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When Abby Scuito tried to walk down the stairs into the bull pen she was accidentally shoved aside by one of the many workmen that were suddenly invading NCIS headquarters. Some of them were toting file cabinets and shelving on dollies, others were carrying around various construction elements and a few had various office pieces in their arms as they made their way to and from the administrative offices. Abby carefully made her way down to the bull pen to see if anyone in there had a clue as to what was going on, because this was way too much activity not to peak her deeply curious nature.

When she finally reached her desired destination she found Tony and Ziva arguing about something and McGee was working on Gibbs PDA: again. McGee was her likely first target, since she was not about to be drawn into whatever silly argument was going on between Tony and Ziva. She had a mission, and it did not involve their ridiculous squabbling today.

She reached McGee as he sat at Gibb's desk trying to restore the PDA once again and bumped him with her hip to get his attention, "Abby, I'm trying not to fry this thing anymore than it already is so I can recover the data, so please don't distract me right now."

"Sorry, Timmy… But I need information, and you are my first and best hope at getting it." She crouched down to be at eye level with the tech savvy agent, "McGee, you know I don't like it when you're ignoring me."

McGee had had enough this time. Gibbs had basically told him if he did not recover that data, he was going to be looking for his head when Gibbs got done with him. He was also pent up from his experience with the suspects they had apprehended the day before, since he was forced to draw his gun on someone again. His only saving grace this time was that Gibbs was right beside him, and all he could hear were the words Gibbs had said to him before; "If you ever hesitant again, I'll shoot you myself." It had gotten him through the situation, but he was still feeling the after effects. And now, Abby was less than six inches away from him and he could feel her breath on his neck as she pressed in on him to get her request filled. He was about thirty seconds away from losing it completely.

"Timmy Tim Tim Tim… I NEED to know what is going on up there, and you are gonna find out for me, right?" She was smiling that smile, McGee knew it without even turning to see it. And as she spoke, he could feel her breath on his ear now, which meant she had moved in closer. He was able to make the final connection to the PDA, so he knew it was at least safe to set it down without damaging it. Without any warning, and with a speed that no one expected from the usually amicable young agent, Timothy McGee had finally reached his breaking point, and he turned his head and brought his hands up to grip Abby's head as he laid on her the deepest and most passionate kiss his soul had been screaming at him to give her.

When he pulled away, she was completely speechless, and more than a little breathless, "Figure that out for a while and leave me alone." He grabbed the PDA, got up and walked away to the sounds of Tony & Ziva's applause. All Abby could do was plop down on the floor behind Gibbs' desk with a look of complete and total shock on her face.

"Well, done, Probie! Bravo!" Tony continued to clap as McGee stormed to the elevators.

That was the moment Gibbs chose to enter the bull pen, not letting on that he had witnessed the whole thing, "DiNozzo, have you finished those final reports yet? Justice will be here shortly to pick up the full case files and they need that report."

"Right, Boss. One closed case report, coming right up." Tony quickly jumped back to work behind his desk, but stole a quick peek to see if Abby had moved yet.

"David.. You get those tapes of the interrogation copied yet?" Gibbs took a drink for his ever present coffee cup, still feigning ignorance.

"Sitting on your desk, Boss. The other set is in the files ready for the DOJ." Ziva tried desperately to motion for Abby to move before Gibbs saw her, but Abby was not in any shape to notice.

"Fine, then you can pick Abby up and take her down to the lab before the big wigs arrive to take our case off our hands for prosecution." Busted! Gibbs just smirked at their reactions.

Ziva did just as Gibbs requested and scooped Abby up off the floor and led her to the elevators. They had managed to get all the way down to the lab level before Abby said another word. "Whoa," was all that she said, but to Ziva it pretty much said it all. She led Abby into her office and set her down behind her desk.

"Are you going to be all right?" Ziva asked, but did not expect an answer.

She just stared blankly at nothing, but uttered, "Are my shoes still on?"

Ziva released a little laugh, "Barely, but only because they were laced up to your knees… If you'd had loafers on, they be in Tony's cubicle about now."

"That's what I thought."

Ziva waited another minute, but Abby was still staring off into space, so she decided it was time to get back upstairs. This was one show she did not want to miss.

When she came out of the elevators, she noticed everyone in the bull pen staring up the stairs to the deck in front of M.T.A.C.. She quickly made her way over to Tony, where she could get a better view.

Reaching his cubicle, she turned around and found the SecDef, the SecNav, and two of the Joint Chiefs talking to Director Sheppard. Beside them, in their own little protectorate was the F.B.I. Director, Section Chief Fornell, the Secretary of Justice and a few of the U.S. Attorney's office lackeys. There was obviously more going on than any of them knew about… Except maybe Gibbs, who was just sitting at his desk, paying the assemblage no attention whatsoever as he went through his email. Ziva elbowed Tony to get him to look at Gibbs, who was just as cool as he could be in the face of all that brass on the upper level.

That was when McGee chose to return to the bull pen with his attention down on another PDA, "Boss, I was able to download the data onto the server, so you should be able to retrieve it now from your desktop. I'll reload your data tonight onto the NEXT PDA… You think this one could last more than a wee-." That was when McGee looked up from the device to see all those people on the upper level. "Whoa."

"I've been hearing that word a lot today." She nudged Tony to emphasize her joke and he smiled one of those amazing smiles again.

Before he could say anything in reply there was a calling of attention to the upper level. Gibbs did not even look away from his computer, which led Tony to be suspicious. But his attention was being directed at the voice of the SecNav right now, "Listen up people… We've called in the rest of the agents from the building, so please make room for everyone. We're also teleconferencing this announcement to the field offices. I promise this will be a short announcement, but one that will be making a large impact on everyone here at NCIS."

McGee almost did not notice that everyone else was coming into the area, because all he saw was that Abby had returned to the floor. He was instantly replaying their last encounter in his head, and he suddenly realized that he had made a horrible mistake. There was a horrible lump in his throat right now, but his mouth was so dry he had no hope of swallowing it, even if he could. She was headed right for him, and he was ready to get the worst beating of his life. His heart was racing and was sure he was sweating right through his suit. She was walking closer now, and he cringed as she reached him. But nothing happened. In fact, she walked past him. At least, he thought she walked past him, but he was too afraid of turning around to see if that was the case. His agony was soon changed, when he felt her body leaning against his for a moment. She had just bumped him with her hip. He opened his eyes again and chanced a look beside him. Abby was standing right there, with her hands in her pockets, and there was nothing between them except their clothing. Either she was a horribly cruel woman to torture him like that, or… McGee did not have time to think about the or any longer, because the Director began to speak.

"Thank you all for being present for this announcement… I can promise you all, it is well worth it. And to explain all of this, I will turn this all over to the Secretary of Defense… Sir?" Director Sheppard stepped aside to the let the man address everyone assembled there.

The man cleared his throat momentarily and looked out on the people standing below him before beginning, "For many years, NCIS has done a thankless job for our country. They have kept sailors and Marines safe all over the world, and since 9/11, they have worked tirelessly to protect us all from terrorist activities. I'm sure each one of you has had the awkward and tiresome task of explaining just who you were working for, and each one of you has been disappointed to see the credit for something you have worked hard on go to another agency, time and again."

The SecDef waited until he could see the agreement from the agents in the crowd, "Well, I think you'll be happy with what we have accomplished here today, fast on the heels of your most recent, stupendous achievement in apprehending the 'Night Marker Killers'." He waited for the sound to die down after his little comment, "As of 0900 this morning, myself, the Secretary of Justice and the President of these United States signed into effect Executive Order 76-1092DJ, which gives NCIS full jurisdiction over any case involving all Defense Department personnel; military and civilian." This time he really had to stop because there was a furor of rumbling about that proclamation. Once it died out, he continued, "And to that end, we felt it was necessary, and high time NCIS had its very own Forensic Sciences Division. We are still haggling it out with the Appropriations Committee, but we have been given clearance to get the ball rolling. Fortunately, we already have someone to take over the reigns of this new and exciting development for NCIS." He turned behind him, and waited for the crowd to part, "I would like to introduce you all to Lieutenant Colonel Gwendolyn Cassidy, the new Director of Forensic Sciences for NCIS." Still in her "Dress Blues", but now bearing the markings of a Lieutenant Colonel, Gwen Cassidy stepped through the crowd and was met with thunderous applause.

Abby and McGee just turned to each other with their mouths hanging agape in total shock. Tony looked around to make sure it was not a joke. Ziva managed to get the team's attention, and she turned them towards Gibbs. Gibbs had not stopped looking at his computer, and then he took a drink from his coffee cup. Once he realized his team was staring at him he just looked around and said, "DiNozzo, clear these people out of here so we can get back to work, will ya?" Taking the last drink from his cup and tossing it into the wastebasket, "McGee, if you don't have anymore lip-locking to do in my bull pen, you think you can find me another cup of coffee?" They all just stared at him in complete disbelief that he was not even the least little bit phased by the events that had just transpired.

"Boss, did you not just hear what was going on in here?" DiNozzo was the first to speak up.

"I heard it… So?" He was completely straight-faced for this one.

"We just beat the Fibbies by Presidential Executive Order, Fornell got his butt handed to him in front of every NCIS agent alive, Justice has to play by our rules, and all you can say is 'So'?" It was McGee's turn this time.

Gibbs appeared to be thinking about it a moment, then he leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head, "It's to be expected…" He kicked his feet up on his desk and struck that very familiar lopsided grin, "What? Didn't anyone ever tell you? The SecDef cheats."