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A/N: Spoilers for Season Two, especially Trinity. The Title of this storymay also change.

This story is going to focus on why Rodney is who he is. Nuff said :)

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"You were wrong Rodney."

Weir's harsh words hit him square on, as if he'd received a physical blow.

The familiarity of the words rang in his ears, and he found himself momentarily in a younger time.

A young woman stared up at him from a hospital bed, tears of pain in her eyes.

"You were wrong Rodney!"

Everything went bland and faded into the background, as every part of his consciousness became flooded with dozens of bloodied images.

Agony. Hurt. Fear. Panic. Terror.


The guilt was buried deep, so deep it could barely be felt. Not next to the other emotions the memories churned to the surface.


Weir's soft voice brought him back to the present, and for now, the ghosts receded.

"Are you listening to me?"

"I'm hanging on every word Elizabeth." He spat back vehemently.

Weir glared at him, not amused by his flippant tone.

"This is the last straw Rodney. You've caused situations before, but none like this. The destruction you've brought about is almost incomprehensible. I have no choice but to punish you."

Rodney was silent.

"I haven't taken this decision lightly, but I'm going to have to make it clear, that if you're going to keep your senior position on this expedition, then you're going to have to be accountable, and take responsibility for your actions."

"But it wasn't…"

"Wasn't your fault. As you've said over and over…Well I'm sorry Rodney. All the evidence points to it being your fault. John's report made it clear that you made a lot of bad calls-"


"But your actions have destroyed almost an entire solar system."

Again, Rodney was silent.

"You're relieved of your duties for a week. You're not allowed access to your lab, your office, or any of the bases research facilities. Your laptop, PDA's and notebooks will be revoked, you will have access only to one of the recreational lap tops from the store…That way, you won't be distracted, and you might actually think about what you've done."

"Elizabeth…that is unreasonable!"

"Is it? You've abused my trust in you, and also Colonel Sheppard's. You're going to have to earn that trust back."

"But I have work-"

"And I'm sure Radek can handle it…He also has orders to have you escorted directly to my office if you so much as step foot near the research labs."

Rodney pursed his mouth in vain attempt at concealing his anger.

It wasn't his fault. Wasn't his fault that he'd vaporised that Solar system. Sheppard had distracted him and the Ancient technology hadn't worked.

He wasn't wrong. He couldn't be wrong.

But Elizabeth wouldn't understand, so arguing was pointless.

Keeping eye contact with her for an inth more than what was comfortable, Rodney backed out of Weir's office, making his feelings clear.

Elizabeth flinched slightly, and Rodney felt another glare on him, This time from Sheppard, standing in the Gate room.

Rodney ignored that, and stalked his way back to his quarters.

He'd prove he was right.

Because he couldn't bear to be wrong.

Distant voices from years past shouted in his ears. He repressed them, and continued walking...