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Chapter Thirty Four


Near Orb Territory


It was night when the submarine carrying the Zala squad arrived near the Orb waters. The captain of the vessel stopped just short to avoid detection by Orb technology. Once the sub came to a halt they powered themselves down and awaited further orders from Rau.

Rau was inside the main bridge when the sub came to a halt. Rau knew he had to send his team inside before day broke or they risked chance of being detected.

The Zala team was waiting inside a holding room that led to the launching bay for the submarine, they would use this room to go under water or launch a small boat to get to the surface, for now they didn't have the orders to do which so all they could do was wait for the commander's orders.

Athrun had mixed feelings all the way here, he knew his orders and he knew what he had to do. Kira was like his brother but he couldn't forgive what he happened to Nicol either, Nicol didn't deserve what was done to him and his anger over that was clouding his judgment at the moment, he remembered his mothers words along with his fathers, the choice to him was simple either he would pull the trigger or he would not, only time would tell what he would do.

Yzak waited along with Dearka, for them Dearka was just tagging along like usual and would do what he was ordered like a robot, but for Yzak this was very personal. This was his chance to put an end to Kira once and for all and show all that doubted he could do this job that he was number one.

The room was very silent until the room flashed red and an alert that they were stopping, they knew that it wasn't much longer now.

When the ship stopped Rau immediately went over to the radar and looked around, the sea was presently vacant of all Orb ships so now would be the correct time to send them ashore, however Rau knew the contacts they had on Orb would be waiting at this time as well so they had no choice but to leave now.

Rau picked up the phone connected to the holding room and spoke.

Holding Room

"We have the green light, prepare for launch," Rau said through the speaker.

The Zala team heard that and stood up, but Rau had a few more orders.

"You are to head by small boat, head to the location on your map where our contacts will be waiting, listen to their information and if they have not located the target your orders are to do your own search," Rau went on.

Yzak knew this would be like a search and destroy mission which was one of Kira's strong points so this would be good to beat him at his own strength.

"You have three targets, one is our traitor, the second is Lacus Clyne, and the final is our stolen machine, if you find any of these targets you don't hesitate to accomplish the task at hand, I suggest if you have to search yourselves you secure your equipment and try to blend in, keep your communicators on at all times I will be monitoring and if need be I will give you new orders, if you find the target call it in first, now go," Rau said as he put the phone down, he briefed them earlier and just wanted to make sure they knew what they had to do, for him now all he could do was wait.

After Rau's orders the Zala team quickly grabbed their equipment, they were already suited up but they had additional things that would be needed.

They gathered their equipment as they felt the sub starting to rise to a debt that they could launch from, they had all their equipment and they went into the launching deck where their small boat was waiting, they each took a side as Athrun stayed in the back.

The room flashed red again as they put their breathing masks on, they only had a small tank but that would be all they needed.

The room gave them the final warning as it started filling with water, once it was filled they got into the boat as the doors were opened and they launched into the open waters. The boat headed to the surface as quickly as possible and as soon as it reached the top it started heading for shore, all three quickly took of their breathing masks as they saw it was still dark out but the morning hours were upon them.

Athrun looked straight ahead; it was no going back now.

Onogoro Island

Morgenroete Facility

After Lacus fell back asleep Kira once again left her in their suite as he returned to the mobile suit hanger, he wanted to do a final check before he destroyed it, he had to find a spot to do it and he needed to see what the damage would be to the surface if he detonated it in an open field.

The facility was completely locked down like Kira wanted, and this time there was no Erica or that princess to bug him.

Kira went to the cockpit and once again sat inside, he remembered the disk but he didn't want to worry about that now, Kira remembered he didn't even do a full check of this machine yet so he decided to do that now, he pulled up the files and started doing a full check on the machine, Kira had to admit this was a top class machine compared to the standard suits, as Kira was running a scan of the machine he thought about what he told Lacus, he told her that he would let her come with him, but that was not the most intelligent thing to do, she was not a soldier and wasn't ready to fight a battle of this caliber, but he also knew he couldn't trust anyone else to look after her either, something about Orb was telling him that he shouldn't leave her here either. Kira knew he had to come up with something and he believed he would be able to work something out where Lacus could serve as his backup but in a non military way, and since the road ahead was going to be a bloody one it would be best if he had someone he could trust watch his back.

Kira glanced down and the scan was only about fifty percent done, and still it found nothing wrong but more impressive data, if Patrick was able to build machines like this then his goal would easily become reality.

Kira went back to his thoughts, he had promised Lacus they would go out later, she said she wanted to show him something and since this could be the last time they had for something like this he agreed, he could refuse her for anything. Maybe he could live a peaceful life once this was over, something he never thought would happen until Lacus came along.

Kira also remembered he had a meeting with Uzumi in a few hours, Kira would give his decision and be on his way, this nation couldn't stand up to Patrick Zala no matter what their resources were, and besides that Kira didn't trust factions anymore so it was best if they ended it here and went their separate ways.

Kira was thinking about all of this when his scan of the system alerted him to something inside the machine.

Kira looked more closely, "I should have known," Kira said looking at the screen.

Onogoro Island

Back of Island

Athrun was controlling the boat as they saw the shore of the island, their entire trip was easy going as there wasn't any Orb presence, so far their spies were coming through for them.

Yzak was at the front with his weapon ready, they were hoping for some quick info so they could get right to work, but something told him it wouldn't be that easy.

Athrun maneuvered closer as they pulled up towards a rocky area that looked deserted.

It was then that they saw a small strobe that emitted a blinking green light.

Yzak raised his weapon immediately.

Athrun saw him, "Stand down Yzak."

Yzak glared back at him, "I don't take orders from you."

"You will shoot our welcoming committee fool," Athrun replied back with force.

Yzak could only glare at him; he did let that slip his mind as revenge was still strongly clouding his judgment.

Yzak did give in as his SAW was lowered.

Athrun moved their small boat closer as he headed for the light.


There were about five waiting for there arrival.

The one that seemed to be in charge noticed them, "Right on time."

The other four turned to see, these five were Zaft's eyes and ears in Orb, and all information came from them, being as Orb was friendly to coordinators made their job all that much easier.

The boat pulled in as two from the five grabbed hold of the front as they pulled them in.

Yzak and Dearka were the first ones to stand as Athrun powered down the boat and followed.

"Athrun Zala," the leader said.

Yzak glared in annoyance, though he had Kira's job he still didn't have authority over this squad and that bugged him still to this day.

"Squad leader Athrun Zala reporting," Athrun said with a small salute.

The leader nodded, as all three started coming on shore, "Welcome to Orb."

Athrun nodded as they got on the shore.

"Come, we will go to a more secured area," the leader said as they got all of their equipment and followed.

They were led to a small sea side shack that was run down, but far enough out of the way where their equipment would be safe.

They got in and the leader shut the door.

All three dropped their equipment as Yzak wanted to get right to work.

"Well, where is he?" Yzak asked with force.

Athrun shot him a glare, "Have you located any of the targets yet?"

The leader ignored Yzak's outburst and turned to Athrun, "Unfortunately commander we have nothing."

"Your saying he isn't here?" Yzak replied angrily.

The leader looked over, "That is not what I am saying at all," the leader said motioning for another to join him.

The other one did as they lit several lamps lighting the room.

The second one started unrolling a map of the island.

"As you can see Onogoro isn't that large but there are several places to hide well," the first one said.

"Last communication we had with our stolen machine was over this island then it vanished," Athrun told them.

The leader nodded, "That would mean it would be here," he said pointing over to the Morgenroete facility, "the facility has an underground base that blocks all satellite images and radio waves, your machine would be here."

All that made sense.

"Good, where the machine is we can find him," Yzak said.

"Not necessary, from what I gather, Lord Uzumi has closed off several sections of the headquarters and the medical facility was only recently reopened after a few days, I don't think this is all coincidence," the leader said.

All took that into thought.

"We have tried getting inside and gathering as much information as possible on those areas, but Lord Uzumi has it on a need to know basis," the leader said.

Athrun looked at the map again, "So we have three locations, the facility, the headquarters, or rarely the hospital…we will have to check these areas out thoroughly."

The leader looked at him, "If you look behind you, there are several uniforms that you could use, Orb soldier, researcher, hospital staff, reporter, or mechanic, you can take your pick to look around, as long as you don't cause to much attention to yourselves you should be able to move around freely, but I have to warn you that getting into those areas will not be easy as security is all over them."

Athrun turned to his team, "We will split up and search, I will take the facility, Dearka will take the headquarters, and you Yzak have the hospital."

Yzak glared at him, "Why are you giving me the least possible chance where he will be?"

Athrun looked at him, "Simple to make sure you don't do anything foolish, if you spot anyone of the targets we are to call it in immediately, our communicators will let us speak to each other, and I will then inform the commander, we have until night fall, if we don't find them before then we report back here, we leave at first light."

"Alright then," Dearka said coolly.

"Weapons will remain here until further notice, once we spot any target we wait until further orders," Athrun said knowing that it would upset his team but this is what he had to do, he wanted to be the first to confront if they time came, he would end this.

"Fine," Yzak replied as each of the thee put an earpiece inside their ear as they could now hear and talk to each other.

They quickly got out of their combat gear as they changed, Athrun took the mechanics uniform, Dearka took the soldier, while Yzak got the hospital staff, and the boring assignment, but their was no way he would wait around as while Athrun was changing he quickly placed his side arm in the back of his pants concealing it with his shirt, he if spotted the two he would not hesitate to shoot.

"Now we wait," Athrun said as they had to wait until the sun came up to report for their assignment now, and Athrun only had one thing on his mind, something he had to do, he had to put an end to it, he would pull the trigger.

Morgenroete Facility


Kira had the hanger and all equipment to himself which he was making great use of for the moment, Kira saw something that struck his interest on the scan of the machines maintenance.

Kira was on the torso of the machine they stole as he quickly took the panels off that secured what he found, Kira got them open throwing the drill he used away as he reached inside.

He knew unscrewed the box that was no more then about a foot long, Kira got it off as the box was blinking a red light.

Kira sat back down with the box in hand, "So that is how he has been following us, I should have known," Kira said knowing all to well that his senses were dulling again to not check for something this meaner.

Kira got back up as he quickly looked at the suits computer and the foreign object was now gone.

Kira sat back down and violently threw the box against the floor below.

"He knows were here," Kira said looking back up at the machine, "I have to destroy you now," Kira said again as he looked at the clock, it was still early and his meeting was still a few hours away so Kira quickly picked up the phone.

"I need something from you," Kira said normally, he told the person what he wanted and since they were under orders they agreed.

Kira then went back up towards the cockpit before doing a few things, he started up the machine and quickly gathered something in the hands of the mobile suit, he had authority and the radar was now shut down.

Kira then did what he had to do.


Onogoro Island

With Kira

Right before dawn broke was when Kira returned; a fighter that he carried with him on the stolen machine was what he used. Kira had been gone for a few hours when he launched in the mobile suit, the favors he called in made sure that he wasn't detected by radar or anything else that could have been on Onogoro island. Kira launched the machine from the secret hanger and stayed very low to the sea as he flew; in the mobile suits arms was a bowered fighter jet he would use for his return.

Kira's plans had to change a little now that he found that tracking device and after he did what he had to with the mobile suit he returned. His plans were to take the mobile suit but since he found that tracker he had to get rid of it, though he and Lacus would now not make their trip by the mobile suit, Kira had something else in mind.

Kira had clearance to land and the jet came to a halt at the end of the runway, Kira got out as he headed for the headquarters, he wanted to stop by his suite to fill Lacus in on the events then he had his meeting with Uzumi, and since his little detour he was running low on time.

Kira headed in for the headquarters as security was still very tight.

With the Zala team

Right when Kira returned was when Athrun gave the order they were to move out.

All three checked their communicators as they had their appropriate disguises on, they went outside to have their last meeting before they split up.

"Remember our orders, if you find a target call it in immediately, do not and I repeat do not engage until the commander confirms the orders, understand?" Athrun said looking right at Yzak.

Yzak grunted, "I heard you the first thousand times already, I know what to do," Yzak said walking off.

"Don't worry so much," Dearka added walking off.

Athrun sighed as he followed.

They followed the path that they were told by the spies they had, the spies had to leave after their initial briefing but they told them how to get in.

When they arrived near the fence, Athrun saw what they meant as a small hole was cut in it leading to the forest section of the island which they were in now, Athrun moved forward as Dearka grabbed hold of the fence and pulled it open holding it as both Yzak and Athrun went in, once they were in Dearka followed as he returned the fence to what how the spies had it.

Athrun looked around as now they were in a military base, "Remember what I told you and we split up now," Athrun said.

Yzak ignored him and walked off, Dearka nodded and went his way, and finally Athrun went his way.

Athurn's job was the facility, Dearka was headed for the headquarters, and Yzak was stuck with the hospital.

After they were out of sight Yzak smiled as he reached towards his back pocket, for his weapon, "This will be my glory Zala, once I see him I will fire," Yzak said as he continued to walk off.

Dearka just acted like Dearka, he was carefree and on his way he made sure to check out every female that he saw.

Athrun however had other things on his mind, however his mind was made up, there was no going back now.


Uzumi's office

Uzumi arrived at his office early, he had to figure out just what to say, Uzumi was going to tell both Kira and Cagalli the truth today, their was no backing down from that, he just knew this was going to be harder then he first thought. Uzumi waited until before Kira gave him his answer for a simple reason, he didn't want him to be thinking about this while trying to figure out if he would join him or not, but he didn't want to tell him afterward or that would not be right to him.

Uzumi knew the meeting was coming up and he then phoned Cagalli and ordered her to join him as well but he just didn't tell her what it was about.

Uzumi now waited as the time drew near, he took the photo out and figured out how he was going to do this.


Kira walked in the suite only to find Lacus waiting for him.

Lacus heard the door and quickly looked over, when she awoke he wasn't there and no one knew where to find him.

Kira saw the concern in her face.

"I'm sorry for disappearing like that Lacus, but the matter couldn't wait," Kira walking over to her.

Lacus nodded her head, "I trusted you wouldn't break your word," Lacus said taking his hand in her own, "Lord Uzumi's meeting is coming up shortly."

Kira looked at her, "I know but first thing is first, I had to take care of the mobile suit."

Lacus looked surprised as they both took their seats, "You mean you…"

Kira stared at her, "It is gone and we don't have that to worry about anymore."

"I thought we would use that to leave Orb," Lacus said.

"Originally that was the plan, but when I was looking over the entire machine I came across a tracker, Zala has known where we were ever since we left," Kira told her.

Lacus now looked worried, "Your saying Orb is in danger?"

"He won't move without proof, since the facility blocked all transmissions I don't think he knows the exact location, however I believe he may have people here in Orb looking as we speak, he would know it was lost on this island so we should leave it as soon as possible," Kira replied.

Lacus nodded her head, "I understand."

"However with the suit now gone that will by us some time so we will remain on schedule, but we have to get off this island right after my meeting with Uzumi," Kira told her quickly.

Lacus looked at him, "We can take refuge on the big island until we figure something out, it is always crowded and they wouldn't find us there, plus I know a few places we could stay until were ready to leave."

Kira reached in his pocket, he still had the disk and still didn't look at it, "We will leave right after our meeting with Uzumi, by tomorrow we will be able to get out of here."

Lacus knew he was holding something back, he seemed way to calm for this setback, she expected some worry, but it was like this was all planned for him or something like that.

Lacus just smiled though, and rested her head on his shoulder.

Kira on reflex put his arm around her, the truth was Kira wasn't saying everything, Kira knew one other quick way of ending this, he would have to strike directly at Patrick Zala, he would return to the Plants and finish Zala himself, one thing that worried Kira was he still wasn't sure if he would be able to pull that trigger either, sure Patrick Zala was a monster but he also raised him, he raised him to kill but both Lenore and Athrun did make him feel like he had a home, would he be able to pull that trigger, Lacus was great things to him, but reality was she was making him weaker skill wise, and for one man to take on Zaft that could not happen.

They stayed in their embrace for a little while longer until it was time and there was a knock at the door.

Kira looked over and they got up, Lacus answered the door and they found that it was Mu.

"Lord Uzumi is waiting for you," Mu said.

Kira nodded as he started following him out, Lacus took held of his hand, as they made their way out and up towards Uzumi's office.

Uzumi's Office

Uzumi was waiting after he had sent Mu for Kira and Lacus, but the first to arrive was Cagalli.

Cagalli walked in, "You wanted to see me?"

Uzumi motioned for her to join him, "It will only be for a short while, and I am sorry for not telling you about this earlier, but fate has stepped in."

Cagalli thought he was crazy, "Okay…"

"Once Kira and Lacus arrive I have to tell you something," Uzumi said as Cagalli looked annoyed.

"I have to see him again, I seriously don't know what Lacus sees in him, the guy is such a big shot," Cagalli said crossing her arms over her chest.

Uzumi knew this was a sibling quarrel even if they didn't know it yet, "One thing first Cagalli."

Cagalli looked at him.

"It has been my great pleasure and honor of being there for you these last eighteen years, I have never been more proud to be called your father."

Cagalli thought he was into the booze or something.

Uzumi had a folder out in front of him.

There was a knock at the door as Uzumi motioned for them to enter and Mu opened the door letting them in.

Kira and Lacus walked in, though Cagalli didn't mind seeing Lacus, she already knew what Kira's decision was, Mu was about to leave but Uzumi told him to stay, he was his most trusted and he wanted only him to know this.

Kira and Lacus walked over to them as Lacus let go of Kira's arm.

"I received your message last night, and I am glad you put some thought into whatever decision you have made," Uzumi said.

Cagalli looked annoyed.

"I will get straight to it," Kira said knowing all too well time was of the essence and this island was too dangerous for all parties if they stayed.

Uzumi now looked at both Kira and Cagalli, "Before you give your answer I have something to tell you both."

Kira and Cagalli saw him look at them.

Uzumi knew the best way to do this was to get right to it.

Uzumi looked at Kira, "When you were at the Mendel colony, you got into professor Hibiki's office didn't you Kira Hibiki?"

This was a small shock.

Onogoro Island


Yzak did his best to blend in, but it seemed all Orb personal was to busy to take notice anyway, Yzak arrived at the hospital and was getting a good looked around the perimeter of the place, he knew this would be the least chance to find his target, but he had to follow orders or risk his title being stripped. Yzak eventually grew board and went inside; he was going to get into the files to see if there was anything on him.

Once inside Yzak was dressed like one of the hospital staff and he was ignored by other doctors, patience's and nurses. Yzak made it to the administration office were all the files were kept and he would now get inside to try and find something, he wasn't able to take his weapon inside so he hid it before he got in, so he found Kira inside he would use his bare hands if need be.


Athrun arrived at the Morgenroete facility only to find that the security was extremely heavy, he was dressed like a mechanic and he watched anyone that went in and out, like with Yzak he scanned the perimeter going all around it, and found that their was only one way in and one way out, since security was to tight and he had no key cards, he didn't want to take the unnecessary risks of being caught so all he had to do was watch the entrance.

Athrun had no choice but to play the waiting game, but he would do his job if it came down to it.


Dearka had kept very busy while waiting, any girl that came by he immediately hit on, that's just how he was.

Dearka however wasn't having any luck, and by sheer chance and since he was dressed up like an Orb soldier no one of any importance paid any attention to him so he just acted on patrol, and that was when a chopper seemed to land.

Dearka knew something had to be up and as he continued to walk he saw two people walk out.

Dearka smiled and grabbed his communicator as he spoke.

Uzumi's office

Kira and Lacus didn't know how he knew this.

"What are you talking about?" Kira said quickly.

Uzumi reached open the folder and pulled out the picture and laid it in front of him.

Kira's eyes went a little big as he looked at it as well as Lacus; Cagalli glanced at it as it was a woman with twins.

"How…" was all Kira said.

"I know about everything that happened in Mendel as your mother was the one that contacted me about what your father was doing," Uzumi said.

Lacus kept silent but tightened her grip on Kira's arm.

"What exactly does this have to do with me?" Cagalli asked it seemed like this was for Kira and not her.

Uzumi smiled, "Turn the picture over."

Cagalli picked it up and did, and as she did she saw the names.

Lacus peered at them as well.

Cagalli then looked over to her father, "What…what is going on…this can't…"

Uzumi shut his eyes, "It is Cagalli, you two are the twins in that picture."

Cagalli dropped the picture, as the others were in shock.

To be continued…

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