Title: 2,1,18,5,6,5(2)20.

Author: Dani

Summary: Sara gets stalked. Before you dismiss it though it has an actual plot and case work.

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"Well, goodnight." Sara smiled nervously at her date.

Rick Summer appeared just as awkward as she felt, he nodded shoving him hands deep into his jeans pockets as he waited for his chance for the goodnight kiss or better; 'night cap'.

She took in his light brown hair, fitting casual sweater that accented his toned form, and his American Eagle jeans. He was cute. Sighing she knew he was nothing like what or rather who she really wanted.

"Um, yeah. So…" He looked disappointed but slightly hopeful.

"So…" she opened her door then turned to him, "Um, it was a good night."

He swayed on his heals, then took a chance and leaned in.

Sara watched him move closer, her heart hammering in her chest. His lips were soft on hers. He kept kissing her long enough for his hands to make their way to her upper arms, gently touching the skin before backing up.

He smiled boyishly, looking very much like a high school boy after his first date and making Sara smiled despite herself.

"'Night then." He said letting his hands drop back to his side. He backed up onto the walkway not yet turning around. He stopped just before she disappeared behind her door, "Can I call you sometime?"

Sara paused, smiling and biting her bottom lip.

"Sure." She closed the door and rested against it before heading to her bedroom.


Sara signed her name on the sign-in sheet and was about to walk away when the receptionist stopped her,

"Oh, Ms. Sidle. Here this came for you today." the young woman held up a manila envelope addressed 'Miss Sidle' in black maker.

Sara accepted the package wondering who it could be from. She thought about her date last night and thought it could have come from him. She shifted it in her hands, it was heavy for just a note or letter. Shrugging she went right for the break room to get a mug of coffee.

She tossed the envelope on the table and went about fixing her drink, she paid no attention to Catherine and Warrick as they came in until the older woman spoke.

"So how was the date last night?"

Sara turned around, eyeing her co-workers.

"How'd you know I was on a date?" she asked knowing she didn't tell anyone considering the last date she told Warrick about Catherine put a severed finger in a glass and handed it to her.

"You never volunteer a night off." Catherine answered.

"And there's no denying it now." Warrick replied his blue eyes sparkling with humour.

Half smiling she set down her mug on the table.

"Fine." She paused embarrassed that she was going to humour them with a reply. "It was nice." She shrugged and busied herself with opening her letter.

She held it at the bottom after ripping the top, it was top heavy and the contents spilled out onto the table.

Glossy 8 by 12 black and white photos slid across the surface of the table and Sara looked from the pictures of her going about her day to her co-workers. They were both looking at the table.

No one said anything; Catherine pulled out a glove form her jacket pocket and slid it on. She asked Sara's permission with her eyes to shift through the pictures. The brunette nodded holding her breath and expecting the worst.

Fifteen snap shots looked up at them; Sara coming out of her home, getting into her car, into the police department, grocery store and the rest of Sara on her date…two different dates.

Sara's face flushed when she saw the last five photos of her before, during and after the kiss last night.

Warrick let out a low whistle, showing his obvious distaste for the situation.

Sara glanced nervously, not the same nervousness that was captured in black and white on the table, to Catherine and Warrick.

"We should get these to…" she started but didn't finish.

"Jackie for prints." Catherine tried.

"No." Warrick interjected, "I'll do the prints then I'll take them to Archie, swearing him to secrecy." He went with Sara's terrified expression. "We don't need the entire lab finding out. Besides this could just be a sick prank." He half smiled, not really believing what he was saying about the pictures being a prank, hoping to relieve Sara a bit.

Sara nodded at his suggestion suddenly feeling like she lost her voice.

Catherine too looked lost, then snapped out of it, moving around the table to stand next to Sara. She placed her hands on Sara's shoulders to offer comfort as Warrick collected the photos and envelope.

"It's okay. This is our little secret." Catherine said rubbing warmth into Sara's chilled arms.

Sara inhaled deeply, nodding still.

"Yeah." She replied breathlessly. Her heart thumped loudly, making her wonder if Catherine could hear it. She inhaled shallow once, twice then found it hard to breathe. "I-
I- can't…"

Catherine tightened her hold as Sara began to slip through to the floor. She struggled to get the brunette into Grissom's office without everyone seeing.


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