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A Child is Born Part 3

The airfield, upstate New York…1:53am

Dominic Dracon chuckled loudly as he looked down at his grandson in his arms. He was feeling quite pleased with himself: he was about ten minutes away from taking off with the child. Elisa Maza Dracon was finally dead and gone, and this was exactly what he wanted. Not only was it better that she be dead to ensure she'd never chase after Dominic and her son, but also, that money that Tony Dracon was going to be receiving after their marriage was now in the hands of the Dracon lawyer in Portugal, waiting to change hands. Now that she was dead (or so he thought) the money would then go to Tony's next of kin—his son. "Perfect," Dominic thought aloud. He looked out on the scene as the small private jet began rolling slowly down the runway and grinned.

Suddenly he felt a large and powerful hand grasp at his ankle. He braced himself and held onto the doorframe, with the fear that this monster would pull him out of the plane. He held on tightly to Adam. Instantly, as if on cue, Adam began crying furiously.

"Let go of me, monster! You have no claim to this child!" Dominic shouted, shaking his leg furiously, trying to loosen Goliath's grip on it.

"He is the son of my beloved! I have more of a claim to this child than you!" Goliath growled back, keeping his hold on Dominic's fragile-feeling ankle. The plane began to turn, aiming towards the runway. A voice came on the intercom. It was the driver. He was going to fly the plane.

"Sir, we are about to take off."

"Good! You can't win! We are leaving now, and my grandson comes along with me!" Dominic exclaimed, kicking at Goliath's hand.


Ever since the communicator was cut off, Elisa could not sleep, eat, or say anything with the worry that was consuming her. She was no longer hiding within herself, but now something else gripped her: the fear that the two people she loved the most wouldn't return to her this night terrorized her and haunted her waking moments. Every few minutes, Elisa would look out into the night sky, showcased by her window, and pray that she would see Goliath gliding towards her, holding Adam in his ever-guarding arms. But every time she did this, she was disappointed.

Angela sat beside her, talking to her, trying to keep her from going insane with worry. Though she had only the best intentions, Angela could not replace Elisa's need for Goliath's presence in the room with her. Angela sensed it every time Elisa would look out the window expectantly.

A few moments of silence gave way to Angela deciding to break the silence.


Elisa turned to face Angela. She smiled reassuringly.

"Yeah, Angela?" Elisa saw something serene in Angela's look, like she somehow knew everything would be fine.

"I hope you don't mind me being bold, but—"

"Please, Angela. What is it?"

Angela smiled.

"Goliath loves you. I mean, he would do anything to bring you back your son. Don't worry." She smiled again, causing a hearty smile to come from Elisa.

"I know he will. But anything could happen. I—" Elisa stopped dead. Angela furrowed her brow spurs.


"Goliath would do anything to get Adam back. That's what I have to prevent!" She said with a sudden burst of energy. She shot straight up in bed, causing Angela to jump slightly with shock, and a bit of confusion. Elisa was already trying to swing herself out of the bed when Angela's hand swiftly went to Elisa's shoulder, and gently pushed her back to the bed.
"Whoa, there, Elisa. You can't go anywhere right now. You just went through a lot!" Angela cried. She didn't know exactly what Elisa meant by 'anything', but still knew that she shouldn't be out of bed after the ordeal she had just undergone.

Elisa shook her head vehemently. "I'm fine! And I need to be there, Angela. Please take me there, to the airfield?" Elisa asked calming her voice down and sounding almost sweet. Angela shook her head.

"Elisa, if anything were to happen to you over there…and besides, Goliath told me to stay with you here…"

"Angela, I'm not asking you to disobey orders, but if I were, I think Goliath would understand. Please, Angela? Take me to the airfield?" Elisa asked once more. Angela turned her head to look into the night sky through the window one last time before exhaling and saying quietly, "ok, Elisa. Let's go."


In the air a few yards away, Broadway was dodging the laser fire from two goons, while Lexington was throwing rocks at the goons from the ground as he hid behind a tree. He still wasn't able to become airborne because of his injury. Bronx was charging at Hudson's set of thugs. Hudson had been able to disarm them at least, but was having no further luck with them. Bronx flew into one thug, causing a yelp of pain to come from the man, and his laser gun to skid across the ground. Bronx growled angrily at the terrified goon. He had never seen a gargoyle beast before. As Bronx had this goon cornered, another one was aiming his laser gun a few feet away at the beast. Broadway saw this and swooped in, while still dodging laser fire and tackled the cowardly thug, causing him to knock his head on the ground beneath him as he fell. He was rendered unconscious. Broadway surveyed his accomplishment and cleaned his hands in pride. Lexington landed just a few steps away from them, carrying a laser gun in his hand.

"How many more left, you think?" Lexington asked, sounding seemingly out of breath.

"Uh, well, we just took out three, Hudson is over there keeping the other 5 busy, and—" Broadway paused, his eyes suddenly widened. "The plane is moving! Look!" Broadway pointed to the private jet that was slowly rolling down the landing strip.

"Goliath is hanging off of the door there! We have to stop that plane from taking off!" Lexington exclaimed. Just then, Hudson joined them on the ground.
"Where does he think that he be goin' just now?" Hudson asked, referring to the jet.

"We have to stop it! Come on!" Broadway exclaimed, and took off on all fours towards the plane, followed by Lexington, Hudson and Bronx.
Hudson, Broadway and Lexington reached the jet as it began picking up speed. Goliath still hung out of the doorway, holding onto the seemingly-frail old man's ankle.

Hudson scaled the side of the plane until he reached the cockpit area. The pilot was ready for him, however. He withdrew from a box right beside him a large handgun, and stupidly opened fire upon the creature that was trying to claw its way into the cockpit. Hudson dodged the first shot, and used the hole in the glass of the jet to break the rest of the glass and make his way inside the cockpit. The pilot was now unprepared for this development, and screamed.

"Stop this airplane!" Hudson shouted. The pilot shook his head and reached for the steering device. He was intending on making the plane plough forward even faster. Hudson grabbed the other side of the steering device and pulled it towards him, as the pilot did the same and pulled it towards himself. This caused the plane to jerk suddenly. Hudson staggered forwards, then backwards, and then levelled himself by holding onto the control panel in front of him, while attempting to grab the pilot. The pilot grabbed the steering column again and pulled it with greater force towards him and shifted a white coloured knob beside it. The plane then picked up speed and felt as if it had hit a bump in the road. They had skidded off the runway and were now headed for the bumpy terrain of the open field.

Lexington and Broadway, meanwhile, were about to help Goliath when the goons resumed their attack on them, opening fire upon the small jet on which they clung to.

"Guess they just woke up!" Lexington mused as he and Broadway became airborne and dodged the laser fire of four goons from the ground below once more.

Lexington used his charging again and struck one of the armed men down, destroying his weapon while he was at it. Broadway took advantage and knocked two others down as he propelled himself at them at full speed. As he gained his footing on the ground, he could tell the three of them were out cold. The fourth one had fled.

"Run you coward!" Lexington yelled at the fleeing goon. Broadway and Lexington then focused upon the jet, which was now gaining speed and was no longer on a flat surface. They ran towards it to help as best they could.

A few moments earlier…

A distance away from the action, in the midst of a pile of rubble that once was a rickety building, a creature was stirring by the name of Brooklyn. Luckily, when the building collapsed, he had been under a support beam (at least it used to be one) and that prevented more debris to fall on him than had already fallen. His head pounded, and he definitely had a sprained wrist, but he was otherwise fine. As he slowly pulled himself out of the dirt and debris, he heard the sounds of laser fire in the short distance. Narrowing his eyes upon the scene, he saw the small jet rolling, two gargoyles were gliding away from laser fire, and Goliath still holding onto the frail ankle of Dominic Dracon. Brooklyn focused upon the precious cargo held within Dominic's arms. It was Adam. Brooklyn continued to dust himself off carefully until the motion of the jet caught his attention once again. Not only was the plane rolling down the runway, but now it seemed to be swerving to and fro, causing Dominic to stumble slightly. Brooklyn thought for a split second, then his instinct told him that he needed to be there at that very moment, so he began sprinting on all fours towards the jet as it slowly was picking up speed, and swerved back and forth.

Only a few seconds later, he reached the plane and saw that it had lost control and was now ploughing off of the smooth surface of the runway, causing Dominic to stumble again but this time, his feeble legs couldn't sustain his weight as the plane shook. Goliath held onto Dominic's leg and pulled him out of the doorway of the moving plane. Brooklyn jumped up and yanked the crying and tormented newborn out of his grandfather's arms just as Dominic fell onto the hard grassy field. Brooklyn saw that Goliath's eyes were burning bright white as he grabbed Dominic by the neck and raised him nearly 5 feet off of the ground. Broadway, Lexington and Hudson landed right beside Goliath, panting. Brooklyn was entranced by the child he held in his strong and powerful arms. Adam had instantly ceased his cries, and now seemed to be dozing. Lexington and Broadway only noticed Brooklyn holding the child as they landed. They both walked over to him. Broadway patted him on the shoulder with a sense of relief underlying his motion.

"Thank the dragon you're alright!"

Lexington nodded, and smiled toothily. "Yeah! How are you feeling?"

Brooklyn looked up at them and shrugged. "I'll survive. But we should be concerned with Elisa's son here. Wow. He's tiny, isn't he?" Brooklyn replied. The others nodded dreamily. Goliath turned his attention to Brooklyn briefly.

"Brooklyn, take Adam back to the Eyrie. Elisa will be relieved to—" A voice yelling into his ear interrupted his thought.

"Goliath! Where are you?" It was Angela's voice.

"Angela? We are still at the airfield."

"Good. We're almost there." Goliath looked up into the sky, as his hand still held Dominic Dracon high above the ground.

"We?" He asked aloud.

"What is it, lad?" Hudson asked. Goliath pointed to the sky above them.

"Angela said she will be here shortly." He looked annoyed almost. He had a feeling Elisa would be joining them shortly, courtesy of Angela. The clan understood this annoyance in his look.

"Why are you mad about that?" Brooklyn asked, rocking the newborn slowly in his arms. He was really enjoying his stint as a babysitter.

"She said 'we'. That can only mean…" Goliath trailed off as his gaze caught the form of a gargoyle gliding through the night air holding someone. Though Goliath was happy to see Elisa, this wasn't the place for her right now. They were just fighting armed men who were hired by Dominic Dracon, and, needless to say, if they saw her alive, they wouldn't worry too much for her well being. They could see that Elisa was just wearing a set of blue pyjamas, consisting of a tank top and a pair of sweat pants that Fox had lent her. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and she looked exhausted. This was accentuated by the dark circles beginning to form under her usually lively and lovely eyes.

"Here they come now." Lexington pointed. As he did this, the goon that had fled took aim and began firing at the female gargoyle.

"Angela!" Broadway cried out as he ran towards them. The others ran towards the gunman and knocked him over, rendering him unconscious like the rest of his colleagues, but not before he had gotten a clean shot at Angela. The laser fire penetrated her left wing, causing a hole to form on her wing and for Angela to begin to plummet to the ground.

"Angela! Elisa!" Goliath yelled, dropping Dominic Dracon and rushing towards the falling females. Dominic wasted no time. He crawled towards his limousine, which was basically in the opposite direction that the gargoyles were rushing towards. He would get to the limo, grab the spare snub nosed .38 revolver he had in there, and demand his grandson back, or at least kill Elisa. If that infernal doctor hadn't have messed up her murder, Dominic wouldn't have to do it himself, but oh well, he thought. "If you want something done right, do it yourself." He said aloud as he crawled undetected away from the gargoyles. It wouldn't be long until he reached the limousine.

As Angela tried to re-catch the current of wind with her incomplete wing, she faltered and couldn't hold onto Elisa any longer. They both tumbled towards the ground for what felt like ages until they were both caught seconds before they would have hit. Broadway had managed to catch Angela without further hurting her wing, but she was cringing in pain. Elisa was caught by Goliath, but her momentum caused them both to hurtle to the ground.

Elisa opened her eyes and looked above her to see her saviour, as always. Goliath smiled as he saw her eyes opening.

"My Elisa, are you alright?" He asked as he caressed her face. She coughed, and said, "Oh just wonderful." jokingly. Looking around suddenly, she asked, "Where did Dracon go?" Apparently, the others had forgotten all about him. Goliath rose instantly, and said, "I will go and find him, my love." He then walked briskly towards the limousine, which was the only place he could have gone.

"Goliath! No!" Elisa called, but Goliath had already gone out of earshot.

Goliath noticed the door to the limousine was wide open.

"Come out, Dominic! I haven't time for your games!" Just then, the sound of a gun cocking could be heard. The end of a gun, followed by Dominic poked out of the limousine. He got out and pointed the gun squarely on Goliath's chest. Goliath wasn't the least bit shocked, but instead was actually laughing inside his head. This would be too easy, he thought.

"Blast that doctor for not killing her when he had the chance!" Dominic said, motioning his head to Elisa, who was being helped up by the others.

Goliath decided that no further words would be uttered by Dominic and lunged at him, grabbing his gun and tossing it nearly 20 feet away. He then grabbed the old man again by the neck and walked over to the others.

Elisa was being supported by Hudson, while Angela, who was still in a fair bit of pain due to her wing, was being held by Broadway.

"Elisa! What do you wish me to do to this mongrel?" Goliath asked as he shook the flailing figure under his grasp. She shook her head.

"Nothing, Goliath. Matt and the other cops will be here soon"
Goliath didn't like that answer. "But Elisa! This man kidnapped your son and tried to have you killed! Surely—"

"Let the law handle him, Goliath. Please. Put him down." The sirens began to sound. "Please Goliath." She said once more. This did the trick. He released Dominic and threw him to the ground. Lexington and Bronx walked over to him to keep an eye on him. Goliath then walked over to Elisa, took her hand, and picked her up in an embrace.

"Thank you, Big Guy." She breathed as he held her tightly.

"I would do anything for you, my love." He looked at her face, which was once again radiant, at least to Goliath. Brooklyn stepped up to them, cleared his throat and turned to Elisa.

"Elisa, I think someone missed his mom." He said quietly but happily. Elisa's eyes lit up instantly at the sight of her son. She thought she might not ever see this precious baby again, yet here he was. She joyfully took Adam from Brooklyn's arms and held her son for the first time since he had been taken from her so hastily hours before. Elisa's eyes released tears of relief and happiness as she held her son closely to her. The clan gathered around to see this breathtaking sight and smiles were plentiful.

4:16 am

The police arrived a few moments after the gargoyles had left, and had arrested Dominic, all the armed men and the pilot with attempted abduction and attempted murder, and had also laid the charge of the murder of Dr. Alban on Dominic. Matt had taken the liberty of driving Elisa home, but not before she and Adam were checked out at St. Francis hospital and were allowed to go home. Adam, thankfully, had sustained no injuries during his abduction, so he was allowed to go home with Elisa that very night.
Elisa was now home with her son. She studied his face, she studied the way his tuft of hair was kinked, and she even studied the bottoms of his feet. Elisa was overjoyed to have her son finally with her, after all those months of waiting and preparation. She was watching him as he lay in his crib when she heard a gentle tap on the window in the living room. Goliath.

She walked over to the window and saw that the entire clan was with them, with the exception of Hudson and Bronx. Wordlessly, she opened the sliding window and allowed them all entry into the apartment. She noticed that there was a bandage wrapped around Angela's wingtip.

"How is that feeling?" Elisa asked Angela as she stepped inside the apartment.

"Better. I'm sorry about letting you fall, Elisa." She looked shameful, but Elisa just smiled and said, "Don't worry about it, Angela. I'm fine." She then turned to the rest of the clan.

"You guys want to see him up close?" Elisa beamed with pride as she led the clan deeper into the apartment to Adam's room. One by one, the gargoyles crammed into the darkened room to get a glimpse of the sleeping prince.

Lexington was mystified by the child, as were the others. Angela was the first to say what the others were thinking.

"He looks like you, Elisa. He is beautiful." The clan collectively nodded and agreed.

"I'd like to think so, too. Regardless of how he looks, though, he's perfect. He's home, and safe, and perfect." She sighed contentedly. Just then, Adam felt a hunger pain, and began crying the sweet, innocent cry of a newborn. Elisa smiled, as she had a feeling this cry was due to his hunger.

"Alright, everyone. That's my cue to feed this little guy." She picked him up in her arms gently and walked with them to the living room of the apartment. They understood that their short visit was cut even shorter than they were planning, but they didn't mind a bit. Sunrise was only forty five minutes away. They said their goodbyes. Brooklyn was about to exit when Elisa stopped him.

"Brook, can I ask something of you?"

"Uh, sure, Elisa. What is it?"

She looked as if she didn't know where to begin.

"Well, firstly, thanks for taking care of Adam while all of that craziness happened. If you weren't there, I would probably have lost my son tonight."

Brooklyn smiled. "It was no problem, Elisa. He's a cute kid. Takes after his mother, I bet." He kidded.

"You were great with him—which is why I wanted to ask if you would be Adam's guardian. Well, I would really call it being his godfather. And I know the clan will always be there for him, but I was thinking that you could kind of be to Adam what Lex is to Alex. What do you say?"

Brooklyn stopped to contemplate this, then smiled.

"Sure Elisa. I'm honoured. Thanks." He reached to hold Adam's hand, and allowed the infant to grab onto his talon. Elisa smiled. "Thanks a lot Brook."

He then walked out of the apartment. Goliath was about to say goodbye then when Elisa stopped him, too.

"Stay with me? At least until right before sunrise?" Goliath was pleased, but wondered why she wanted him to stay.

"I just want to spend some time with my two favourite guys in the world." She grinned. Goliath took her free hand and sat down beside her as she prepared to feed Adam. Goliath smiled, kissed Elisa on the forehead, looked down at Adam with a smile, and inhaled.

"Certainly, my Elisa."