A/N: All Inuyasha characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

For Love and Power

by Ivaliny

Chapter 5

"Hurry up Kagome, or we'll be late fo rthe party!"Sango yelled at Kagome who was still in the bathroom. Suddenly a head popped out through the door. "What? I thought you didn't care about the party," Kagome teased suspiciously.

Sango blushed and laughed nervously, "OH, well, you know, I don't care, but I just thought that," she paused as her eyes darted around the room quickly in nervous thought, "you'd...want to get there soon." She folded her arms and gave a slight pout, "That's all."

"I'm just glad Inuyasha won't be there. I try and try to be nice to him, and try and try to be his friend, but he just goes and starts being a big, fat jerk! UGH! It makes me so mad!"

Kagome walked out of the bathroom with one of her many new outfits on and gave a little twirl for her friend to see. She wore a new pair of jeans and a navy blue, b-neck tank top. "Do you think any college guys will notice me tonight?"

"Wow, Kagome, you look gorgeous in that shirt. Of course, college guys will notice you,"she said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Yeah, good! I'm just so glad Inuyasha's not coming!" She said as she stormed out of the house towards her car.

"What a one-track mind,"Sango though as she followed her friend, "It's not even that cool as to how obvious she is, and how big her crush is on Inuyasha."

Miroku's brother went to college about an hour and a half away, but Kagome and Sango didn't mind the drive. It gave them a chance to be silly and listen to their old time favourite songs from long ago–Disney songs. Also, like teenage girls going to a big concert, they had the occassional scream, "AHH! OH MY GOSH, we're going to a party!" Obviously, it was their first party. They finally reached the house hours late, thanks to Kagome, but were surprised to see all the cars. Some were parked in the grass, driveway, roach, and even through and old shed. Sango spotted an open space on the lawn next to Miroku's purple truck, which was often called the "Gay Ride" thanks to the shade of purple, but those who knew Miroku, especially Sango, knew he was far from being gay.

Outside the house, men and women were partying and drinking all around, and music was shaking the ground like it was a huge earthquake. Sango stepped over an already passed out drunk on the stairs. "Eww, that's gross,"Kagome said under her breath as she stepped over the body herself. The two girls walked inside and saw Miroku's brother with fice woman all around him as he noticed Kagome and Sango and smiled. He got up shakily and stumbled his way over to the girls.

"It's Kagome and Sango, making their grand, and beautiful enterance to the party. Hello, Ladies." He said taking a big gulp of his beer can.

Kagome was unimpressed and looked away,"Uh, hi."

Miroku's brother, who looked a lot like Miroku, but with a longer face, looked at Sango and gave her a creepy, animalistic smile. His eyes pryed over her body to stare at her breasts, while he licked his lips in hunger. Sango was beginning to feel uncomfortable and started to back away, but he stepped forward until he was right infront of her.

"Ah, the sexy, Sango, the one I had dreams about ever since I was a junior in high school. You are smokin' tonight!" He gave a howl like a werewolf, trying to look cool. He leaned forward heavily, his moth inches from her head as she looked away with a wrinkle of her nose. "You were the hottest freshman ever. Every time you walked your but was so...so...perfect. I wanted to touch it, grab it for myself, but I just couldn't bring myself to that level," he said whispering, desperately trying to sound sexy.

Sango grunted in annoyance at his bad breath and drunken stupor, "Ha! You idiot, but you did grab my butt countless times, you stupid pervert. Thank God, you aren't here this year." She shoved him out of the way, causing him to fall down. "Don't touch me ever again, or I'll break your arm! Got it?"

He stared at her in a stupified, horror-stricken face and began to cry like a drunken fool. "Scary woman!" he blurted out as he ran away, tripping over furniture and beer cans screaming, "she's going to kill me!"

Sango rolled her eyes and looked around. She tried to find Kagome, who had left her side long ago, but couldn't find her. She finally found her, however, but surrounded by drunken guys who were trying their best to flirt with her. This party sucks, Sango thought. All that's here are drunken, stupid guys just wanting to get inside girls who looks like crack whores. I should never have come to this party, and where's Miroku? He's probably doing what every other guy at this part are doing: getting drunk and making pathetic cheap passes to some cheap, college whore! She sat down on a couch who had two people making out on it. How disgusting, she thought. She looked over at the guy and gasped,"Miroku?!"

The guy stood up in and instant and looked at her in horror. Oh, it's only him,she thought with dissapointmet. "Get away from me! Don't kill me!"the guy said running away with the woman following closely behind screaming, Wait for me, I wont kill you!"

Sango rolled her eyes and sighed, "Miroku's brother is worse than Miroku. I never thought I'd say that." Where IS Miroku? She sighed again, which was becoming an annoying habit. Why do I want to see you so badly?

Suddenly there was a tap upon her shoulder and a figure sat down next to her on the couch holding a cup. "Hello, my dearest Sango."

Sango looked at the figure and smiled a sigh of relief,"Miroku!"

Miroku smiled back and took a drink from his cup. "So...how are you liking the party? Would you like something to drink?"

"Oh, no thanks, I don't really like alcohol. In fact, I really don't know why I came to this party in the first place. Drinking makes you look like a retard, but obviously you don't care about that, because you're drinking like everyone else."

Miroku stared at her blankly and laughed,"This isn't alcohol. It's Sparkling White Grape Juice." He pulled out a wine shaped bottle that indeed had "sparkling white grape juice" on the side.

"To be honest, I don't like to drink at my brother's parties. They're usually wild enough. I come just to socialize, I guess, but do not tell my brother about this, otherwise he'll make fun of me for the rest of my life. Would you like to try some?"

Sango blushed and smiled, "I...suppose."

Miroku quickly finished the juice in his glass and set it aside. He picked up the bottle, "Close your eyes and open your mouth."

Sango's smile faded away as she glared at Miroku. "What for?" she asked, and not amused one bit.

"So that I can pour a little bit into your mouth. I doubt you'd want to use my cup." He made a point, she thought, so Sango sighed and gave in. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. "You're only goign to pour the juice in my mouth and that's it! Got it?" Miroku said nothing. Sango opened an eye and looked at him. "Don't. Do. Anything. Or else..."

Miroku nodded, knowing perfectly well that she'd probably slap him silly if he did anything but pour the juice into her mouth. Sango closed her eyes again. She felt the couch move and felt Miroku stand up. His hands gently touched her chin and she opened her mouth. He poured a tiny trickle of the juice and stopped, allowing the tingly carbonated sensation to increase and fade away on her tongue. Sango swallowed slowly and smiled.

"I liked that," she whispered softly with her eyes still closed. Miroku smiled and gently touched her chin. She opened her mouth ready for more. He did this several more times, taking pleasure in the smile she gave him every time. He touched her chin gently for the last time, she giggled and opened her mouth slightly, ready for more. There was a pause when nothing happened. As she was about to open her eyes to see what Miroku was doing, he leaned in slowly and kissed her. Her eyes darted open to protest, but he kept on kissing her. She hit him, and nothing happened. She hit him again, but lighter this time and soon she gave in and let him kiss her.

Miroku stopped, and sat back down on the couch, but this time on the opposite end with eyes wide open. Sango opened her eyes, and stared at him in confusion. He looked at her and blushed, which definitely surprised her. They sat in silence as they just stared at each other, until he broke the silence and apologetically pleaded at her.

"I'm sorry Sango, but I just couldn't resist." She stared at him in shock. Is he saying he's sorry for kissing me? Since when did Miroku say sorry about kissing a girl?

"Oh," Sango could only say.

Miroku scooted closer towards her and looked into her eyes. "Can I tell you something, Sango?" She squinted suspiciously at his eyes, studying them, until she realized that he was asking a serious question. She looked down at her hands and became instantly nervous.

"I guess so,"she answered hestitantly.

He laughed nervously, "Well, it's kind of embaressing, and I don't know how you would react to it."

"Please, Miroku, you can tell me anything, and I promise I wont tell a soul."

"Okay, well," he put her hands in his,"Sango, I-"

Just then, somebody fell on top of the two as the person was crossing the room in his drunken waddle, and Sango screamed as they both jumped back into the couch. There in between them was a man passed out and drooling all over Miroku's lap. Miroku looked at the man with disgust as he pushed him off of themselves. "Ugh! I've never seen a party so out of control. Believe it or not, but my brother's parties have never been this bad. This definitely has to be the worse."

Suddenly, Inuyasha and Kagome walked up to the couch from opposite ends of the room, and totally unaware of the other's presence.



"I-" the both said in unison as they finally gazed upon the other. Kagome's jaw dropped and she gasped. "Inuyasha! What are you doing here?"

Inuyasha looked at her with wide, scared eyes, and grunted. "I cam for the party. What does it look like?"

Kagome gasped, exasperated with this stupid half-demon in front of her, but also looked away shyly for interrogating him at the same time. Miroku jumped up from the couch and defended Inuyasha.

"Kagome, I invited him, because you said that you really wished that he would go."

This tipped the bucket, and she glared at Inuyasha. "Oh, I see! You come to the party when Miroku asks you, but what I ask you, you're all like "No, I don't do parties."

Inuyasha opened his mouth in a stubborn protest,"YOU...I...uh-"

"Uh-huh! I thought that you thought that I was your friend, Inuyasha. I guess not. I only just wanted to be your friend, you jerk!" Kagome screamed as tears began to form in the corner of her eyes, and she let out an unexpected sob.

Miroku gave Kagome a perverted, mischievous smile. "Is that all you wanted?"

She shot a quick glare at him, "Wh-what?!" She was beginning to get very angry. She felt like a volcano swelling with magma, just seconds from exploding. Miroku's eyes widened in shocked horror, but began to concrete his feet to the side of the swelling volcano.

"I...I was just saying, or meaning really, that you seem to want more from Inuyasha than friendship." Inuyasha looked at Miroku in surprise, then at Kagome. Is it true? Does Kagome really want more than just friendship from me? He mentally grunted, as if he didn't care. It doesn't matter. I can't be with Kagome-ever. I'm still in love with Kikyou.

Kagome looked at Miroku, then at Inuyasha with a hurt, confused gaze, "I...I don't know," she said crying and ran off with Sango following. Inuyasha watched the girls run off, and he gave them a confued looked as he tried to process what just happened.

"What just happened, Miroku?"he growled.

Miroku looked in the same direction and shrugged. He poured himself some more juice. "Who knows. Women, they're so confusing. I don't think any one could understand them. But if I had to guess, I'd say Kagome likes you more than just a friend, and the fact that I said that she liked you more than just a friend outloud-and in front of you-only confused and scared her." He shrugged again hopelessly,"But then again, I'm probably wrong-like I usually am-and he just went away crying, because she really had to go pee."

"Pee? God, Miroku, you're lame."

"Eh, It could happen," Miroku said as he took a sip of the juice. Inuyasha grunted and glared at Miroku. "She had to go pee? That's all you could think of? What is she's really mad or sad even? Even worse, what I was the reason for it?"

"Oh, I'm quite sure you were the reason."

"Thanks," Inuyasha said sarcastically, and stormed off in the opposite direction of the girls, fuming with anger at himself. Miroku sat back down on the couch and started to drink his juice.

"My, Inuyasha has more mood swings than a girl." He looked bored. "I wonder when Sango will be back." He shrugged," I guess, I'll wait here and drink my juice." He smiled and took a sip.

Kouga sat in his room listening to music, clinching his teeth in anger. He sat on his bed glaring at the lava lamp. "That stupid dog! He's ruining everything. Kagome is my woman, and I"ll never let her be with anyone else, besides me. I love her." His gaze moved towards a picture on the side of his bed. "Inuyasha, you're dead! I'll kill you if I have to. I'll even ruin my cover, just as long as I know you'll be gon and out of the picture. I wont allow you to come in between me and Kagome again."

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door, and Kouga got up to answer it. "What the...?" He grumbled his way towards the door. "Who would be here at freakin' one in the morning?"

He saw a metal bat in a corner near the door and picked it up, ready to swing if he had to. Kouga unlated the lock and opened the door quickly. He looked out and saw nobody standing there and gaved a grunt in frustration. "Dangit, I must be hearing things."

As he was closing the door, he noticed something white on the "welcome mat." He bent down and picked it up. He turned it over in his hands and opened it, quickly reading its contents. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he ran inside as fast as he could to his room, while leaving the front door open. He grabbed his keys and jacket, and left the house, burning rubber down the street.

Sango followed Kagome outside where they stopped underneath a big tree in the yard. Kagome stopped crying and stared at the night sky.

"What's wrong, Kagome?"

She sighed and shook her head, "I don't know, Sango."

"There has to be a reason, otherwise you wouldn't have just stormed out of the house crying."

"I think I'm starting to like Inuyasha, but I don't want to. I mean, he's in love with this other girl, so there's no chance there would even be a 'us' in the future. I don't know. Oh, and when Miroku asked me if I wanted more than just friendship from Inuyasha, I got scared and confused, and I didn't know what to do, so I ran."

"Hmm," Sango said. They were quiet for a while. "I wonder what they're doing right now."

"I don't know, and I don't want to know. I think all stay out here for a while."

"If you're staying out here, then I'll stay out here, too," Sango said as she hugged her best friend.

"Thanks, Sango," Kagome said with a smile. They sat underneath the tree, admiring the clear, sparkly, night. Sky.

An hour passed and Miroku still sat on the couch drinking his juice. He thought Sango would have returned by now, but he was still alone. Now he was even wondering where Inuyasha had gone. He got up from the couch and pushed his way through a crowd of people. Someone fell on top of him, and Miroku knocked him over.

"Dude, pull yourself together, man! You could have tripped," the man said, running away.

Miroku shook his head with disappointment, "These drunks; they're so out of it. I need to get away before they hurt me." He left the house and looked around the front yard until he spotted Sango and Kagome under a big tree. He smiled with triumph as he realized his luck. He started to walk over to the tree, but saw that they were talking. Suddenly, curiosity his him. If he were to walk up to them now, they'd surely stop talking, and he wanted to hear what they were talking about. Miroku snuck around a car only a few feet away from the tree and got comfortable.

The girls started to laugh and Kagome added, "Speaking of strange guys, what were you and Miroku talking about on the couch?"

Miroku looked hurt, but only for a second. Hey! Kagome, how can you call me strange, when you're the one running around crying?

"We were only talking about juice," Sango commented innocently.

"Juice?" Kagome wasn't impressed.

"Yeah, juice."

Kagome started to laugh, "C'mon, Sango, tell me what really happened."

"We really were talking about juice,"Sango said feeling uncomfortable. "And-we-kissed," she quickly blurted out.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock, "You two kissed?"

"Yes," Sango said dreamily,"and it was the best kiss that I've ever had. Oh, Kagome, it was wonderful, and it was so romantic!"

Interested, Kagome asked, "How was it romantic?"

"Promise you wont tell anyone?"

"What? Are you joking? Who would I tell?"

"I just don't want you saying any of this to Miroku."

Kagome sighed and looked at her friend. "Okay, I promise." Sango leaned in towards Kagome, and told her everything that happened.

"And then he was all like 'open your mouth again', so I did, and instead of the juice, which was really good by the way, he kiss me! You remember how we expected a kiss from Miroku would be like, force-full and not really romantic, just a lot of nasty tongue?" Kagome giggled and nodded. "Well, this kiss took me by total surprise, because it was soft and gentle. It actually felt like he meant it, and that he had feelings for me...or something." She sighed, "I would definitely want him to kiss me again. It was that good." Miroku gave himself another triumphic smile.

"Wow, Sango, your true feelings for Miroku are really starting to show."

She blushed,"Don't tell him I like him."


"Because...I don't know. Just don't."

Kagome threw her hands up in the air, giving in, and gave her friend a dissapointed sigh, "Okay, okay. I wont tell him." There was silence between them. Miroku leaned against the car and smiled. It's finally happening, he thought. Suddenly, Kagome stood up and said "I'm kind of thirsty."

"Me too," Sango concurred.

"Let's go find Miroku, and get some of that juice," Kagome teased.

"No! Remember you promised!"

Kagome laughed, "I know, I know! C'mon, let's go find some water." And with that said the girls headed towards the house, stepping over passed out body, vomit and beer cans. Miroku got up and followed the girls, sped up his pace, and grabbed onto their shoulders.

"Hello, my lovelies."

The two girls screamed, turned around and sighed once they realized who it was.

"Miroku! You scared us," glared Kagome.

"Oh, please forgive me, I didn't intend to do so."

She said, "It's okay, Miroku."

"So what are the two most lovely ladies doing?"

"Going inside to get a drink of water,"Sango said.

Miroku thought for a minute and suggested, "How about we go to my truck where I have another bottle of sparkling white grape juice?"

Kagome looked at Sango and winked, "That sounds lovely." She giggled. The followed him to the truck, and got glasses of the juice. Sango and Kagome took a sip and smiled at Miroku.

"This is good, Miroku," Kagome announced.

"Thank you. I know, it's way better than getting drunk and looking like a fool."

She looked shocked," Really? I, umm, actually thought you'd be one of those drunks."

"So I've heard, but I'm not that way anymore."

Kagome drank more of her juice, "I guess I still have a lot more to learn about you. I'm sorry, Miroku."

"That's quite alright, Kagome!"

Sango looked at Miroku as she watched him smile at Kagome. Stop looking at her like that. Smile at me, Miroku, hold me, do anything to me. She sighed and looked away towards the starts. Miroku excused himself, who was sitting next to Kagome, and moved next to Sango.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

Sango, who was surprised that he was sitting next to her answered softly,"Just looking at the sky."

Miroku looked up at the sky and smiled, "It's beautiful, just like," he whispered. "It's so clear, with the perfect blue/black tint, and the tiny, shiny, sparkly stars..." Sango blushed. He scooted closer to her, and put his arm around her shoulder. Sango blushed even more as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered about. Kagome decided to leave them alone, and jumped down from the bed of the truck, and decided to find Inuyasha. She felt bad about earlier when she had run away crying and decided that she would apologize.

She could hear Miroku's voice as she walked away,"I could stay here forever just as long as it's with you. Do you know how long I've waited just to hold you like this?" Kagome looked behind her as she watched Sango mouth out the words, "Kiss me..."

Kouga drove far into the night, and came to a fork in the road on a dirt road, looked at the white paper and made a left turned as he zoomed off with dust billowing behind him. He looked up through the top of his Jeep convertible at the clear night sky. He drove one and as he came near to his destination, clouds started forming overhead. Looks like it might rain, he said to himself. He kept on driving as the clouds grew thicker. He came up to a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Kouga pulled up and parked in front of the house, and as he stepped out of the car a chill went up his spine. The cabin was dark and quiet, and he even wondered if the was the right place or not. He stepped upon the steps of the porch and walked to the front door and knocked, but the door opened by itself.

"Yo! Anybody here?" Kouga said as he stepped into the deserted cabin fearlessly. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind him, but Kouga was unmoved by the sudden movement. The cabin was pitch black, and soon a voice sounded throughout, echoing against the walls calling out his name. "Kouga, I've been expecting you."

Kouga raised an eyebrow, "and?"

Suddenly the lights turned on and Kouga could see the cabin. There was nothing but rotting wood. No furniture, and no person, besides himself. He looked around for the source of the voice, but he was the only one there in the room.

"Who are you?" Kouga asked.

"Call me...Onigumo," said the voice.

Kouga looked around again for the source of the voice. "So...you said you had a proposition for me against Inuyasha, and that would be?"

"Ah, yes, I know how much you hate Inuyasha."

"Uh-huh," he said, sounding bored,"I'm listening."

"Before I go on, please, make yourself more comfortable." A couch appeared out of nowhere in front of him, and Kouga stepped back in defense, ready to fight.

"What trickery is this? Show yourself, Onigumo!"

Onigumo ignored Kouga and continued on,"You and I have something in comon-"

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Kouga asked as he sat down on the couch.

"Good, make yourself at home. We both despise Inuyasha." Kouga laughed at the voice,"That's an understatement."

"Another thing that we have in common is that Inuyasha is in the way of the things we most desire. For you, it would be the young Kagome."

"Yeah, that stupid dog-eared mutt! I would have her right now if it weren't for him."

So we both agree that Inuyasha should be destroyed, am I right?"

Kouga growled with anger,"It would give me so much pleasure in killing that mutt."

"My proposition for you is this: Kill Inuyasha and bring me the Jewel of Augapfel, and I promise that young Kagome will be yours."

Kouga was silent as he thought about this,"Why should I do this for you? I could do it myself with any proposition."

"True, there is no doubt that you are powerful, but I make dreams come true. Bring me the Jewel, and anything your heart desires, including Kagome will be yours. Kill Inuyasha, and you're guaranteed a success. Besides, wouldn't it be easier to have him out of the picture? Why should he disease this world any longer than he has? Kill Inuyasha. Bring me the Jewel of Augapfel."

There was a long pause, and Kouga stood up from the couch. "Alright, I'm interested. You've got a deal, Onigumo."


Kagome walked into the loud house, and covered her ears. She walked around looking for the idiot with white hair, as drunk men and women were all over each other doing everything you could imagine. A guy swaggered his way towards Kagome. She walked faster to get away from the man and heard a roarious laughter coming from the living room. A group of people ran towards the crowd and tried to see what the commotion and laughter was. Another roar of laughter could be heard and Kagome gave in, and went to see herself. She pushed her way through, trying to see what it was all about when someone grabbed her butt from behind.

"Miro-" She looked at the mand and sighed, "Oh, it's only you."

"Hey, sexay laday! Oh, Kagome! It's you, never mind!" He said with a look of disgust and started molesting another woman.

"What?! What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, but Miroku's brother was already absorbed with the new woman. Kagome shrugged her shoulders and continued to push her way though the crowd. Once again, the crowd started to laugh. She finally pushed her way the front and let out a loud gasp at the sight. There in front of her was Inuyasha holding a teddy bear in one hand, and a bottle of vodka in the other. He began to sing to the bear romantically, dancing around slowly in a circle, hugging the bear with his arm. Kagome blushed as she watched him and felt like she was going to die from embarrassment. Is he drunk? She stared with eyes wide at Inuyasha. He's making a total fool of himself. I should stop him before something really embarrassing happens.

Inuyasha has his eyes closed as he snuggled and cuddled the two objects in his arms. He heard a familiar voice in the crowd and felt someone touch his arm. He jumped back and opened his eyes.

"Kagome!" he said with a big, overly dramatic smile. She smiled back and started to lead him away. "Kagome...here's this...cuz...I am...um, that big word that I never use." He stopped walking and tried to think of what he was going to say. He sat down in the middle of the floor and stared at the ground concentrating super hard. Kagome blushed and tried to get him standing again.

"Inuyasha, just stand up."

"SORRY!" he yelled.

"It's okay, Inuyasha," she said she helped him up. They walked through the kitchen and he stopped again and said "I know, Kagome, but I'm sorry!" He gave her the vodka bottle. "I'm sorry!" she said again. Kagoma looked at him confused, because she had no idea what he was so sorry about.

"For what?"

"For making you cry, and -" his ears perked up and he listened intently. He gasped and screamed excitedly, jumping up and down, dropping the teddy bear as he pulled Kagome towards him. "I love this song!"

Kagome blurted out a laugh,"YOU like Nsync?! Who in the world likes Nsync anymore?!"

Inuyasha ignored her and started to sing. He jumped up on a table, stumbling around and said "This song's for you!" as he pointed at Kagome.

"It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you, and whenever we're apart I feel it tooooo,"he sang loudly, and off key, clutching his heart as he got into the music. Another crowd started to form in the kitchen, watching and laughing at Inuyasha. Kagome hid her face behind her hands and groaned to herself. "Inuyasha, you're embarrassing me!"

He started to dance like Nsync even, with his own seductive moves added towards Kagome. People around them tarted to laugh and point at Kagome, egging him on for more. He grabbed her around the waist and brought her up on the table to join him.

"And no matter what I do, I feel the pain, with or without you," he sang, finishing up the song, and kissing Kagome on the cheek. She gasped with surprise, who was staring at her with big drunken eyes. Was that for real? Did he just kiss me? Did he mean it, or was it just because he's totally wasted? She thought for a bit, maybe both? Suddenly, Inuyasha started to sway back and forth and took a drink from the bottle in Kagome's hand, and fell off with a massive thud.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped, jumping down from the table to help him up. Inuyasha groaned and tried to get up, but he was just too drunk. "I"m sorry, Kagome, I didn't want to make you cry." She put a soothing hand on his forehead and petted his hair gently, and understandingly. " I know, Inuyasha." Inuyasha started to cry as the crowd disappeared, and Kagome looked at him in surprise, again. He can't be that sorry!

"Inuyasha, it's not your fault that I was crying, it was me. I was just confused-"

Inuyasha shook his head,"No, no, no, it's not that."

"Then what is it?" Kagome asked as if she were talking to a little child.

He sniffled and said with despair, "My drink is gone." A long stream of tears began to fall as he tipped the bottle to show that it was empty. Kagome growled at him, and got up ready to punch him in the shoulder. "Why you...", but she didn't finish, because Inuyasha passed out In front of her, and Kagome couldn't help but feel a little bit sorry for him. "Inuyasha, what did you get yourself into?" she asked helplessly.

She looked around the kitchen for some way to get Inuyasha out of th e house, but couldn't find anything, so she grabbed onto Inuyasha's arms and started to drag him towards the front door, yelling at people to get out of the way. Minutes passed as she hugged and puffed, dragging his heavy body along the floor until she finally reached her car. Inuyasha moaned as she dropped his arms to catch her breath before she put him in her car.

Remembering that she had left Sango with Miroku in the bed of his truck, she called out her name. "Sango? Are you there?" She looked over into the bed, and saw Sango sleeping in the arms of a sleeping Miroku. Her head was resting on his shoulder, and his head was resting on her head. Kagome couldn't help but coo over them. She looked back at Inuyasha, who was snoring and sprawled out on the grass, and coughed out a sign of disgust. She sighed and said out loud as is if he were conscious,"Do I take you home, or do I take you to my house? I guess I can sneak you into my house." She bent down next to him and slapped him across the face as hard as she could. He groaned and mumbled as his eyes slowly opened.

"Oooow," he moaned.

"Get up, Inuyasha," she said firmly.

"Huh? What? Who are you?" he asked a bit startled.

"It's me, Kagome. I'm going to take you home, so that you don't have to sleep on the grass. Now can you please help me, and get into my car?"

"The grass?" he asked confused as he tried to get up. Kagome struggled trying to get him up form the ground, and the smell of his breath was horrid. It was so bad she wanted to die. She finally got him up and helped him into her front seat. She buckled him in and ran to her side of the, got in, and noticed he was about to fall asleep again. Kagome slapped him, which caused him to whimper.

"Stop hitting me, woman!" he roared with anger, rubbing his cheek.

"Don't fall asleep! At least, not until we get to my house. If you fall asleep, I will slap you even harder."

"Yeah, yeah."

Minutes later, after they were on the road for a while, Kagome thought Inuyasha had fallen back to sleep. She looked over at him, ready to slap him when she noted that he was just staring out the windshield quietly.



"How much loooonger?" he asked in a whiney voice. Kagome rolled her eyes,"Inuyasha, we've got a ways to go."

"Oh," he said and once again the car was silent. However, the silence was interrupted when Inuyasha grabbed his stomach."Oh no!" he said.

"OH NO?! What is it?" She asked panicking.

"I...," he burped," I don't...feel so good."

Those words echoed in her mind over and over again like a bad horror movie. I, I, I, don't, don't, don't, feel, feel, feel, so, so, so, good, good, good, as she pictured him puking all over her car.

"No!" she screamed and pulled over to the side of the road quickly, got out of the car, flew open his door, unstrapped him, and yanked him out of the car just as he began to spew. It went all over Kagome, her car, the ground, and himself. When he was finally finished, he collapsed to the ground moaning. Kagome stared wide-eyed at the mess, not even realizing some was all over her. She sighed heavily at the groaning, half-demon lump. She bent down and tried to get him up, noticing she was covered in his vomit as well.

"Ew, Inuyasha! This is nasty, now my car is going to smell so bad."

He sat up and looked at her car,"What are you going to do about it?" he asked coldly.

She ignored him. "Wait right here,"she said as she opened the trunk of her car, got a flashlight and looked through the junk. She found her cheerleading bag and opened it up. She took out an extra shirt and short and her practice uniform, and walked over to Inuyasha with the flashlight still pointed forward.

He squinted his eyes as the light, "Get it out of my face, will ya?" he said with a annoyance.

"Do you have underwear on, Inuyasha?"


"Nevermind. Just take off your dirty shirt and pants, and put this shirt on." Inuyasha obeyed, but needed help getting them off, so Kagome helped him get into the clothes, noticing his chest. "Your wound is healed! I'm really amazed." Kagome said point at the scar.

Inuyasha looked down at his chest and commented, "Yeah, I heal faster than humans."

Kagome got Inuyasha all cleaned up and back into the car, as she was buckling him in he said "You would be a great mom, someday. You're being so nice to me, even when I was a big jerk to you."

She didn't know whether to thank him or take offense to what he said, but only smiled. "It's what friends do."

Inuyasha looked at her, "Friends?"

"Yeah, we're friends,"she repeated thinking that she felt like she was talking a small child again. She told he she was going to change into some clean clothes as well and that she'd be back soon. He only nodded.

He stared at his hands. Friends? I want to be your friend, Kagome. He looked out the window and saw her getting undressed and he blushed, but he couldn't look away. He looked at her skin glistening in the light of her flashlight, and he was mesmerized. Look away, he thought. He watched her get dressed and started to sweat. Think of something else, he screamed in his mind. Kikyou! He closed his eyes, and began to think of his dead love.

Kagome entered the car and saw Inuyash with his eyes closed, mouthing a word over and over again, so she leaned in closer to hear what he was saying.

"Kikyou," he whispered


He opened his eyes in surprise and looked at her,"Yeah? What?" he replied angrily that his thoughts were interrupted.

"Sorry, I was curious," she said as she began driving again. "Who is this Kikyou that you always talk about?"

Inuyasha sighed, and threw his head back against the seat. "I guess if we're going to be friends, I better tell you." Kagome smiled at the word "friends" and let him continue.

"Kikyou," he sighed sadly,"Kikyou was my , well is, umm, was my girlfriend. I was so in love with her. She was the only human, besides my mother, that I loved. We were going to get married someday." He smiled sadly,"She even wanted kids with me." He laughed softly,"Can you believe that? Me? Of course, I don't want children, because well, look at me."


"Because I don't want them to go through the heartache, and pain that I have."


"Sorry, I got off track."

"That's okay, I'm listening, Inuyasha. Please, tell me more."

Inuyasha whispered,"Well, about a year ago, Kikyou and me were on a walk, and we were attacked by a demon. At the time I didn't know who the demon was, because he had a scent that I had never encountered before." He fell silent.

"What happened next?"

"She was captured."

"Captured?" Kagome asked in shock.

"It went like this: Me and Kikyou went for a walk, like I've already said, and the demon came out of nowhere and took Kikyou before I had any time to react. I heard her scream my name, and I saw a flash run by me and I saw it moving up ahead, so I ran as fast I could after him. I cornered the demon, and that's when he turned around."


"The demon turned around, and there in front of me was my own half-brother-"

"Sesshoumaru?!?!" Kagome couldn't believe it. She knew he was cruel, but to actually kill his brother's love?

"Yes, Sesshoumaru. He told me to give him what was rightfully his, or he would kill Kikyou. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about. He then asked me what father left me, and once again, I had no idea." He stopped talking and looked out the window.

"What happened next, Inuyasha?"

No answer.

"Inuyasha?" she looked over at him and saw a tear fall down his face. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'd understand."

He looked over at her, "NO, I want to tell you. Anyways, to make it short, since I had no idea what he was talking about, he killed Kikyou before my eyes."

"Oh my..."

"I miss her so much." He paused hesitantly," you know, you remind me of her."

"I kind of figured that."

The car was silent again and Kagome wondered what he was thinking about. Probably Kikyou, she thought. Kagome sighed. Why am I jealous of a dead girl? She answered her own question. Because she holds Inuyasha's heart, th at's why. Soon Kagome felt eyes staring at her, and a chill went up her spin as she looked over at Inuyasha, who was staring at her, which made her blush.

"You have really pretty hair," he said breaking the silence in the car once again.

Kagome blushed even more than before, "Thank you."

"You know, for the first time since Kikyou, I feel like I can trust someone again. I like you a lot, Kagome. You're so beautiful, and I..." Inuyasha sighed with frustration. "I forgot what I was going to say."

It didn't matter, Kagome's heart was pounding, because all she could hear him say was "I like you". Do you really like me, or is it your drunkeness talking, Inuyasha? Whatever it is, I think I like you, too, Inuyasha.

The road had been quiet and dark for a long time, and not a soul had been driving either. Kagome found the empty road a major comfort, because she didn't like to drive at night, especially on busy roads. Inuyasha sat silent for a long time after looking out the window, watching the shadowy night drive by. He noticed a light very far off in the distance behind them in the side-view mirror. Kagome noticed it, too.

"That car is coming up really fast," she said nervously as she griped the wheel tighter. Inuyasha looked behind him and saw that the car was coming up fast.

"You'll be fine, just let them pass you, what's the big deal?"

"I just don't like driving at night."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes,"Oh, now you tell me." Then he started to laugh.

She pouted defensively, "What's so funny?" He laughed harder.

"Oh, nothing."

Suddenly the car behind them passed them out of nowhere, and Kagome hadn't seen the car come up that close. It scared her. She looked at the vehicle beside her and gasped. "Kouga?!"

Then the jeep cut her off with only inches to spare.

Inuyasha growled,"Dang! It's Kouga, catch up with him, Kagome!"

"What? No way. I"m not going to catch up with him!"

"Come on, just do it!" he yelled.

She siged and sped up. She could tell by the tone of his voice that Inuyasha really wanted to fight, and she groaned and slapped herself mentally. Why am I doing this? He's definitely in no condition to fight, let alone even walk by himself.

"Kouga. That jerk! Don't worry, Kagome, I'll protect you."

She took her eyes off the road, and looked at Inuyasha. "Protect me? From what?"

"From that stupid, wolf!"

The red Tiburon sped up faster and faster, gaining on Kouga's Jeep, when he suddenly veered off onto the side of the road and stopped. Inuyasha pointed for Kagome to do the same, and she did. She held the steering wheel tightly, and started to hyperventilate as she thought of the chase. She didn't even notice that Kouga had gotten of his vehicle and was walking towards them, but Inuyasha did.

"This dang door wont open!" he said ramming his shoulder into the door trying to open it.

"Inuyasha, calm down, you need to pull on the lever then push on the door." He did so and fell out of the car cursing. He tried to get up, but he stumbled again.

"Kouga! You could have killed us!" Inuyasha yelled, standing up right and stumbling towards Kouga with fists clinched. Kagome watched Inuyasha and feared for him.

"Inuyasha, you idiot, you'll get hurt." she cried to herself.

"Oh, this is just so perfect, you drunken fool. I could destroy you in seconds,"Kouga laughed.

"I'd like to see you try,"Inuyasha growled, and Kouga growled back. "You know, from the first time that I saw you, I knew I hated you."

Kouga laughed harder,"Well, you were all over my woman!"

Inuyasha laughed back,"HA! Your woman? Your woman?!" Inuyasha asked raising his voice in pure anger. Kouga growled again. "Kagome is not yours. She's nobody's property, you jerk! Stay away from her, or you'll have to go through me!"

"She's mine, and there's nothing you can do about it,"Kouga smiled coldly, "oh, but die of course."

"Stay away from her, stupid flea bag of a wolf!"

Kouga heard that and became outraged,"You mangy little dog. At least I'm not a worthless half-breed." He charged towards Inuyasha, but in Inuyasha's drunken stupor, so slow to react and felt Kouga's powerful fist against his already queasy stomach. Kagome watched Inuyasha get hit and screamed out his name. Kouga picked Inuyasha up and punched him again. Inuyasha growled and groaned as he got up and again, charging forwards. Kouga dodged him easily and kicked Inuyasha in the knee. Inuyasha fell to the ground.

"Inuyasha!!!" Kagome screamed as she ran to his side. Inuyasha looked up at her and yelled "Get back in the car, stupid!" Kagome ignored him and ran straight towards Inuyasha, but Kouga grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

"Get away from that...that beast" Kouga said, spitting on Inuyasha.

"The only beast I see is you," Kagome hissed.

"Let go of her Kouga," Inuyasha growled. Kouga held on tighter, forcing Kagome to gasp in pain. "I"m not going to fight you if you have Kagome."

"Good," Kouga said and kicked Inuyasha, but this time he dodged the leg and grabbed Kagome. He hit Kouga's arm with all of his might and hear a loud crack. Kouga let go of Kagome immediately and grabbed his own arm.

"You!" Kouga yelled and charged towards Inuyaha, as he tried to push Kagome out of the way in time, but he was too late. Kouga miscalculated in all of the pain and his punch hit Kagome instead. A loud crack was sounded as Kagome went flying, landing on her back. Kouga glared at Inuyasha.

"Look what you made me do!"

Inuyasha glared at Kouga and stumbled his way over to Kagome. "Kagome!" he whispered.

Kouga stareted to walk towards them, but Inuyasha stopped him. "Go away! Get away from her. Go back to your stupid wolf buddies." Kouga growled and took a step forward, but stopped.

"This isn't over, and I will have so much pleasure in killing you, and taking my prize!" And with that said, he got into his car and drove off.

Sango woke up and saw Miroku. His sleeping face was so sweet and innocent. She even had to bite her lip to keeps from squealing. She was leaning on top of him and didn't want to move, until Miroku stirred a little and opened his eyes. He looked down at her head and smiled, as she sat up and looked at him.

"Hello, and good morning, my beautiful, sweet Sango," he said softly, caressing her face with his hand.

Sango blushed and smiled, "Hi, Miroku." She stretched and sighed as she looked around. The party was quieter and there were more people passed out on the ground. She stood up and stepped out of the bed. "I guess I had better find..." she stopped as she that the red Tiburon was gone. "What the...her car isn't here! She left me!" Miroku stood next to her, and put a reassuring hand on her should.

"I could take you home. It wouldn't be a problem, I promise."

She smiled and nodded an okay. Miroku took a deep breath, stretched his arms and put one around her. "But first we have to find Inuyasha, that is if he didn't leave with Kagome." He smiled mischievously, "yes, that's it, Inuyasha went home with Kagome."

"And how do you know this?"

"I don't," Miroku said as he hopped in the driver's seat of his pick-up. He looked at her as she got into the passenger side and winked. She giggled, and knew perfectly well that Miroku had no intention on finding Inuyasha. At first she thought it was a bit cruel, but she was almost positive she heard Kagome and Inuyasha earlier. For some reason, she really didn't care if he was here. As Miroku stared at her, she couldn't help but get nervous. He wouldn't stop.

"What is it? Stop, Miroku, it's creeping me out." Miroku took her hand in his and kissed it lightly, and she stared at him in shock. "Please, Miroku...don'"

"I love you, Sango,"he whispered tenderly," I always have."

Inuyasha took Kagome's head and laid it on top of his lap, and started to cry. Kagome, Please, say you're alright. I can't bare it again! Please, be alright! He hugged her and didn't know what to do. He began to think about the fight and Kouga, and grew angry again, but he was snapped back to reality when something moved in his embrace. Kagome was moving her head and began to groan in pain. She opened her eyes and looked at Inuyasha. He glared at her and pushed her off his lap, as Kagome lay on the ground looking up at him with utter confusion. Why did he do that? Inuyasha tried to get up and stumbled his way towards the car and got in with his arms crossed. She started to sit up slowly, but her stomach hurt like crazy and she winced in pain.

"Inuyasha, aren't you going to help me up?!"

"Why should I do that?" he said coldly.

Kagome looked at him in bewilderment. Was he crying over me? She thought about when she first woke up as she remember a sparkly tear fall upon her cheek. Why is he being such a hot head? She stood up slowly and walked to the car, and as she got in she glared at Inuyasha. He ignored her and grunted. Kagome thought he was acting like his normal self,not his drunken self, and she absolutely hated it.

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