Saguru was not one to be timid, meek or bashful. Take it he is not as…brash as Kaito, he still was able to hold his head high, shoulders back and keep from stuttering or mumbling. Which is why Kaito gave him a stark look and a raised eye brow as he looked over at the man in his living room, who was staring at his shoes and fidgeting quite bad.

When Kaito answered the door, he wondered who the hell would be up and about on a Sunday more at 8:11 a.m. when he peered out, he sighed, Hakuba Saguru of course. Kaito looked down at himself, cursing slightly as once again he had decided to not put any pants on when he ran down the stairs to answer the door. To think he thought it was an emergency. Kaito peeked his head out, demanding to know what the blond detective wanted, who only stood there, quietly, staring at his shoes. After a few minutes of silence, Kaito opened the door, exposing his neon green boxers to Hakuba and the 8:12 a.m. Sunday morning world and ushered the man inside.

And for what it's worth, Kaito could have gone upstairs and put something on, with how long it was taking the blond to say anything.

"Hakuba-kun, do you want something to drink, some coffee, or tea perhaps?" The detective said nothing.

A few more minutes had passed by before Kaito looked back up at the clock. 8:45, this has to stop…"Oi, Saguru, if you have something you want to say then say it, or I'm going back to bed, it is far too early for this-"

"I would like to apologies to you, Kaito-kun." Hakuba interjected.

Kaito raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"I'm sorry about me-and Aoko…I…I didn't mean to…for this to end up…I know how much you care for her and I know how she felt and I still…"

"Saguru!" Kaito jumped out of his chair, and grabbed the rambling boy by the shoulders. "Calm down." Kaito made eye contact with the boy, trying to force him to breathe. It is way too early for this. "Calm down. You are okay." Kaito sat back down in his chair and sighed. "Listen, Saguru, you like her right?" Kaito waited until Saguru nodded before continuing, "I'm the one who made the mistake, it…this has nothing to do with you. If you two are happy…then…I have no say in the matter. I just…I just want her to talk to me again." Kaito looked down to his hands in his lap.

Saguru stared down at his own hands, and there was an awkward silence for a few minutes. "I-I don't know how happy we are anymore." Kaito looked up, but Saguru never looked up from his hands. "Ever since you came back, she seems preoccupied. But, I also feel…guilty."

"Saguru…" they fell into another awkward silence.

"Maybe I should go." Saguru stood, still looking down at the ground, as he walked to the door.

"Saguru…" Kaito followed behind him slowly. When they reached the door, Saguru paused.

"She still loves you, you know. She might be trying to hide it, but she can't hide it from me."

"You are a detective after all." Kaito said awkwardly. "You do what you want. Don't worry about me." Saguru nodded and opened the door.

"I knew something like this would happen you know."

"Don't worry about me Saguru, I'm happy if you both are." He held the door open for the detective and watched as the man walked down the street, until he rounded the corner and disappeared.


When Aoko opened the door, she gasped at the scene that was in front of her.

"Hello." Kaito said, waving slightly. He scratched the back of his head and looked at his shoes. "I just came by…to say…hello…and…" he held his hand out in front of him, making a rose appear out of thin air. "Here…" he smiled shyly at her.

She smiled softly, cheeks reddening slightly as she took the rose from him. "Thank you, Kaito-kun." She held it to her nose, inhaling the sweet scent.

"I…think we should…I mean…" he stammered, scratching his neck as he stared at his feet. He let his hand fall to his side, and stared into her eyes, brows furrowed slightly. "Aoko, I'm sorry, for…for everything. I…I can't tell you why I did what I did, but all I can tell you is that I'm sorry. I don't expect you to forgive me, since you know…you really haven't talked to me since before I left…" her stomach flipped as he rambled on. His eyes were filled with life as he apologized and said how much of an ass he was. She hadn't seen those eyes for years. She smiled, leaning against the door frame. "What I'm trying to say, Aoko, is that I think we should start over. I-I want that at least." He bowed exposing his neck to her. She peered down at his hands, noticing his white knuckles.


Kaito shot up and Aoko couldn't tell if his eyes or mouth smiled bigger. "R-really?!" she nodded, and before she knew it she was trapped in a bear hug. "Thank you, Aoko." He whispered in her ear, before releasing her, and bounding down the steps. "I've-I've got to go! But- I'll talk to you later okay!" she nodded, making his eyes shine brighter and his grin almost break his face. He waved frantically as he bounded down the street.

She walked back in the house, closing the door, staring at the red rose, taking her back to when they first met, at the old clock tower. She inhaled its scent again, heart soaring at the thought of his smile, the one thing she had missed the most.


So I'll leave this as an open ended story. When I first started writing this, like, four years ago, or three or something, it was suppose to be where Kaito completely loses Aoko as a friend even. But...I changed my mind. I'll leave an open ended POSITIVE ending. I didn't have the heart to destroy Hakuba even more than I did, (since he's not really a complete moron and what not. But I would just like to thank those that have read this story before, reviewed, espcially Kaitou Ran, because her review made me want to actually start working on this again.

Thank you all!