked up the phone. "Do you have me on speed dial or something?" he yelled.

"As a matter of fact, I do!" Terra's voice rang through the receiver again. "That is NO WAY to treat your customers, young man! Now I want-"

"STOP CALLING!" Robin yelled into the phone before hanging up again. He turned to Starfire again. "As I was saying…"

Starfire merely blinked a few times, though listened.

"Ooo, I WANNA USE THE PHONE TO!" Beast Boy dashed past Robin and picked the phone up. "... can somone with fingers help me out over here?"

"No! you can get ready to play your part though!" Cyborg half snapped though started sounding annoyed once more.

Robin smacked his forehead. "Guys, I'm trying to explain the story to Starfire. Either shut up, or go away."

The pone rang in Beast Boy's… er… paws. Terra was sitting on the little bed, tapping her foot. Hey, she was bored. What else was there to do?

"Hello?" Beast Boy said into the phone.

"Better not be roaming!" Cyborg turned to joking, and completely ignoring Robin.

"Hey, Beast Boy!" Terra said, slightly surprised at hearing him instead of Robin.

"Hey Terra! Mind if I have you over for supper?" he joked, though he was going to put her in the closet.

"Okay," Robin sighed before telling Starfire all about Little Red Riding Hood and her lines and all that.

"Oh I see now!" Starfire nodded and a grin. "Let us start then!"

Terra laughed at his joking, as always. She heard Starfire in the background. "So… do you have to go?" she asked in a sad voice. Hey, she liked talking to him. Even over the phone.

Robin handed over a basket that also conveniently popped up. "Here," he handed it over to Starfire.

"Well- NO! ROBIN! NO NOT THE FRYING PAN! I'll get off in a minute! Please don't! no, no, NOOO-" Beast Boy yelled in a dramatic voice before hanging up and strolling past Robin with his tail wagging in the air.

Starfire only shook her head at Beast Boy then took the basket, "Then I shall be off?"

Robin gave Beast Boy another annoyed glare. "Yeah," he told Starfire. "I guess I'm finished with my part," he said.

"..." Terra stared at the phone. "Beast Boy?" she said into it. "Beast Boy? Hello?" she stood up from her sitting position on the bed and moved the door, cracking it open to look out. She also gave an annoyed look before going back in and closing the door. Now what to do… maybe she'd just call Robin and annoy him until the 'Wolf' got here.

Beast Boy walked right past Starfire, kinda skipping the part when he was supposed to ask where she was going. "Knock, knock." Beast Boy barked before sitting down outside Terra's door.

Terra jumped up off the bed after picking the phone up. She was about to call Robin, but then Beast Boy came. She came to the door and opened it. "Hey," she said. She didn't care if she was supposed to freak out or something.

"Hi, I am here to try and interest you in a one way vacation, to no place else but, the closet! for the low, low price of one scratch behind the ear!" Beast Boy said in his best salesmen voice.

Terra raised an eyebrow. "What a great deal," she grumbled sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

"Okay, how about the even lower price of... cooperation?" Beast Boy tried.

"HURRY UP!" Cyborg screamed over.

Terra raised her other eyebrow now. "Only cause I wanna get out of here," she said with a smile as she opened the door up more for him to come in.

Beast Boy trotted in, his head bobbing from side to side and tail wagging like a puppy instead of some big bad wolf.

Terra closed the door behind him and barely three seconds later, the phone rang. Terra figured it would be Robin or Cyborg and picked it up. "Yeah?" she answered.

"Hey, don't you two be playing any 'Seven Minutes of Heaven' in that closet over there!" Robin's voice rang through the receiver.

Terra glared at the phone, trying to keep from saying something she really shouldn't.

Beast Boy's ears perked, wolf hearing, he heard that remark. "HEY! DUDE! THIS IS A KIDS BOOK!" he barked at the phone, glad wolves couldn't blush, his face would be lit like a Christmas tree.

Terra's face however was a deep red blush. "Not like any kids are actually gonna read this anyways," Robin reminded Beast Boy.

"Get lost!" Terra snapped before slamming the phone down.

Out by the other cottage, Robin was leaning against it, arms crossed and snickering. Okay, so that was a little mean.


Robin raised an eyebrow. "That a threat?" he called back. Hey, he was only still teasing Beast Boy for teasing him. And… well, the whole 'Snow White' predicament was still bothering him.

"YOU BET IT IS!" Terra screamed out the window at Robin.

"Actually, more of a warning, THOUGH THREAT WORKS JUST AS WELL!" Beast Boy shouted once more.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, can we just get this over with?" Robin called back.

Terra didn't even bother to answer him. She ignored him instead and leaned back so she wasn't sticking her head out the window anymore. "That Robin… I swear…" she went on grumbling threats and names.

Beast Boy didn't grumble anything, he thought about being trapped in the book, and if he wanted out he had to do that awful thing called... behaving...

"You want to just walk in the closet? Or do I have to push you in," he joked at Terra.

Terra rolled her eyes in a joking way. "I'll just go if I have to," she said starting over to the closet.

"K, have fun!" Beast Boy trotted over to the bed and hopped on, a pink night cap popped on his head, and a pink night gown popped on him as well. "GAH! DUDE!" he yelped.

"Fun, yeah, I get to sit in a closet while you-" she was cut off by Beast Boy's shout. "What?" she whipped around to look at him and smirked, cocking an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side. "Word of advice," she choked out with a snicker. "Pink's not your color."

"I LOOK LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE!" Beast Boy whimpered as he tugged at the dress with his teeth. "What is this thing made of? steel!" he snarled as he tugged on it with his teeth, but with no prevail.

Terra couldn't help but laugh. "Finally… you get to feel my pain," she joked with him again. Hey, she'd had to wear a dress almost every freaking story, and it was getting old.

Beast Boy resisted the urge to give Terra an annoyed growl, the words keeping playing in his head 'Behave and get out, behave and get out, behave and get out to watch telly'. "Whatever," he muttered before covering himself up under the quilted blanket. If nothing else, he didn't want Cy or Robin getting a sniff of this.

"Okay, sorry," Terra said, stopping her laughter. "See ya later, I guess," she said before opening the door to the closet and stepping in. After closing the door there was a small crash. "OW! Dude, this thing's a freaking broom closet! Could it GET any smaller?" she yelled, rubbing her foot.

That did earn a laugh from Beast Boy before he heard Starfire knock on the door. "GO AWAY WE'RE NOT BUYIN'!" he shouted.

"Um... it is me, the girl in the red hood!" Starfire's voice rang.

"Oh yeah, uh- come on in Red-Top!" Beast Boy dug himself deeper under the quilt, Raven was going to pay for this some day.

Starfire walked in and looked around before spotting the green wolf.

Only Beast Boy's nose stuck up from the blanket.

"Um- friend- I mean grandma, why do you hide yourself?"

"Uh- I er... like uh- I mean... aw just say your lines!" Beast Boy muttered.

"But how can I coment on your eyes and nose and teeth if I cannot see them?" Starfire asked.

"uh-... magic?"

"Beast Boy..."

Beast Boy made a half growling and half annoyed sound before pushing himself

up so only his head showed, though it was enough to see the lace lined pink sleeping cap. Starfire pressed her lips tightly together in hopes of not laughing, though she failed.

"Just say the lines please!" Beast Boy moaned.

Starfire cleared her throat, though looked at Beast Boy and laughed once more.

"Why me," Beast Boy moaned.

"Yes um, Grandma, what large eyes you have." Starfire commented sweetly.

"All the better to see that little TV with," Beast Boy snickered.

"And what large nose,"

"Comes in handy when sniffing out the remote... or cute chicks." Beast Boy grinned.

"And what teeth!"

"All the better to... this is gonna sound cannibalistic!" Beast Boy whined.

Robin tapped his foot, clearly annoyed. What was taking so long?

"Can you PLEASE say your line so I can get out of here?" Terra called from the closet. "I think something moved!"

"Okay! jeez!" Beast Boy muttered, "All the better to eat you with," he said in monotone before hopping down from the bed, though keeping the quilt wrapped over himself and walked out of the cottage at a slug pace.

"Are you not supposed to chase me?" Starfire questioned.

"Skip it," Beast Boy muttered as he slugged outside wrapped like a mummy, though yelped and jumped nearly three feet back when he caught sight of Cyborg running at him with the axe yelling somthing that sounded like Tarzan with throat disorder. "DUDE!" he screamed, unwrapped and now shaking from the surprise.

"... Oh now who's in the dress!" Cyborg busted into laughter.

"AHH!" Terra yelped as there was a sound as if she had thrown her show at the wall. There had been a HUGE spider! She reached for the closet door and tried to open it. What the heck… why wouldn't it open! Groaning she found herself locked in. "Can I come out now?" she called. "I don't like it in here!" There was a slight pause as she waited for anyone to answer. "Guys?"

"Beast Boy?" Robin asked as he came up next to Cyborg now. He had another smirk planted on his face.

"Not.A.Word." Beast Boy grumbled at the two boys.

Starfire kinda forgot about Terra as she left the cottage, doing her best to keep from laughing at the green wolf in the night gown.

"None needed," Robin told Beast Boy, trying to control his laughs.

"Guys! Anybody?" Terra yelled.

Beast Boy flattened his ears against his neck and had to fight to keep from curling his lip back in another annoyed gesture, this time a snarl. "Are we done?" he asked, though his words seemed drowned by Robin and Cyborg's laughter.

"HEL-LO!" Terra screamed, banging on the door. "I'm kind of locked in here if anybody notices!" she didn't wasn't sure if they could hear her or not. Either way, this was not funny.

"Okay, okay, sorry," Robin tried to catch his breath and stop laughing. He took a deep calming breath, but it was only interrupted by a small fit of laughs.

Beast Boy sat down and looked away as if he didn't care about the laughs, he looked down and started tugging at the night gown again.

Cyborg was wiping tears from his eyes, Beast Boy had jostled them about the stupid fairy dresses, but what goes around comes around.

"Friends, why does it feel as if we are missing something?" Starfire asked as she looked around.

Robin stopped laughing to look around as well. "It does seem like we're forgetting something…" he agreed.

"OH MY GOD!" Terra yelled. There was another huge spider in the closet. WHERE WERE ALL THESE SPIDERS COMING FROM? She whimpered at seeing it. It was too big… it looked like if she tried to kill it, it would crunch or splat all over. Ewwww…

Beast Boy had one ear tilted at the others as he listened, though was still tugging hopelessly at the gown.

"Hmmm..." Cyborg looked them over, "Who are we missing?"

Beast Boy looked up and around, "Terra!"

"Oops," Cyborg put his figners to his mouth, it was in mock worry, the grin said so.

Terra was leaning completely against the door, back to it, trying to stay away from that THING! "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew," she whimpered.

"Whoops…" Robin said.

Beast Boy stood up and gave himself a shake before leading the way into the cottage and to the closet, he grinned at the others before speaking loud enough for Terra to hear. "GEE I FEEL LIKE WE ARE MISSING SOMONE!"

Cyborg nodded and played along. "I know! wonder who it could be!"

Robin rolled his eyes a bit and only watched the two pick on Terra.

"Beast Boy!" Terra yelled, still leaned against the door and keeping a close watch on that spider that seemed to be getting closer. "Cyborg! Guys!" she whined.

"I think I hear something!" Beast Boy yelped in his own mock worry.

"Think Raven's book is haunted?" Cyborg asked.

"It might be! I heard my name," Beast Boy nodded.

"Guys!" Terra pleaded. "Come on, there's a giant spider in here the size of my fist!" Okay, so she exaggerated a little! So what? It was still big. And she didn't like spiders. Not ones that big.

"I heard something about spiders!" Beast Boy gasped.

"Maybe the ghost is telling us to STAY AWAY FROM THE CLOSET and the giant spiders in there!" Cyborg suggested.

"Good idea! Lets go!" Beast Boy held his laugh, but it was hard.

"NO! GUYS! Knock it off! Open the door!" There was a slight pause and then a whine. "OH MY GOD, NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she yelped and threw a random object at the spider that had started crawling towards her.

"There it is again! Something about a spider," Cyborg hummed loudly, this was mean, but funny.

"I know, lets get out of here fast!" Beast Boy nodded before running out of the cottage loudly, followed by Cyborg's loud steps. Though both then snuck back inside to hear Terra's reaction.

"BEAST BOY! CYBORG! GET BACK HERE!" Terra yelled, pressing her back against the door as hard as possible now. The spider was only inches from her shoe but she did not want to step on that thing. "OPEN THIS DOOR, NOW!" she screamed, bending her leg so the bottom of her foot was touching the door.

"Friends what are you-" Starfire was hushed by loud hissing noises from the boys before Cyborg quietly unlocked the door and swung it open.

"AHHH!" Terra screamed, falling on the backwards to the ground on her back. The tarantula looking spider scuttled out of the closet, causing Terra to jump up and step back. She watched it scuttle out the door before turning on Beast Boy and Cyborg, glaring a death glare.

Cyborg and Beast Boy busted into laughter.

Cyborg reached over and ruffled Terra's hair as he laughed, "C'mon Ter, gotta admit that was funny."

"I didn't know you where scared of spiders!" Beast Boy choked on his laughter.

Terra glared at Cyborg. "No, it WASN'T!" she snapped, trying to speak over their laughter. She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair after Cyborg ruffled it. "And I am NOT afraid of spiders!" Terra rounded on Beast Boy. "I just don't LIKE them, especially ones that big. There's a difference!"

The two boys suppressed their laughter, though big grins still on their faces.

"Okay, sure Ter, we believe you." Cyborg snickered.

"No hard feelings, just a little joke." Beast Boy added before sitting down and looking up at Terra with the biggest puppy eyes a wolf could manage.

Terra glared at Cyborg in response, arms crossed. She looked at Beast Boy and rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Don't look at me like that," she said, sounding mad still. But on the inside, she was burning to just go, 'Awwwww!' as she usually did.

Robin came in that moment. "Guys? What are you doing in here?" he asked. He was getting tired of waiting for them.

Beast Boy whimpered and did that thing dogs do, when they scoot up a little though sit back down quickly.

Cyborg looked down at Beast Boy and rolled his eyes, "About to puke." he answered Robin.

Terra kept her head turned away, glaring at the wall instead. She didn't want to say 'Awwwwww' like she usually did!

Robin looked from Beast Boy to Terra. "What did you do to Terra?" he asked.

"They kept me locked in a closet with a tarantula!" Terra complained.

"It was a wolf spider," Cyborg laughed out, trying to ignore the stupid puppy face Beast Boy was giving Terra. Really feeling like he was going to puke.

Beast Boy whimpered louder before reaching up and nuzzling Terra's hand.

"Close enough!" Terra snapped. Robin crossed his arms, wondering whether to laugh at Terra, or whap Cyborg and Beast Boy for possibly getting them stuck here longer. So, he just kinda stayed quiet.

Terra looked down at the wolf. This was so unfair… WHY did he have to have that animal power that always made her forgive him for the stupid, yet mean, jokes he played on her?

Beast Boy whimpered louder as let his ears drop and his tail sag down.

"C'mon B, bother your girlfriend later! Like, when we aren't around," Cyborg made gagging noises.

Starfire laughed quietly at the whole ordeal before piping up, "Friend? Raven? Are we done now?" she asked, almost pleaded.

Terra looked down again, staring for a minute. After heaving an annoyed 'Fine, you win' sigh, she reached down to scratch behind his ears.

Raven's voice came again just a moment later. After a sigh, she spoke again. "I guess that's as good as I'm going to get."

"So… we're done?" Robin asked.

"You're done," Raven repeated.

"WE SHALL BE FREE!" Starfire chirped happily as she grabbed Robin in a hug, which resulted in Cyborg's coughing/snickering. In his language, it meant future teasing wasn't far away now.

Beast Boy barked happily and wagged his tail. "FINALLY!" he shouted happily before enjoying the scratch.

"GAH!" Robin was caught off guard by the sudden hug, but smiled still.

"Took long enough!" Terra added to the excitement.

"Yeah, yeah, just get ready for that blinding flash again," Raven warned before that flash of white light came. Only this time when it cleared there was no forest scene or cottage, or castle. They were finally home.

Starfire let go of Robin and looked around, before swooping over and grabbing Raven as the next Starfire-death-hug victim. "Thank you friend!"

Raven yelped out of surprise. "Uhh…" she coughed. "You're welcome?" she choked out.

Starfire let go of her friend, looking overjoyed that whole thing was over.

Beast Boy looked himself over, just to make sure. He grinned, "PARTY TIME!" At that his eyes met Cyborg's before both screamed, "SUPREAM BREAKFEST BLOWOUT!"

Silkie, who had also been brought back home hummed happily.

Terra laughed at Cyborg and Beast Boy before looking at Robin, Starfire, and Raven. Robin looked almost ready to faint.

The half robot and elf boy however where running to the kitchen.

"Can we at LEAST put blueberries in the waffles this time!" Beast Boy asked as he pulled out a giant box the size of his chest that read 'Waffle Mix.' in red lettering.

"Only if we keep it dairy," Cyborg reasoned.

"No, non dairy! We gotta have SOME non dairy!" Beast Boy argued as he shook the box in the air as if it would help his point.

"You can just scoot your green behind over that away-" Cyborg pointed over Beast Boy's head. "-and cook over there then."

"But the waffle iron is the other way!" Beast Boy pointed out.

"And I am gonna use it for the DAIRY waffles," Cyborg stuck his tongue out, despite how childish it was Beast Boy did the same before stating, "Well I am using it before you then."

"Okay fine, if you do that I am gonna make the bacon to add to ALL the waffles,"


"Friends!" Starfire warned, making an eye signal towards Raven.

Beast Boy and Cyborg exchanged looks before silently agreeing on taking turns.

Raven cocked an eyebrow. Well… they seemed at least a little better. Not like they were before. This was… usual Titan behavior she supposed. Robin and Terra were getting along, sitting at the breakfast bar now, talking and laughing at Beast Boy and Cyborg. This was better. Much better.

Starfire glided over and sat next to Robin after placing her silk worm pet on the counter to watch as the other two teens made her... brunch. Or, since it was dark outside... supper.

Cyborg and Beast boy behaved, until, they got a revenge plot to pull on Raven. Which they would save, for later.

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