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Beating Kakashi

Summery: What if Naruto used a different way to beat Kakashi during the first real genin exam?


After Naruto received the tiger seal taijutsu technique, One thousand years of pain, he was propelled into a nearby lake.

There in the lake, Naruto was really pissed as he was hiding. He didn't like that underhand tactic that Kakashi used. That technique was just to poke some person's butt and that hurts a lot! His teacher must an extreme pervert to do something like that…

'Wait a minute…' Naruto thought as he remembered that book that Kakashi had. The blonde remember a few days ago that he and Konohamaru went to a couple stores in order to find some items to perfect Konohamaru's henge of doing Sexy no Jutsu. There was some books on sale called Ichi Ichi Paradise. If Ebisu was a pervert, perhaps Kakashi was too!

"heh, heh' thought Naruto as a few bubbles came out from his mouth.

As Kakashi was reading his perverted book, he caught two shurikens using his fingers that came out from the water.

Then Naruto charged out with multiple clones at Kakashi and surrounded him.

'So this is the Kage Bushin no Jutsu that Naruto used to beat the renegade Mizuki.'

Kakashi thought

"Even you are multiple, it'll take more than that. I'm a special jounin remember that." Kakashi said.

"We'll see about that," smirked Naruto as he and his other clones started to do some seals which Kakashi seemly got ready with his relax form in reading his book.

"Sexy no Jutsu!" all the Narutos yelled and they transformed into a semi-naked blond girl blowing a kiss around the man.

Kakashi's eye went wide opened at the scene.

"Harem no jutsu!" cried out all the female Naruto as they piled onto Kakashi.

His perverted sensei like any other male person would have a stream of blood coming out his nose. But there was a problem since Kakashi had a facemask.

So instead the flow of blood would go to the next available place which was the mouth.

But the mouth was blocked too by the facemask!

So there were only the other openings left which were the ears and the eye.

Soon Kakashi was seeing red and blood was coming out from Kakashi's ears.

Eventually the pressure in his ear become too much, that it popped causing Kakashi to fall down unconscious.

"Yeah I won!" shouted all the Narutos as they unhenged themselves.

Meanwhile Naruto's teammates were shocked by Kakashi's defeat. Sakura was shocked by the lucidity of Naruto's move while Sasuke was as gasped from seeing a bare naked person of the opposite sex.

Then Sakura realized something. Sasuke wasn't down like most boys should. She stared at him and she apprehended something.

"What? Sasuke doesn't like girls?" cried out Sakura.

Author's notes:

Just a thought when I re-read the manga. I always wonder why Naruto never used that move on Kakashi. Anybody could explain the reasons?