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The Tutor: Epilogue

It had been a month since the gang got back from Aspen and Ron was awaiting the grade on his math mid-term. When it came he couldn't have been happier because he got a B+. When class got out he immediately looked for Bonnie and found her talking to Tara by Bonnie's locker.

"Hey, Ron"

"Hey, Bonnie" Ron said dejectedly.

"What's wrong?" Bonnie asked concerned.

"I got my midterm grade for math a few minutes ago and I got a D"

"I'm sorry Ron" said Tara.

"So am I" said Bonnie, "Especially after all the work we put into studying"

"I bet the only number you guys were studying was Bonnie's bra size" Tara said then slapped her hand over her mouth has she realized what she said. Ron and Bonnie looked at her in shock before they started laughing with Tara soon following suit.

"I can't believe you said that" Ron said laughing.

"I don't know what got into me" Bonnie then noticed a few papers on the floor.

"What's this?" she asked herself as she picked up Ron's midterm and saw his real grade. "Ronald Dean Stoppable!" she yelled, "Care to explain this?"

"Uh-oh" Ron muttered, "What? I was just joking"

"If I didn't love you so much I'd throttle you"

"I'm sorry; I'll make it up to you"

"I know you will"

"Forgive me?"


"Wanna come over after school? My parent's are working late tonight"

"It's a date" Meanwhile Kim and Monique were talking by Kim's locker.

"Any plans for the weekend Mon?"

"I got a hot date tomorrow night"

"Really, with who?"

"You don't know him, but his name's Mike and he's in my history class"

"I'd like to meet him"

"Meet who?" asked Felix as he rolled over.

"Monique's new boyfriend"

"He's not my boyfriend"

"Monique's got her eye on a guy, eh? Does he know what he's getting himself into?"

"Very funny" said Monique as Kim giggled.

"How's it hanging?" asked Ron as he and Bonnie approached.

"Not much, you?"

"Bonnie and I were going to hang out at my house after school"

"I got to work today"

"I'm helping my mom at work" All eyes turned to Kim.


"Aren't you going to tell us your plans?"

"Oh, I'm babysitting the Tweebs"

"Well I guess we'd better go" said Ron as he and Bonnie left holding hands. As Kim watched them go she couldn't help but think of how much had changed over the past couple months.

'It's amazing how in a couple months Bonnie and me became friends, Bonnie and Ron became a couple and are now in a serious relationship. What else could happen? I guess I'll have to wait and see' She

was broken out of her thoughts by Felix's voice.

"Kim, you coming"

"Be right there" She took one last look at the happy couple before walking over to Felix so they could leave.

"Everything ok?"

"Everything's fine"

The End

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