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For Love and Power

By Ivaliny

Chapter 1

The school bell rang as a bustle of students, eager and weary of the new school year, scoot along in the moldy hallways, trying to get to their first hour classes. The tardy bell rings and all but a few are in their classes. The few are in the courtyard throwing around a dirty old football.

"Hey! Get into class you three," yells a thin, lanky, creepy, man named Mr. Naraku. Mr. Naraku, the principal, has been subject to many horrifying stories, such as hot topics like: every night he sleeps in a coffin in his basement, or about the one time a kid went into his office and never returned, but later that day Mr. Naraku was seen carrying a box mark "heads" out of his office.

High schoolers from all around the region have heard of Mr. Naraku, and middle schoolers fear the day they go into high school. No one has ever back talked Mr. Naraku in fear of becoming his after school snack.

Kouga, the captain of the football team, caught the football and tossed it around in his hands," Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it if we don't get to class?"

Mr. Naraku's eyes began to squint, and put his boney fingers on his skeleton hips. Kouga shifted a little and looked away for a second, but looked back at Mr. Naraku with a glare. Mr. Naraku leaned forward and whispered in a soft scratchy voice," Or, I'll make it so that you will never see a football again."

For Kouga, football was everything to him, well almost. He loved the fact that he could run around and smash guys into things without getting into trouble. Kouga grunted and cupped his hands around the football and left with his pack of followers following close behind.

In Coach Hubbard's history class, Kagome and Sango sat in the front row giggling. The two best friends had known each other since fourth grade and were practically inseparable. The two talked about their exciting summers as the students around them joined in. A group of boys in the back were trying to figure out the most comfortable position to sleep in during the class, while a group of girls gossiped about boys, breakups, and tans.

Kouga walked into Hubbard's class and said, "Heya Coach!"

Coach Hubbard, the head coach of the football team, looked at him with disappointment and said something about "tardiness is not accepted" and made him sit down.

Kouga looked around the room and spotted Kagome, giving her a big smile. Kagome wished she could have turned invisible, but smiled back half-heartedly as she looked back at Sango for help. She then realized her horrid fate when she saw an open desk beside her. She groaned quietly and looked back at her best friend. Kouga sat down next to Kagome with a big goofy grin and winked.

"Hey baby, what's up?" he asked trying to look like the coolest guy around.

Kagome looked at him and said," Uh, Hi Kouga. How are you?" As if on cue he began to rant on and on about how mad he was at Mr. Naraku for threatening football towards him. Kagome pretended to be interested, smiling occasionally hoping that it was the right time to smile. She kept praying that Sango would save her, but her friend did nothing but suppress her giggles.

Meanwhile, Coach Hubbard is talking over the students. attempting to give the expectations of the class, but no one is even trying to listen. Everyone is wrapped up in talking, that they totally forget they were in history class, much less even school. Coach Hubbard gave a defeated sigh and sits back at his desk opening a sports magazine. Suddenly the door slams open and an obnoxious but quite cute boy walks in with a "women are beautiful" t-shirt on and announces to the class, directing it towards the ladies saying," My dear, beautiful ladies, do not worry for I am back! Please, please I'm serious do not worry for your hero and all around sexy man is ready to please!" He gave a wink towards Sango trying to look as sexy as possible.

"Miroku, I've had quite enough of you last year in P.E., I wont tolerate your silliness in this class. Take a seat and sit down, and try not to sit next to a girl!" said Coach.

Miroku sat down in the seat next to Sango. "Hello my sweet, would you care to bear my children, Sango?"

Sango glared at the lady lover and gave him a warning growl as she shoved him out of his seat. Miroku quickly got up and brushed himself off as he stared dreamily at Sango. He sat down and smiled with his head resting on his hand. Sango ignored her "fan" and talked to Kagome, who still had Kouga talking her left ear off with football and how pretty she was. The two girls needed to get away from the boys that obsessed over them, but they were trapped.

Soon the door opened and everyone stopped talking. The room grew quiet within a second and all eyes were upon the stranger in the doorway. Soon students began to whisper to each other as they kept staring at the strange person. As the stranger walked over to Coach Hubbard's desk, dropping an excused tardy slip on his desk, noticed the teacher's gaped mouth.

"Uh, how may I help you?" Coach Hubbard said trying to swallow down his shock.

The stranger stared at the football coach with bright golden eyes and said, " I'm new and I'm in the class."

Coach Hubbard stared at the new student's face and said rather slowly and in a daze, stumbling over his words," Uh, well, umm what's your name?"


Coach Hubbard swallowed again as he marked off Inuyasha's name off the absentee list. "Take a seat behind Miroku," he said pointing towards Miroku. Inuyasha looked at the guy, who was still staring dreamily at Sango oblivious to his surrounding, and rolled his eyes, grunting at the star-struck lover boy.

Everyone's eyes followed Inuyasha to his seat as he sat down. Soon people started whispering and a voice could be heard in the back," Look at his ears! He looks like a total freak." Inuyasha ignored them and stared into space with his mind elsewhere. He hated being around people. He hated the fact that he didn't fit in, or maybe it was the fact that he never wanted to fit in.

Kagome looked back towards Inuyasha and smiled. She stared at his puppy dog ears and thought they were kind of cute, but his eyes caught her attention the most. Something inside them tugged at her soul. He stared back at her with an emotionless face. She saw pain in his eyes and she wondered why. Maybe because he is a new student, she thought hopefully to herself. Kouga, who noticed he hadn't had Kagome's full attention looked in the direction at her stare and saw Inuyasha staring back at Kagome.

"Hey, you, Dog-face! Stop looking at mah wo-man!" Kouga said infuriated with the new student as he got up pounding his right hand into his left. A collective gasp could be heard like a wave across the room as they watched the scene before them. Inuyasha blinked but stared at Kouga with an expressionless face, but his eyes gave a tinge of annoyance.

"I said she's mah wo-man! Don't go near her, half-breed. Gosh you're such a dumb mutt!"

Inuyasha got up slowly and glared at Kouga," I couldn't care less about you or your 'wo-man'," he said making quotation marks in the air.

Kagome sat quietly watching the two, but soon became infuriated with everyone calling her Kouga's "wo-man" and decided to set the records straight. She stood up with darts towards Kouga." I'm not your 'wo-man', Kouga! I will never be your 'wo-man', so stop saying such lies you jerk! Inuyasha didn't do anything deserving to make you mad, so shut up and sit down!" she said as everyone around her could have sworn they saw a vein in her forehead pop. She sat down and gave a warning glance at Kouga and with a sigh of disgust, went back to talking to Sango. Kouga slammed his hand into his fist and mumbled threats as he pointed at Inuyasha, taking his seat with grunts and embarrassment. Inuyasha sat down also, but more calm and folded his arms as he resumed his stare into space.

Miroku, waking up out of his dreamy stupor, watched the argument, and was quite impressed. He had never seen a guy stand up to Kouga for fear of having a swirly in the bathroom toilet after class. Miroku turned around and looked at the half-breed who had his arms folded and a look of painful thought across his forehead. Miroku put his hand towards Inuyasha and said," Hi, I'm Miroku, by any chances would you know any young women who would love to bear my children?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes with disgust at the boldness of this perverted teenager and replied," No, and I don't think women would want you to bear their children anyways. You're too desperate."

Miroku was about to say something to Inuyasha's reply when the bell rang. Miroku turned around to grab his stuff, and as he turned around Inuyasha was gone. Miroku got up and started to push his way through the crowd, squeezing the occasional butt that just so happened to get in his way. Up ahead he saw silver hair, and began to push his way through the students. Soon the crowd became thicker and he lost Inuyasha in the crowd. He looked to his right and saw a girl and raised his eyebrows with a sly smile inching across his face. He put an arm around her and started to touch her breasts. She knocked his arm off her shoulder with a scream and a slap across his face. He walked all the way to his second hour class rubbing his cheek. He walked into art class immediately noticing Sango.

"Sango, my sweet, sweet Sango! We have yet another class together!" He walked over towards her and grabbed her butt ever so lightly. She screamed and hit him upside the head with her backpack.

"Don't touch me you pervert!" she said, and with that she ran towards the front of the room frantically towards the teacher. "Is Miroku in this class?"

The teacher looked at her roster and nodded with a questioning look. Sango sighed with a groan as she hit her forehead with disbelief as she sat down in the only seat left in the classroom, the seat next to Miroku.

At lunch, the lunchroom was noisy from students' crazy banter of their summer adventures. Sango and Kagome got their lunches out of the ala cart line and sat down at a table in front of a big window. As they talked they watched the students who goof off during lunch time swing on the tree branches and throw around footballs.

"Ack! Kagome, shoot me now! I have two," Sango put up two fingers," count them TWO classes with Miroku! The horror! All during art class I was prying his greedy little fingers off my body!"

Kagome laughed at Sango's frustrating situation, but quickly stopped from the look on her best friend's face. Quickly changing the subject she asked as she stuffed nachos into her mouth," What do you think of that Inuyasha guy?"

"Oh, well, umm he seems kind of stuck up and full of it. Also, the fact that he has dog ears, piercing golden eyes, and silver hair puts him on the extremely weird side if you ask me."

Kagome sighed sadly," I guess so." She finished eating her nachos, and began to lick the cheese off her fingers. Glancing up, she saw Kouga walking arrogantly towards her with his pack close behind. Feeling stalked, Kagome quickly stood up, throwing her backpack upon her shoulders, and made a zigzag around the tables towards the lunchroom doors. Sango watched her friend go around tables, knocking lunches over, and bumping people, and began to wonder why Kagome hadn't said anything about leaving. Sango heard Kouga's voice behind her and froze. So that's why, she thought. Looking behind her, she grabbed her stuff and ran to the door trying to catch up with Kagome when she ran into someone. Her body began to fall to the ground as she tried to see who she had bumped into. She landed on something squishy, but her head hit the floor.

Sango moved her hand towards her head not realizing she was still on top of the person she had run into. "Ow, my head." She didn't notice the movement underneath until the person beneath her began grouping her thigh. Sango screamed and jumped up. She looked in horror as she saw Miroku laying on the ground with his eyes closed, smiling, and groping the air.

The whole lunchroom roared with laughter at the sight and Sango felt the heat in her face rise. Kagome heard the commotion and her curiosity took over. Walking back into the lunchroom she saw Sango yelling at Miroku, Miroku hugging Sango, and Kouga walking towards her. She ran up to Sango and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her out of the lunchroom without realizing Miroku was still attached to her friend.

"Oh my dearest Sango, are you alright?" asked a clingy Miroku.

"Ack! Get him off of me!"

Kagome turned around and pried Miroku's fingers off of Sango's breast, his hands had "accidently" slipped. Kagome and Sango ran into the bathroom without stopping until they came to the line of mirrors along the wall. Kagome sighed with relief and sat down as her friend did the same.

"Oh this year is going to be terrible!" Sango said breathlessly.

"I know what you mean! I feel stalked, and Kouga acts like he owns me, and good grief, once he starts talking he'll never stop! I'm sure if I was choking on a piece of food and Kouga was talking, I'd die right there without him noticing. Especially if he was talking about football"

They both closed their eyes and sighed in unison as they sat there in silence thinking about the men in their life until the third hour bell rang. The two girls got up and walked off their separate ways to their classes.

"Please say Miroku's not in my class, please!" whispered Sango, who was crossing her fingers. As she entered the room she said one last plea and ran towards the teacher's desk. "Please say he's not in this class!"

"Who?" asked the teacher.


The teacher looked at her roster and shook her head. Sango let out a sigh of relief and sat down with a smile. This is much better!

Kagome walked into her class and sat down. She watched as her classmates filed in and took their seats talking about the "Sango/Miroku" incident that happened in the lunchroom. Kagome felt sorry for her friend, and thought that if she didn't runaway from Kouga this would have never happened. Quickly she shook her head no to that thought and changed her mind. No I did the right thing. Kouga still would have talked my ear off and smothered me.

Kagome wandered back into reality when she spotted silver hair walk into the room. Inuyasha sat down in the corner of the room, and immediately folded his arms. He noticed her looking at him and raised an eyebrow. Quickly, Kagome looked away hoping he hadn't noticed her blushing.

A few minutes after the third hour bell rang, sounding off the beginning of class, a tall sophisticated, arrogant man walked in the room with his head held up high. The students stared as they watched him sit down in the back of the room. He had short platinum blonde hair, but some say it was more silver than anything.

Ms. Lundien, the home economics teacher began to call off names on her roster for the roll check. The students said here all around the room, and few made stupid comments like "present". Pretty soon everyone on the sheet was named off and Ms. Lundien began to inform the students of the class rules.

"Since we will be working in the kitchens a lot this year, I will NOT tolerate horseplay. You all are in high school and should act mature. One mishap and I will send you straight to the principal without a warning."

Inuyasha snorted and looked towards the man who came in late to class. The man stared back at Inuyasha with an emotionless stare.

Ms. Lundien went on," And the last thing, I will not tolerate tardies," and looked at the short haired silver man who gave an " I-don't-care" look her way. " So do not be late again Mr. Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru stared back at her and blinked once but his expression did not change. Kagome looked at him and sighed with irritation. Sesshoumaru's such a jerk! She looked closely at him and saw something familiar in his eyes that she had never seen before. Quickly, she erased the thought from her mind and put her attention on the teacher.

"Now, to start of the class period, I shall assign you all kitchen partners. Your partners will sit with you and cook with you all year long," said Ms. Lundien, pulling out three pieces of paper from a bucket. "Ah, and our first group, who will sit over there," points to a table," Kagome…Sesshoumaru, and…Inuyasha."

At hearing his name Inuyasha unfolded his arms with surprise and stared at the teacher to see if he had heard right. Kagome looked over at Inyuasha, smiled, but saw that he wasn't looking at her, he was glaring at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru looked back at Inuyasha and gave an eye brow twitch and an evil smirk.

"Inuyasha, Kagome, and Sesshoumaru, please go to your seats now!"

Kagome got up slowly, now feeling a dreaded uneasiness about the new arrangement, and began to walk over towards the table. Sesshoumaru got up as well and walked over towards the table. Kagome sat in the middle as Sesshoumaru pulled up a seat to the right of her. Pretty soon Inuyasha came over grumbling and glaring at Sesshoumaru as he sat down. Sesshoumaru leaned forward to look past Kagome and gave one of his famous evil smirks. Kagome could feel a swear drop fall down her face as her heart pounded. Do they know each other? she thought. Why do I have this creepy uneasy feeling. Sesshoumaru seems way too nice right now. OH please don't do anything, you jerk, Kagome pleaded in her mind as she thought about the demon sitting next to her.

"Hello, little brother," sneered Sesshoumaru with a smirk.

"Sesshoumaru! I'll tear you from limb to limb if you trying anything!" Inuyasha growled.

"Calm down brother, you don't want what happened last time to happen to you, do you?" Sesshoumaru asked giving an authoritative tone as his evil smirk got larger.

"Do not bring the past into this, Sesshoumaru!"

Kagome started to breath heavily. Oh my gawd! They're brothers! That's what was so familiar about Sesshoumaru. They're related. Kagome started to scoot her chair back to get out of the way. Knowing Sesshoumaru he'd want to fight, and if Inuyasha's related, then all hell will break loose. If they're brother, why are they at each other's throats?

"Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, don't make me make you go to the principal's. Stop it, you're scaring Kagome!" Ms. Lundien said.

Inuyasha grunted and crossed his arms with defeat like a little child who didn't get his way. He shook his head and looked at Sesshoumaru before glaring into space. Sesshoumaru smiled yet again and leaned back into his chair, crossing his arms calmly and cooly. Kagome looked at both brothers as a chill went up her spine. Something is wrong with them, she thought sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

Ms. Lundien gave the students the rest of the class period to do whatever they wanted. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha didn't speak or movie, except for Inuyasha occasional grunt. Kagome felt awkward, and sighed at a lot to show her boredom. Inuyasha looked over at Kagome after she had sighed for the fortieth time, and it scared her.

"What is wrong with you? Stop sighing, you stupid girl!"

"I'm not stupid and I'm bored thank you very much," Kagome said as she gave a little pout.

Inuyasha shook his head and went back to his stare. Kagome saw he was thinking hard and it was about something painful, because of the way his eyebrows creased. I wonder what he is thinking. What has given him so much pain? A few minutes afterward Kagome was going to sigh again when Inuyasha interrupted her.

"Well, I guess you could talk to me," he said still staring into space. "Just don't ask a lot of questions okay!"

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with an eyebrow raised. What? I wonder if he's hiding something. He's so mysterious. "Well, umm…you're new to this school, right?" she asked hesitantly.

Inuyasha looked over at Kagome and then back to his "staring spot". "Yeah, so?"

Kagome looked at him in surprise. " I was just asking a simple question. There's no need to get defensive about it!"

Kagome crossed her arms and glared into her lap. Ugh! It was just a simple question. This class sucks. Oh great, if Inuyasha is anything like Sesshoumaru, this is going to be one long tough year!"

"Hey, Kagome, can you take me home?" asked Sango after school.

"Of course girl! You don't have to ask you loser!" said Kagome with a playful smile.

They both walked towards Kagome's red Tiburon. Sango could see that someone was laying on top of the hood, but couldn't tell who it was. Kagome saw it also and began to grown angry. That jerk's gonna ruin the paint! As they grew nearer to the red sports car they were greeted by a very smiley Miroku.

"Why looky-look, there are two of the most beautiful girls in the school," he said hugging Sango, lightly brushing his hand along her butt. Sango backed up away from Miroku, and both girls gave him a suspicious look.

Miroku laughed nervously," Umm, Kagome, can I ask you for a favor?"

Sango put her hands on her hips," Why aren't you going to ask me!"

Kagome looked at Sango in surprise of her question and saw jealousy clouding Sango's eyes.

"Oh well, I would but I know you would say no, my sweet lovely Sango," he said with an adorable smile.

Kagome looked at her best friend with a confused look. What? What is she doing? She doesn't like Miroku, does she?

"So will you do me a favor, Kagome?"

"Miroku, I will not bear you a son, I'm sorry."

Miroku looked at Kagome with a smile and began to laugh. "Oh dear Kagome, did you think I was going to ask you to bear me a son? I know you wont, because I have the bruise from last year when you hit me with your purse. I was going to ask you if you'd take me home."

"OOOhh, well sure!" Kagome said with a big smile.

Sango sighed with a sound of relief. Miroku walked toward the Tiburon and opened the passenger side door, helping Sango into the car, putting his hand lightly on her butt. He closed the door behind her and did same for Kagome. Pulling out of the school parking lot, Miroku asked Sango if he could massage her shoulders. She turned around in her seat and looked at him.

"What? Huh, why!" she asked suspiciously.

"You look stressed, my sweet Sango," he said in a concerned tone.

Sango noticed that she was indeed tense and didn't know why. She sighed and said alright. Miroku started to massage her shoulders and Sagno began to relax. To her surprise he didn't use it as an excuse to touch her boobs, but he actually massaged her shoulder, and very well.

On their way to Miroku's house, Kagome saw long silver hair walking down the sidewalk. She drove up beside him and rolled down Sango's window.

"Hey, Inuyasha, do you want a ride?"

He kept on walking and said," I'd much rather walk."

"Well I don't mind, I promise!" she said with a smile.

Inuyasha looked up at Kagome, looked at her car, then said," I guess it wouldn't hurt." He noticed her smile get even larger and thought if it was even possible. She's being way too nice to me, and why?

Kagome told him she would wait for him in the parking lot a block ahead, and zoomed off. She parked and waited for Inuyasha and soon saw him walking toward the parking lot. Sango moved to the backseat with the help of Miroku and sat next to him, a little mad that her massage was interrupted. Inuyasha opened the door and looked at the backseat at Sango melting like butter and Miroku intently massaging Sango's shoulders, and rolled his eyes. After everyone was seated, Kagome drove out of the parking lot and headed yet again for Miroku's house.

"If by any chance we go by your house Inuyasha, tell me, okay?"

"Okay," said Inuyasha who was staring out the window, watching buildings go by.

The car went quiet for a few minutes. Once again Kagome felt awkward being around Inuyasha and a little bit wished she hadn't insisted on driving him home. There's something about him, I just can't describe it. It draws me towards him, but why and what is it? She looked at Inuyasha and saw his ears twitching. What is he? He has dog ear like a dog, and they look so…so…soft. I wish I could touch them. Just then the silenced car was interrupted by a satisfying groan from the backseat followed by movement. Inuyasha's ears shot straight up, but his face did not change.

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