He closed his eyes, afraid to see her as he entered the hospital room. He didn't want to know what he knew, didn't want to see what he saw. Finally, after several forced breaths, he managed to pry open his eyelids and look upon her expressionless face, twisted and swollen, tubes running down her nose and throat, an IV for liquid in one arm, for blood in the other. Several monitors rested their tails and probes somewhere on her battered body. The fists clenched at his side had to be refrained from smashed all the damned equipment with much more difficulty than he had imagined. He sat beside her, taking one of her left hand gently in his own because her right hand had been broken. Now closing his eyes did not shut out the horror of her image, instead it brought to mind a new one; what she must have gone through. He had broken her right hand, her jaw, her left leg, three of her ribs, cracked her collar bone, and that was only the beginning. He thought of all the times he had teased her for being afraid of needles and spiders... and his heart broke. He had let them crawl on her.. all over resulting in two brown recluse bites on each leg and one black window bite on her chin. The nrses said that the bites had been taken care of, that she would not suffer any imore ill effects from the poison, but she must have been terrified. He opened his eyes, his hand moving up her arm to where the many needles had been. He was physically shaking with the terror she must have gone through. He had tortured her in the best way he knew how, he had relieved himself on her wounds, had poured alcohol down her throat because she hated it due to her past. He had tied her down, the alcohol soaking her hair and dripping off of her face, and proceeded to rape her. He knew her past, knew he fears, knew just the way to tie her to make all her alarms go on frenzy. He brought in others, who had yet to be identified, to rape her, too. They'd paid him. And when he was finally done with almost everything else, he held her under water until she lost consciousness. After that he had hit her in the head three times with most likely a hammer and now she lay here in the hospital, unconcscious and bruised, moitors everywhere. His blood began to overflow with anger as he thought of all she must have gone through, all the pain and fear and desperation, and that he... he would likey get a mild sentence with parole. He'd kill him... He would kill him after making him suffer like she did... if he ever got the chance. His hand still stroked her knuckles gently several hours later when he laid his head on the side of her bed and cried.