Yoh's Guardian

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Yoh defeated Zeke at the end of the second round of the Shaman Tournament by what looked like cutting him in half. But Hao isn't dead.

Now the story begins.

"Hey kid." Hao opened his eyes to see 5 street boys looking at him. Hao swallowed the blood in his mouth then asked very tiredly "You want something?" "We won't offer any help. But we saw you lying there all banged up. You might want to move into the shadows, cause if that street kids ambulance sees you they'll drag you off to the Street Boys Hospital." Then another boy added, "If you are a boy." Hao gives him the best kick he could, which was only good enough to make him yelp. The boys then left Hao alone. A little scared of how much speed and strength he had, given how injured he was.

Hao had gone into the shadow of a near by bridge and he couldn't be seen from the road. But somehow he now found two people with white jackets and a red cross on the sleeve trying to pull him into the ambulance waiting on the road. After pulling him in and laying him on one of the beds (with much kicking. If course!) the people with white jackets and a red cross on the sleeve put a breathing mask on him. In only a few minutes the sleeping gas took hold and Hao was asleep.

When Hao awoke he was lying on an operating table with four doctors looking at him. Hao struggled to get up, he kicked, he punched, he yelled but he was being held down by two of the doctors. "We were given a warning that we had a fighter coming in. So we got ready." One of the doctors holding him down said smiling at him. Hao tried to twist away from them but with no luck. "Stop wiggling! The less you wiggle the sooner you'll be out of here." One of the doctors examining him said as he pinched one of the worse cuts around Hao's stomach to get his attention. The doctor stopped pinching and Hao shouted "And then what?!" Then the doctor that had been pinching him shouted at the same volume as Hao did. "You will lay in a recovery bed for, from what I can tell, a month at least!" Hao tried even harder to twist away and shouted "Let me go!" but that only got him an even harder pinch in the same place by the same doctor. When Hao had stopped struggling the other doctor that was examining him said "Dr. Cody how about we try calming him with out putting he in pain." Dr. Cody stopped pinching Hao and the doctor that pulled off that miracle asked to Hao "What's your name?" Hao not letting his eyes off Dr. Cody for a second said "Hao." "Alright I'm Dr. Jim. The one holding your arms is Dr. Taylor. The one holding your legs is Dr. Henry and the meanest doctor at this hospital, I'm not joking, is Dr. Cody." (You have to love the doctors names) The doctor kept talking to him till Hao fell asleep again.

When Hao awoke he was lying in a soft bed and was surrounded by a bed certain. "Your awake." Said a nurse that pulled back the certain around his bed. The doctor came over and put down the guardrail on the left side of the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. "Are you in any pain?" Dr. Cody asked looking into Hao's eyes. "No." Hao answered. "I see." Dr. Cody said as he got a needle ready. "What are you doing?" Hao said pulling away from Dr. Cody as he tried to put the needle in Hao's arm. Dr. Cody grabbed Hao's arm pulling back toward him and said "Relax. It's a pain killer." Then he gabbed the needle into Hao's arm. "I told you I wasn't in pain! … But I am now!" Hao shouted rubbing his arm where the needle was gabbed in. "But when you said that you were lying!" Doctor Cody shouted again matching Hao's volume. "What happened to the other doctors?" Hao said felling all the pain disappearing. "All of them already had their max of patents. So it will be you and me. I don't get many patents, I wonder why." Dr. Cody said with a half grin. "Now than I'm going to let you off with that 1st lie because I'm in a good mood. But if you lie to me again, well I'll think of a punishment that will soot your condition. Now lay down." Dr. Cody said pushing Hao down. Hao just kept quite and let himself be pushed down. "Are you hungry?" Dr. Cody asked. Hao shook his head 'no'. "Do you not want to talk to me because you're mad at me for something?" Dr. Cody asked. Hao shook his head 'no' again and rolled over so his back was to the doctor. "Alright I'll sit there and wait for you to talk to me."(That is what a good doctor would say.) But Dr. Cody grabbed Hao's waist and using himself as any anchor pushed on one of Hao's worst injures with the heel of his hand. As Hao struggled to get away, Dr. Cody said, "This is what happens when you misbehave under my care. Now I'm going to let you go and were going to try again but this time you will speak." Dr. Cody let go and Hao cringed holding his stomach. "Are you hungry?" Dr. Cody asked. Hao glared at him and said "No". "Alright than. I have to go check on my other patents, but I'll be back in half an hour and I want to find you asleep or hungry." Dr. Cody said as he put up the guardrail. Then with a half smile he left the room. For a little while Hao lay there thinking 'I have to get out of here I can't let them hurt…' his thoughts were interrupted by another boy in the in the room.

The next part of the story is a few events that happened during Hao 's month and a half stay at the street boys hospital. So if you want you can skip ahead till you see more print like this you can.

"So what happened to you?" asked one of the other boys in the other beds in the room. Hao knew that if he talked about shaman stuff these humans would put him in a nut house. So he tolled the boys "I was a loner and a lot of gangs had a problem with me so three gangs got together and ganged up on me. There must have been at least 110 of them I couldn't win. I ended up like this. Then I hid out for two weeks but then they got me last night."(He knows how to talk to the locals) "Your not making up how many there were? Or do you know what gangs it was?" asked the other boy. Hao shook his head no. "They attacked for the shadows." Hao sighed. "It might have been The Gold Snakes, my X gang. My name's Damien I was the leader of The Gold Snakes but they turned on me." The boy that asked what happened to him said. "And I'm Max, I was the co-leader of the Silver Wolves. I don't know why but I got turned on to." Grumbled the other boy. Hao got out of his bed and tolled them "Hao." Hao went to the window; he was on the third floor. He pulled up the gray pants he had been changed into to look at his legs. They were covered in bandages if he jumped he would break them. Hao turned around and head for the door. "You going try to escape?" Damien asked. Without looking at him Hao said "Well I'm not staying here." Then Hao sprinted out of the room and turned left down the hall. However, Dr. Cody came out of the next room to the right. He wasn't quick enough to catch Hao but he shouted down the hall "STOP THAT BOY!" pointing to Hao. Then doctors and nurses tried to catch Hao but Hao was able to dodge them. Three doctors positioned themselves in front of the doors ahead of Hao. (Like the doors in the hallways of schools that close when there's a fire drill.) Hao landed solid kicks on all three knocking them to the ground. Two nurses hid around the next turn and they jumped out and grabbed Hao as he tried to pass, Dr. Cody caught up and harshly whispered to Hao "We should have let you die out on the streets!" Then Dr. Cody pushed his fingers into a presser point near Hao's shoulder, hard.

When Hao awoke Dr. Cody was sitting on the left edge of his bed "You would've died in two days from blood poisoning if you stayed on the streets." Dr. Cody said solemnly and without looking at Hao.

3 days later.

Hao just finished his lunch when Dr. Cody came in with a woman with a big bag. They put down the guardrails Dr. Cody sat on the right and the woman put her bag on the floor then sat on the left side and took out a clipboard and a pen. "My name is Ms. Roller. I'm going to ask you a few questions and show you some stuff, alright?" "Fine" Hao mumbled. "OK. Here we go. Would you like me to ask the questions or do you want to take this and do it yourself?" Ms. Roller asked, offering Hao the clipboard and pen. Hao took the clipboard and pen then started answering the questions on the page. "Your left handed?" asked Ms. Roller watching Hao answer writing with his left hand. "Have a problem with left handed people?" Hao asked with a glare. "Oh! No." Ms. Roller said then sat and waited for Hao to finish. When Hao handed the clipboard back to her she looked it over and saw that he hadn't filled out his last name, that he said he was on the streets for 9 years, that he run away from home and he scratched out the section for his reason. After she looked over the page she showed Hao some blobs of ink on paper and asked him what they looked like to him and said a word and Hao was suppose to say the first word that came to his head. As she was packing up and getting ready to leave Hao asked her "So what exactly was all that for?" Ms. Roller picked up her bag and tolled him "My job is to find you a good home when you leave here so I use what I just learned about you to find some people that can handle and raise you." With that she left and Dr. Cody with his half smile pulled the bed certain around the bed so he could do Hao's check up.

1 and ½ weeks later.

"Hao it's almost 2 in the afternoon. Isn't it time to try your escape again? Or are you trying to throw them a loop by leaving your normal schedule?" Damien asked. "Don't worry I'll be leaving very soon." Hao said confidently. "Your not going any where any time soon. You've only been here for two weeks so you'll be staying for another month, Hao." Dr. Cody said as he came into the room. "Why are you here? I thought that my next check up wasn't for a few more hours." Hao asked. "So I can't just come to say Hi. No? Well I came to make sure you were alright not coming down with a fever or something." Dr Cody said as he came over and put his hand over Hao's forehead. "Well you seem to be fine but your still behaving very oddly." Dr Cody said looking at Hao suspiciously. "What do you mean behaving oddly?" Hao said very sweetly. "You're being a good boy, that's what I mean." Dr Cody said in the same sweet tone and sat down on the right side of Hao's bed. "Well now, how 'bout you tell me about your family? Also I would like to know when your birthday is." Dr Cody said smiling at Hao. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" Hao asked. "No. I already finished with all my patents for now. So I have some time to kill." Hao tilled his head back and groaned. "That groan better be because you're in pain, if not your groaning because I'm here and then I'll be hurt." Dr. Cody said mocking hurt. Hao groaned, "I'm not in pain." With his eyes closed so that Dr Cody couldn't tell he was lying. That was the real reason why he didn't try to escape right now. But this was all part of his plan for tonight. (He made up the plan this morning.) "All right. Well then why don't you answer my questions? Tell me about your family. And when your birthday is." Dr Cody said. "They hate me. Especially my brother." Hao said after a half a minute. Then with both surprise at Hao talking and concern that Hao said this, Dr Cody asked, "Did they say that they hated you, or are you assuming that?" "My brother said I was nothing but evil" Hao said looking at him. "And my birthday is today."

That night.

All right well if you skipped the part above then start reading again. You might be a bit lost without reading that part of the story. But your problem.

"Damien, Max are you guys awake?" Hao asked his roommates. "Are you going to drag us into your escape this time?" Max asked. "If you want to get out of here, yes." Hao said standing on his bed and beginning to unhook his bed certain. He was glad that his plan had worked as planned. When Dr Cody had come to get him ready for bed about an hour and a half ago, he made his lie of not being in pain obvious so he was given a painkiller without making Dr Cody suspicious of his plan. "What do you want us to do?" Max asked. "Unhook your bed cretins. Then were going out the window." Hao tolled them. Then with a surprise Damien said (almost shouted) "Your crazy! Were on the third floor and the bed curtains' tied together are not going to reach the ground! Plus they'll see us before we even get down! Or maybe you didn't know that there are six guards around this building!" Hao cast a mischievous glance over his shoulder at Damian. "I never said anything about tieing them together. Were going to fold them in half and then they should be the right size and thickness. To use them as parachute." Hao said proudly. "I repeat. Your crazy." Damian said still looking at Hao in shook that he even came up with the idea. "I never said you had to, if you're to scared." Hao teased so that Damien would say yes. In a few minute Max was opening the window. Then as Max was trying to help Damien with his bed certain Hao put the mask that Dr Cody had given him for his birthday on. Max jumped out the window, then Hao, then Damien (his parachute still isn't right) they all landed with out to much difficulty but the sudden impact of the ground made Hao's legs hurt a little. They started running for the front gate. When they were almost there four of the guards spotted them and tried to stop them. They all could fight so they fought their way throw the guards and kept running. Damien and Hao made it but the other two guards caught Max. Hao and Damien ran ten blocks before they climbed up a tree to take a break. Hao could tell that the painkiller was wearing off now by the throbbing of his legs and they were both out of breath. (Hao still isn't in the best shape) "So what are you going to do now?" Damien asked Hao. "Well what are you going to do?" Hao asked Damien. "I asked you first but, I guess that I'm goin' to lay low until I'm fully healed. Then I'll try to regain The Gold Snakes or maybe I'll start a new gang." Damien tolled Hao. "What about you?" Damien asked after a few minutes of silence. "I'm going on a journey." Hao said after thinking about it a bit. "I thought that you said your family hated you?" Damien asked. "Well if it doesn't work you'll be seeing me on the streets." Hao said. There was then a long moment of silence. "How far away does your family live from here?" Damien asked. "Five or six cities northwest." Hao answers. Damien seemed to perk up when he heard that. "So then you're going to need supplies. Well I know where we can get food, drink, and of course new clothes, these will not do." Damien said pointing to the gray pants that the two of them were wearing. "Fine but can we just take it easy for a few minutes?" "Painkiller warring off?" "Ya."

Then after half an hour, Damien led Hao though many allies to a shopping mall. Damien went on running but Hao stopped 10m away. "Aren't there going to be guards and cameras?" Hao asked. "The guards here are lazy and the cameras can be turned off right now." Damien said smugly. Then went up to a fuse box out side the door (I don't think people would be this stupid in real life but for the story they are. A fuse box outside) and flicked a few switches. Then they went in. Damien was right the guards sitting on the benches in the hallways of the mall asleep. (They would be fired if their superiors found out.) They went to the food quart first. They made a bunch of subs and took a lot of bottled water and juices. They also just for fun shook up a lot of pop cans. Then it was on to a clothes store. Where Damien picked out black pants and t-shirt and some gothic exercise. It took Hao a little time to find something he liked, but he found a deep red long sleeve shirt with a black tank top with flames on it. Some black pants also with flames on them. Some fingerless gloves with fames on them and a deep red small jean backpack, that Hao put the subs, water and juice bottles, and also a sketch book and kit of sketch pencils in, that he found while Damien was changing. They went to the fornicator section to sit down for a while when they found some comfy chairs they sat down and Hao got out the sketch book and kit of sketch pencils from his new back-pack. "Damien, we might not see each other ever again so would you like me to give you a gift?" Hao asked Damien. "Alright. What?" Damien asked casting a glance at what Hao had in his lap. "I'm very good at black and white sketching but, I know this will be hard for you, but I need you to stay still." Hao answered and opened his new sketchbook. But when Hao was about to put one of the pencils on the paper Damien grabbed his hand in stopped him from making even one mark on the paper. "Your not using this fine paper to sketch me. Wait and I'll get you some paper." Damien said then walked away. In a few minutes he was back with a piece of paper. He gave it to Hao and sat on another chair. Hao started sketching him. Then in 24 minutes Hao put his pencil down and said, "Done." Damien got up to take a look and it looked like a black and white photo of him. "This is amazing! I can't take it." "Why" "Because you need to sine it so that when you become famous I can say I knew you went you were a street boy." Damien said proudly. So Hao picked up the pencil he had just put down and then wrote Hao in the bottom lift corner. Then Hao put his sketch pencils away and then Damien took the sketch and they left the mall.

Damien and Hao walk to the where the outskirts of the city started. "Remember if going home doesn't work out then come on back. See you." Damien said a bit sadly. "Alright. I'll see you in no more than a year, if my family still hates me. Which they probably do." Hao added with a little chuckle. With that Hao turned around and started walking away from the city and his new, dare I say it…human friend.

2 weeks later.

Hao was far from the city now and was still looking for a new guardian ghost. The sprit of fire had been distorted by Yoh or better to say the king of sprits. Who had held the sprit of fire but let Hao transport himself to well he didn't know where he was going to end up and he felt as if the king of sprits chose the destination for him. Hao was thinking about it while enjoying a sub and water. Then when Hao had finished his sub he looked at the water bottle it was still ¼ full so he put it back in his backpack and started walking again into a forest where he hoped to find his new guardian ghost.

2 weeks later. (Hao would have been released from the hospital today. So he has taken the bandages off.)

Hao had gone though many forests been by many lakes and ponds and rivers, he had even bit though canines and had his mind and heart open for a new ghost. All the ghost seemed to avoid him and any that didn't ran/floated away when they found out whom he was. Hao couldn't blame them who in their right mind would want to be the ghost of someone like him. He was almost out of subs and water (he finished all the juice) and there was no water source anywhere near here that was safe to drink, he wasn't worried either because he knew what fruits would give him lots of juice and what was safe to eat so he wasn't worried. Then that night he looked up at the stars and thought 'I need to find a guardian ghost or they will…' Hao gave his head a good shake he didn't want to think about them.

3 days later.

Hao was coming up on a clearing in the forest he was in. He approached it quietly and when he got to it he hid behind a tree. Hao peaked out for behind the tree to see what all the noise was about. He saw that the clearing was full of ghosts and some animals. The animals were complaining to the ghosts about the ghost of a fox that was sitting on a stump in the middle of the clearing. The fox sprit was small Hao could cartel him in one arm in problem, (and for those that don't now what a fox looks like) all of his features were small and delicate accept for his cat like ears and bushy tail, and seemed to big the animal sprit. Even the color, a nice darker orange with white at the end if his tail and he had white pos. Hao listened to what the animals were saying. They were telling the other ghosts to punish the fox sprit for starting a fire. Hao could tell that the fox sprit was being falsely accused or at least started the fire by accident. As the other ghosts turned to the fox sprit to punch his for something that wasn't his fault Hao didn't know why but he stepped out from his hiding place. All the animals and ghosts turned to look at the new member of the group in the clearing. "I'm looking for a new guardian ghost. Is anyone interested?" Hao asked well knowing what was going to happen. Then like he thought one of the ghosts yelled "H…h…ha...HAO!" and then they all ran/floated for the clearing. After they were all gone Hao looked at the stump that the fox sprit was still on looking at Hao unsure of what to do. "You didn't start the fire did you?" Hao asked as he knelt down in front of the stump. Hao didn't expect an answered, so when the fox sprit did he was surprised but didn't show it, because animal sprits didn't usually talk. "It was an accident." "You were asking for a new guardian ghost, right? Well I would like to be that ghost I've worked with fire a long time and I can fight so I would be a good ghost for you." The fox sprit seemed to be begging him. "What's your name?" Hao asked calmly. "Its Fonix. Will you let me be your ghost?" "You will have to be good at hiding too, we need to protect someone. You also have to be fast so that when we have to save him we can do it quickly and then hide again so that he doesn't find out who we are. Can you do that?" Hao asked his new guardian ghost. "Yes." Was the answer he got.

Well that was my first fan-fic please be nice. And I won't be writing this much normally.