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Chapter 1

« Hallelujah! It's about time you do so buddy » said bright laughing. « We were all wondering when you would finally propose to her! »

He was sitting in his office in County high and he was having lunch with his best friend. Ephram just told him that he was going to propose to Amy.

« Really? » he asked

« Yeah! I know that most of the time I'm clueless about this kind of stuff; but you've been dating her for six years and you're living together for two years now! I really thought you'd ask sooner. »

« I know, Ephram responded, but I wanted it to be perfect, you know… »

« Yeah. Well I'm really happy for you guys! »

« Thanks. So does it mean that you won't be against the idea of wearing a suit? » Ephram asked smirking.

« Hahaha, very funny! Did you get a ring? » bright asked changing the subject

« Yeah…he stopped hesitating it's…it's your hum… your mum who helped me » he replied avoiding eye contact with his friend. He get out of his pocket a little dark blue box; he opened it and show to his friend the jewelry. It was mind blowing: a platinum ring surmounted by a wonderful diamond, not too big though!

« Wow! Impressive…So, how are going to ask? Are you nervous? »

« Actually a little bit, yes. But I planned something great; by the way I'll probably need your and mark's helps. »

« Ok sure, no problem… call me. »

« Thanks! I can't believe we're finally going to be brothers in law » Ephram added laughing.

« Well it's not sure, she didn't say yes yet! He answered sniggering. Ephram hit him with a fry. «Oh hey, I forgot to ask, how was New York? »

« Oh it…was uh… great » he said hesitating again. « I gotta get going; I have a class in thirty minutes and I promised your sister I won't be late this time! »

« Not even engaged yet and you're already her bitch! »

« Shut up! » he said laughing « I'll call you later. »

He left his friend office and went to his car . On the way back to work he thought about the past ten years and the way people change. When he first met Bright he never thought that he will become such a friend to him. He was the guidance counselor of County high for a year and a half now. Somehow he always knew that he wanted to do something like that; especially after his senior year in high school and the impact that it had in his college experience. So he thought that the best thing he could do was to help other young people to find their own vocations. He managed to get a degree from E.C.C and he found a job in a high school in Denver. But he wasn't as happy as he thought he would be away from Everwood. Something was missing. He knew what it was, but he was not ready to admit it… it was too hard. After a year spent in Denver he applied for a post in county high and luckily he got the job. And so far, it was great, because even though his life was not perfect, at least he was near to his family and to his friends…and that was what mattered the most for him; that was his home.