-1As he rejoined the table, Amp and Jack were busy putting the food out. Tanya was sat at the head of the table, holding court regally with a glass of orange juice in her hand and Sienna and Eames on either side. She and Eames seemed to swapping pregnancy notes. He found himself squashed onto the end of the table, from whence he could see Sienna, but not, annoyingly, talk to her. The green silk dress she was wearing had large pearl buttons down the front, all the way down the front, and seemed to have been deliberately designed to give anyone who saw her in it fantasies about undoing all of those buttons and letting the dress fall off her shoulders and onto the floor… Then the food arrived in front of him, and he found that he was actually ravenous.

The party wore on, the conversation ebbing and flowing around him, with much discussion of the events of the following day. (They made it clear that they didn't want to talk about it, and the other guests accepted that.) He did his best to join in, but all the time he was maddeningly aware that he wanted to talk to Sienna, RIGHT NOW, dammit. Every so often, she would glance down the table at him and smile, and several times he seriously considered whether he should just get up, sweep her up into his arms and carry her off upstairs… well, that would certainly be a talking-point, but she herself might not be too thrilled.

Finally, the dessert was finished, the coffee poured, and the guests began to disperse throughout the room, still chatting and congratulating Tanya on her pregnancy. Duncan tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he wouldn't mind giving a hand clearing the dishes. With a sigh, he rose to his feet and helped out. As he passed Tanya and Eames, he overheard a snatch of conversation between them:

"…you must keep in touch after you get back to the States."

"I'll do that. It's been a wild few days."

"Yeah! You got anyone waiting for you back home?"

His partner's familiar chuckle. "Right now I'm just enjoying myself. That special someone will show up when I'm least expecting him… so I'm trying to keep myself busy whilst I least expect."

Tanya laughed in reply. "Yeah, well, it worked for me – I first met Jack when I was trying to teach him self-defence for journalists, and I think the first thing I ever thought about him was 'My god, he's got the fighting ability of a depressed rabbit in a blindfold'."

"Ah, but I have other talents which compensate," Jack replied, and kissed her.

Unnoticed and temporarily forgotten, Goren dropped the dishes off into the kitchen, left Amp to load them into the dishwasher and decided he'd done his bit. As he emerged from it, he saw that Sienna was nowhere in sight. For a minute, he panicked, then he realised where he would find her.

He was right. She was on the roof, almost exactly where he had found her earlier. It was another pleasant, warm night, the breeze gently cooling him through the thin white fabric of his shirt and ruffling the green silk of Sienna's dress. For a moment he paused to admire her. So graceful, so feminine, look at those curves, those nice rounded hips, soft backside, neat little waist, dammit, get mind back into rational mode, Bobby…

As ever, she sensed his eyes on her, and slowly, unhurriedly, turned round. "So. Hello again, Detective Goren." Her tone was light, but her eyes betrayed her nervousness.

To make her wait any longer would be cruel, he realised, and before he knew it he had crossed the roof and taken both her hands in his. "Sienna, my answer is yes. Please, come back to New York and let's try again."

She was silent for a few seconds, then an enormous smile broke out over her face, transforming it back into the sweet, loving face of his Sienna, the woman he loved. "Oh, Bobby…" She wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him. Her mouth was warm, and eager, and she fit against him as perfectly as ever. His arms wrapped round her, one around her waist, the other around her neck, holding her head in place as he had always done, probing her mouth very gently…

…He hadn't expected that they would make love that night, although he had hoped they might, but from the minute her body touched his, he knew what would happen. Still gripped tightly in his embrace, Sienna rubbed herself gently against the swelling hardness of his erection, kissing him more fiercely now, then pulling free and murmuring into his ear "We are going to, aren't we?"

Guided by blind instinct, they both half staggered, half fell onto the futon in the corner of the garden, kicking off their shoes on the way. Jack had left it unfolded after he'd slept there four nights ago, and neither could bear to wait any longer. Arms still wrapped around each other, they stretched out, each pressing hungrily against the other, Sienna's hands travelling over him now, running up and down his back, beginning to pull his shirt free from his pants… the feel of her hands on the naked skin of his back was electric after so long apart. He forced himself back to reality long enough to ask: "Shouldn't we go downstairs or something?"

"I asked Tanya to lock the door if you came up after me – don't worry, I've got a key. No-one will bother us, I doubt they'll even notice we've gone and I don't care anyway." She straddled him, gently beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt. He was suddenly and acutely aware that whilst she had kept in great shape, the same could not be said of him, and wished sincerely that he'd known they were going to do this, he'd have worked out more or something before he came to London…

Sienna seemed to sense something of his hesitation and the reason why. She stretched out on top of him, delicious warm female in silk, soft curves pressing against him, and murmured throatily into his ear. "Do you know what I've missed about you, Bobby? Everything. You are such a gorgeous man, I've always thought that."

She reached down and unfastened his belt, undoing his jeans and opening them, but not pulling them down or removing his boxers. He moaned softly as her fingers slipped underneath and ran up and down the length of him, stroking the velvet soft skin, rock hardness underneath the soft cotton, and as he watched he could see her nipples tighten through the thin silk of her dress… oh my God, she's not wearing a bra… He thrust upwards helplessly as she settled herself over him, the thin silk of her panties rubbing against the soft cotton of his boxers. He could feel how wet she was, scent her readiness for him, and cried out as she rubbed against him.

She began to move over him, planting kisses everywhere she touched. "I've missed so much about you, Bobby… beautiful dark sleepy eyes…" a kiss on his forehead… "nice ears," and a gentle sucking on the lobe of one of them that conjured up irresistible memories of her mouth elsewhere on him, "cute nose, lovely soft lips," a nice long kiss, his tongue thrusting deep into her mouth as he found her breasts and rubbed them, tweaking the nipples gently through the thin fabric. She rode him harder as his erection flexed under her, growing bigger and firmer. She moaned a little, and he could see her face, lit softly by the small lamps in the garden, flushed, mouth open, pupils dilated. He wanted her so very badly, and this was torment, that those hands and that mouth weren't going anywhere near his groin, that she was making him wait… She smiled at him, sensing his arousal and how desperately he desired her right now.

"That's what I remember about you, Bobby… not whatever weight you happened to be at the time, although I don't object to there being a little more of you around for me to love, but what I remember is you. That smile, that sense of humour, that incredible ability to say something extremely strange that no-one else would ever think of, but that always made perfect sense if I thought about it long enough. Oh, and these nice broad shoulders, those powerful arms, huge hands and skilful fingers…" her kisses traced them, and he didn't resist as she finally undid his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, then bent down to rub herself against his naked skin.

"Sit back up again," he murmured into her ear.

"Hmm?" She obliged, displaying herself beautifully in front of him. He reached up and undid the buttons slowly, one by one, enjoying Sienna's moans as his fingers skated over her breasts, deliberately teasing each nipple into tiny hard nubs… he sat up just long enough to kiss each one of them, causing Sienna to wriggle even more deliciously on top of him, then lay back down and finished undoing the dress. It fell off her just as he had imagined it would, and he caught his breath at the sight of her naked apart from a pair of tiny green lace panties.

She stretched out over him again, and now they were both urgent, both fumbling, as she pulled down his jeans and boxers and his erection finally sprang free, drawing a delighted "Oh, and I missed this, too, very much" from Sienna and a delicious sucking kiss that nearly drove him crazy when she stopped and lay back down beside him. He gently pulled off her panties and stroked her gently, slick warmth against his fingers. Quickly now, he pulled the condom on, and rolled on top of her, seeing the same urgency in her eyes that he now felt, please, just get inside me now, before anything can happen to stop it.

He looked down at her, lying between his arms, and was struck by how vulnerable she looked, totally open to him, lying there on her back waiting for him - even with the extra muscle she'd acquired, her upper arms were smaller than his forearms - and very, very gently, he entered her, pushing his way in slowly, feeling her tight muscles stretch around him. They cried out together, and he realised as her legs came up around his hips that he was wrong, she wasn't vulnerable, she was so strong, so powerful, to be able to take his thrusts and support his weight as he plunged deep inside her.

"I'm sorry… been a while," he managed to gasp, feeling the throes of orgasm beginning to claim him, and sensing that she was not quite there yet.

"I don't mind. You have hands for a reason," Sienna replied, and squeezed him tightly, her hips bucking under him. He thrust harder and harder, his entire world filled with Sienna, her scent, her warmth, her hands, her mouth, his lover, his and only his, and the tension built and built until suddenly he felt it take and consume him and he gasped in ecstasy as his body released, incredible pleasure flooding through him. The only thing better than coming inside Sienna, he mused as he luxuriated in the feeling of lying sated on top of her, was coming inside Sienna to the accompaniment of her cries of joy, sensing her pleasure in his pleasure.

He would have liked to have stayed there, but she needed him still, and he made himself roll off her and go clean up, then settle back down beside her. "Now, what do you want from me? I'm all yours, just tell me what to do."

She stretched out in front of him. "What do I want… hmmm… I think those nice big hands of yours all over me would be nice. I missed those hands so much…"

With a loving smile, he obliged, nuzzling her ears and neck, kissing and sucking gently. She was still wet and ready, and he deliberately took his time, travelling very slowly down her body, pausing to linger for a long time over her breasts until she begged him to keep going, and after teasing her just a little longer – fair was fair, after all – he gently slipped his fingers inside her, feeling her arch back, head thrown back in ecstasy. He gently rubbed his thumb over her clit, remembering from instinct and memory how she liked it. During the years they had been apart, he had made love to Sienna any number of times in his mind, and memory served him well.

She was moaning now, continuously, and as he rubbed harder and harder, sucking gently on one warm tight nipple, those moans built to a crescendo and with a few expert flicks of his thumb, she came, crying out his name, body taut against him, then collapsed back down onto the bed and snuggled against him, chuckling as she felt his renewed erection against her hip, where, he realised with a feeling of slight embarrassment, he'd been thrusting against her for some time now.

"We've really got to work on this timing thing," she murmured, taking him in hand and fondling him gently.

"We have all night… can we stay out here all night?"

"I don't see why not." Somewhere in another world below them, people were beginning to say their goodbyes. He curled up against her, intending that their next encounter would be nice and slow. He could wait a little while; it would make the eventual sight of Sienna joyously coming on top of him even better.

"So, when are you going to come back to New York?" he murmured.

"Well… it will take me a couple of months to tidy things up here and arrange an apartment over there…"

"You don't want to live with me?"

She looked at him so lovingly that all his worries instantly vanished. "Of course I do. But we've been apart for two years, and the next few months might contain some difficult moments. If we combine those with the mundane boringness of moving in together, and sorting out whose stuff goes where, arranging paperwork, bank accounts and so on… it might be too much. I want a nice six months or so in which we just date. Have fun. Enjoy being Bobby and Sienna again. And I think that during those six months, I might find myself staying over at your place more and more, and you might just find yourself spending entire weekends at mine. And when those six months are up, you can book us a table at that Italian restaurant which does that risotto I like with the wrong kind of rice, and propose that I move in with you, and I will accept."


"If… when… that happens… I'm going to propose a lot more than that."

Her expression of dawning joy was almost enough to make him propose there and then, but she was right and he recognised the truth of her words. They needed time to get used to each other again. But given time, their relationship could grow again, and flower. There was always the possibility that they might not make it. But there was, at least, the possibility that they could try, and that, if they succeeded, he could give Sienna what she – what they both – wanted.

Far below them, in the other world that had gone away for a while, he heard Jack and Tanya murmuring softly to each other in what sounded like an empty house with the guests having left and gone home, then two sets of footsteps heading upstairs downstairs towards their bedroom. He heard Eames' voice: "It's been a great night… see you in the morning," then the house fell silent, briefly, before Jack's voice drifted out of the bedroom window, soft and low: "Through every word that I speak, and every place I go… there is a hand, which protects me, and I do love her so".

The song continued softly, a sweet background sound as he pressed himself tightly against Sienna, feeling desire shoot through both of them. She rolled onto her back, naked and beautiful in the warm summer night, and caressed his face.

"So, here we are," she murmured.

"Looks like we do get a happy ever after, after all."

"I don't believe in happy ever afters. It always seemed to me that that was just the start of the story."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. So… happy ever after for now?"

"Happy ever after for now. I love you, Bobby."

"I love you, Sienna."


Author's Note: The song Jack is singing is "Lime Tree Arbour (I Do Love Her So)" by Nick Cave (album is "The Boatman's Call".)

If you've been reading, I would really appreciate your taking a few minutes to let me know what you thought now the fic is complete. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed!