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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 9

"I thought I was never going to see you again." Jack said in a rush while throwing his arms around Lorena.

"It's only been, like, a day." Lorena stated.

"I know, but with Maura, well she's unpredictable." Dark said while wrapping his arms around Maura. They all stood there for a second, Maura being held by Dark, and Lorena being held by Jack. She remembered a time when it was like this, when she was with Jack they would all hang out together. Lorena remembered that time fondly, but now it just felt awkward. She didn't like being held by Jack anymore, which was new to her, when she was in high school she couldn't imagine being held by anyone else, but now she felt very uncomfortable. All Lorena kept thinking was how much she wished that Jack was Greg.

"So" Lorena said while pushing Jack away "What do you guys want to do today?"

"I was thinking, we could go to any amusement park or something, I know how you love roller coasters Lorena." Jack said while winking at her.

"Sounds like fun." Lorena didn't even know what she had just said all she kept thinking was 'Why in the world is Jack winking at me? And why are we going to an amusement park? He hates those places.' Suddenly her cell phone started to ring again. She picked it up and walked away from the group. All 3 of her friends followed after her, like lost puppies.


"Hey Lorena, what's up?" a smooth voice came from the other end of her phone

"Greg, you just called me an hour ago."

"So, I'm bored, there are no cases today."

"Isn't that a good thing? People not dying is something to celebrate."

"Unless you're a CSI. It's not just that people aren't dying; nothing is going on, no breaking and entering, and no missing persons. Las Vegas has suddenly become a dull, dull town."

"Awe, pobrecito."

"Don't you 'poor baby' me. I feel like a lab rat again. Just sitting here, waiting for something to happen. I need a game. Tell me a story!"

"Greg! I have friends here! No time to tell you stories." Lorena laughed.

"OK, how about I tell you a story? There once was a man from Nantucket….."

"Good-bye Gregory"

"Wait! Can we do something next Saturday?"

"Sure. Bye"

"Great! Bye."

Lorena turned around to see the faces of her 3 friends. Dark and Jack were still trying to figure out who it was and Maura was just standing their smiling. Maura's mouth started to move she asked "Greg?" Lorena nodded her head furiously; they couldn't hear all of the conversation if Maura didn't know who it was.

"Who's Greg?" Obviously Lorena was wrong, Maura didn't hear who it was, but Jack sure did. He looked different, angry, but not. Lorena didn't know what he was thinking.

"Friend, he works with my Dad, he's cool." Lorena tried to sound convincing

"How old is this 'friend'?" Now Jack looked angry. Dark hung back behind his friend with a confused face, he turned to Maura, who just looked at him and shook her head.

"What does that matter?" Lorena spat at him.

"I want to know!" Jack started to become louder.

"You're not my mother, Jack. I have no obligation to tell you anything about anyone, especially someone I'm dating!" All of a sudden Jack looked very, very hurt. He leaned on the side of the car with his arms crossed and his mouth agape. He just stood there with his eyes wide and shook his head slowly.

"How could you do this to me?"

"To you? What are you talking about?"

"You're my girlfriend. How could you just cheat on me and then scream it in a parking lot?"

"YOU'RE WHAT? I think you seriously have gone mental. I was your girlfriend years ago."

"I thought we were back together." He mumbled.

"Dad, I'm home." Lorena yelled into the quiet house. No one answered. Lorena started walking around when she heard noise coming from a TV. Lorena walked closer to the noise; it led to her father's room. The door was open so Lorena decided that it was an invite to the room and walked in the door. There she saw Gil at his desk with the TV on just sitting there in the dark.

The newswoman returned from a commercial and started to talk about a story, "Today is the one year Anniversary of Crime investigator Nick Stokes being buried alive. As many of you will remember Mr. Stokes was called onto a false scene where he was abducted and then taken to an unknown location and buried there. Las Vegas police scrambled the whole night to get their colleague back. There was a ransom that was to be met, but the government said they would not negotiate with terrorists. After hearing this, a Good Samaritan anonymously donated the million dollar ransom. After getting the ransom, CSI head of the night shift, Gil Grissom, went to deliver the million dollars where the man who abducted Mr. Stokes blew himself up. Later on LVPD finally found Mr. Stokes, dehydrated, exhausted, and bitten by millions of red ants, but very much alive. It took months for him to recuperate, but Mr. Stokes returned to his job, and is working harder than ever now."

Lorena looked down at her Dad and saw tears streaming down his face,"Oh, Dad." Lorena softly murmered.

"I thought we had lost him, he was just laying there waiting to die. When we finally found him I just had to keep myself together, for him. I never just sat down and cried about it. I never really thought we would see him alive again, and know he just goes on like nothing happened. At least he acts like that around me."

Lorena crouched down to look her dad in the eye, "He's alive now. It's OK to cry, always has been. And maybe he wants you to think he's strong so he doesn't show weakness in front of you."

"Hey, where are your friends?"

"Dark and Jack had to split, but Maura's still here."