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I'll quite often come up with an angsty character driven story, and I'll have every intention of keeping it purely a drama story, but my muse frequently has other ideas, and my muse normally wins.

So this story is going to become a full on Sci Fi mystery. Don't worry'll still have the McWeir angle and plently of angst and all the good stuff!

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Beware of a MINOR (but funny) SPOILER for season three!

Pachabel's Canon in D minor was her favourite piano piece. Everytime she played it she felt safe. Her fingers danced over the ivory keys with great ease, and even though she was expected to be brilliant at everything academic, Rhiannon's aunt and uncle still seemed amazed at how she could play the piece flawlessly, but also with meaning. The reason this piece of music soothed her so still eluded to her, but every time she sat at the piano, she thought of her dad whom she'd last seen when she was four.

It hurt that he wasn't here. Auntie Alicia had told her she was better with them than her dad, but Uncle Andrew had always told her that her dad was an important man, away doing important things for the world.

They didn't need to dumb things down for her though. With an IQ of 167, she could figure it out that Aunt Alicia didn't like her dad, and that her dad was off doing classified work, obviously someplace where kids weren't allowed.

What confused her about her dad's work however, was that it was classified, yet apparently had nothing to do with the Division, where he'd apparently worked when she was born, and where her mother had also been assigned. She knew all about the Division's work, yet they wouldn't tell her where her dad was.

"Rhiannon sweetie, you okay?" Andrew's soft voice said, stopping her playing.

"Just thinking...why?"

"Your playing was a little off."

Rhiannon smiled. Unlike most other nine year olds, she could handle criticisms, but normally she was better at concealing things that bothered her.

She got that from both her parents, apparently.

"So what were you thinking about?"

"Just...stuff...Mom, Dad...all that...stuff."

"Don't worry hon, all this will be sorted out soon...I promise."

"It won't be sorted out as long as Benu and the Division's still a secret."

"You know that has to remain classified...There's no way around c'mon... Aunt Alicia's gonna take you to the division. You've got that assessment to sit today."

Rhiannon huffed. She didn't feel like doing work today. Sighing, she picked up her 'school' bag and headed for the front door.

Aunt Alicia had been acting a little weird in the past few weeks, and Uncle Andrew wouldn't tell her anything. She didn't like Aunt Alicia, but she respected her enough to do what she was told.

As she got into the car and pulled on her seatbelt, she spotted a hire car pulling up outside the house.

"Who is that?" Rhiannon said as she caught a glimpse of two people walking up the garden path.

Obviously Aunt Alicia thought it was a rhetoric question, Rhiannon mused as she was ignored and the car pulled away.

Rodney tentatively chapped the door of the Locke's house and took a step back. He stole a quick look at Elizabeth before turning back to the door.

Slowly it opened, and a man in his thirties appeared.


"Hi Andrew." Rodney responded in a stilted and uneasy manner.

"I uh...we weren't expecting you so soon. The military told us it's be at least a month."

"I got here as soon as I could...This is Dr. Elizabeth Weir." he said indicated towards Elizabeth.

Unsure of what to say, Elizabeth merely nodded.

"Does she?" Andrew asked quizzically.

"Yes she has clearance. She doesn't know any details yet."

"Ah." Andrew nodded. "Well come on in."

The house was small but homely, the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house.

"Alicia's not here right now, but she's not going to be happy to see you."

"Tell me something I don't know." Rodney smirked sadly, cradling his coffee mug in his hands.

Things between the two men were obviously strained, though she sensed there had once been a close friendship there.

"So how's Rhiannon been? It's been a few years since I last got to speak to her."

"Yeah she's doing good. She'd been educated at the Division...too far ahead of the rest of her class so we were told to take her out of education."

Elizabeth gaged Rodney's reaction to this. He seemed a bit concerned, but not at all surprised.

"I'm sorry if I'm prying here, but how can she get a good education outwith school if she's not being taught at home?" Elizabeth enquired.

"Dr. Weir...In our opinion, Rhiannon doesn't need any education at all. She'd make the three of us look like Neanderthals in terms of intellect."

"I thought she was only nine?"

Rodney smiled. "As I said Elizabeth...she's not an ordinary little girl."

"No not in any way." Andrew chuckled.

Rodney grinned, before his eyes were drawn toan object in the next room.

"I thought Alicia hated music?" He commented looking at piano.

"Oh uhm...that's Rhiannon's...the girl's obsessed with music. She can sit at that piano for hours..." Andrew trailed off as Rodney made his way to the piano.

Rodney traced his finger along the manuscript.

"Pachabel's Canon in D minor." It was a statement, not a question.

"It's her favourite piece. She plays it every day."

"It was her mother's favourite too, and mine. I played this to Louanne when she was pregnant, and Rhiannon used to giggle when I played it her when she was a baby."

"She must remember that then." Elizabeth smiled. She'd had no idea Rodney liked music, let alone played any instruments.


Rodney was grinning widely now.

"I always hoped we'd get a musician in the family."

Elizabeth felt strangely detached from reality as she sat in the back seat of their hire care. Rodney was driving and Andrew was sitting in the passenger seat. The two were wrapped up in their conversation, talking about old friends, old loves and Rhiannon.

They were heading towards this 'Division' as Andrew and Rodney had called it. Apparently it was where Rhiannon was getting educated, and also happened to be where both Andrew and Alicia worked.

"Oh do you remember that night? God it was a mess!" Rodney's sudden laugh brought her back to the present.

"Yeah! Jay was sick for a month!"

"Serves him right I say! Think someone's still got a picture of that somewhere."

The two friends chuckled, leaving Elizabeth once more in the dark.

"So what is this division?" She asked.

"Like the Canadian SGC, minus the gate but with some added bells and whistles." Rodney smiled.

Well that cleared that up. Elizabeth groaned inwardly.

The car stopped outside an innocuous looking office block with grey marble pillars and a large black door.

It didn't look too dangerous. She mused.

After some rather quick security checks and paperwork, Elizabeth followed Rodney and Andrew into an elevator.

"So...what can I expect?"

Andrew grinned. "Have you seen Men In Black?"

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. "Okay..."

She felt a slight acceleration as the elevator began dropping more levels.

Rodney teased her some more. "Well more accurately...If you were to cross MIB headquarters with Torchwood, Bones and Independence Day's area 51."

"I'm sorry...Torchwood?"

"Dr Who."



Elizabeth blinked. She'd obviously missed a reference somewhere.

"Well Mer, your mom is from Wales!" Andrew chuckled.

"Oh har de har har." Rodney groaned.

The elevator slowed down, and the doors opened onto an corridor oddly reminiscent of those of thr SGC, only the concrete was painted white. There was a buzz of excitement in the air, and a short spectacled woman ran past. Her hair was in bunches and she wore baggy trousers and army boots.

"Oh hey Andrew! They want you on level four for that briefing on that thing." she smiled before dashing off.

"Thanks Meryl..." he sighed, waving at the back of her head.

They walked along the corridor, bumping into a few people in lab coats as the went. After rounding a corner, they encountered a large open plan promenade of laboratories, partitioned off by glass walls. People ran around looking busy and excitable, and Elizabeth had no clue what they were doing. She recognised the bounce in peoples' steps as it was identical to the one Rodney gained when he made a breakthrough.

"Still as jumpy as it was when I left." Rodney smiled.

"Mer!" Came a call from a man in a lab coat.

"Hey Jay! How you doing?"

Immediately other people began stopping what they were doing and began calling on Rodney. Every one of them called him Mer or Meredith. So much for that being a 'Jeannie-only' thing.

Rodney smiled and waved in response, calling out to a few people that he'd catch up with them later.

They left the promenade and continued down another corridor.

"So...Meredith," Elizabeth used his birth name for emphasis. "will you tell me what this place is yet?"

"The Division is a privately financed top secret research base. It operates outwith government jurisdiction, but the Prime Minister has the power to stop anything he doesn't like. We're an international body, and we liase with a lot of Universities throughout the world. Most of the people you saw back there are lecturers at Universities in the US, the UK and further afield. We were set up in the eighties. I was one of the founders, along with Louanne Locke, Rhiannon's mother.

"The genesis for the idea of the Division however, happened in 1947."


Rodney smiled, obviously happy Elizabeth was on the same trail of thoughts as him.

"The ship that crashed in Roswell was only an escape pod...We found the mother ship."

"So there was a crash, and a coverup. Was it an Asgard ship?"

"There were Asgard in the escape pod, but the mother ship belongs to a different alien race, one much closer to us in terms of physiology."



They came to a stop outside a set of double doors. A young man with curly red hair beamed a smile at Rodney.

"Hey Mer!"

"Brian!" Rodney laughed and embraced the other man in a hug. "Thought you were at UCLA."

"Nah...I get tired of academia...this place is far more interesting...Rhiannon's just through there but usual restrictions apply. You can't see her on your own."

Rodney sighed, suddenly seeming deflated.


He didn't need to ask her.

"I'll come in with you Rodney."

"Thank you."

"Don't worry...Alicia's not around just now, but she'll want to know ASAP." Brian warned.

"I'll go and get her." Andrew sighed, seemingly resigned to his fate. Nodding, he headed off back the way he came.

Rodney watched him go, before inhaling slowly, psyching himself up to go through the doors.

"You going to be okay?" Elizabeth asked him quietly.

"I'll have to be."

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