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I woke from my previous state of unconsciousness, in a room quite unfamiliar to me. I opened my eyes, but could see nothing in the bright light above me. I tried to sit up, but the pain was far too much for me, and I ended up laying back down on my bed again anyway. I could hear some voices, and though they were slightly familar to me, I was temporarily oblivious to anything around me.

I could not remember exactly what had happened before I had come here, but there was a fight, and I was participating in it. Yes, I thought, it was the tournament that I was in. So, where am I now? And where is everybody else? I looked around, but the light was still to bright to see anyhting through. I rubbed my eyes slightly to see if that would help, but it did not. I fought hard to sit up, and got partially upright, but the pain was still seering. I feel awful; what could have done this much to me? I almost never get hurt, and certainly never this badly.

I gritted my teeth against the pain and fell back down again. I heard the shuffling of footsteps nearby, and knew that someone was coming in this room. But, what is this room?And why is it so bright in here?

"Hey, Hiei! You're already up, huh? I thought that hit would have kept you down for much longer than this. Persistant as always, I see."

"Quite. I would have thought the same thing, had I not known him as well as I do."

Though I did not have the energy to look up at his face, I knew that the first person to speak was Yusuke, second, Kurama. I should have known that they would be here, wherever here is.

"Arg, where are we? How long have I been out for?" I asked, leaning against the backboard of the bed I was in and trying once again to sit up.

"Whoa, no you don't! You aren't supposed to even try to get up for quite a while now." Yusuke said, pushing me back down onto the bed and making sure that I stayed down before backing away slightly.

"And as for where we are," Kurama finished for Yusuke, "we are in a hospital. It appears that your fight in the tournament left you in quite bad condition."

I sighed a bit and leaned back in a more comfortable position. I crossed my arms and was about to ask Yusuke and Kurama what the deal was with the overly-bright light, but I heard them start to talk as well. Though they were whispering, more than likely to make sure that I did not overhear what they were saying, I could hear every word they spoke.

"Should we tell him now?" Kurama asked Yusuke, the tone in his voice was that of concern.

"No," Yusuke said, his voice was much different, almost the same as Kurama's, though a bit more calm, "he will have to find out eventually, but, until then, let's jsut pretend that nothing's wrong, maybe he'll belive it for a while."

"Well, alright, but we will have to eventually, he needs to know, from us, rather than anyone else." Kurama spoke, and I knew something was definatly wrong. They were talking about me, and it was nothing good either.

"Know what, exactly?" I said, the temper in my voice rising as opened my eyes fully to look at them and see what the expressions on their faces were. But something was wrong, the light could not have done this much. No, this was different, I could see nothing at all, not even a bit of color in the room. The other two seemed to have sensed that I knew something, for they came over to me and tried to calm me down, but I just pushed them both away, shouting this time, "What is going on? What are you trying to keep from me? And why is it that I can not see anything? What is going on? Hold on, wait a minute,you do not mean... I am not blind, am I?"