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Why Can't he Leave?

She was different, he wouldn't deny this. He had seduced many women of his time, but he felt different about her.

He certainly didn't believe that SHE had seduced HIM. It was all his work, his hands. He only did this to hurt that damned priest.

If that was all true, then why wouldn't he leave the room?

He could walk out right now in that bed. He could shut the door behind him and walk away. Walk into the desert for the priest to find her. He could ride far away on his horse. All he had to do was leave.

"Leave," he ordered himself lightly as he did the opposite. He crawled back into the bed with the silver haired girl and pulled her closer to him. He soon started nipping at her neck as she moaned lightly. He smirked at this as she smiled at him.

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