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Chapter 1 - A Rough Start

It was late at night - or at least late for a 12-year-old girl. Trisha sat at her desk in her new bedroom, feverishly writing to her friend, Rochelle, who she hadn't seen in two weeks. Gibbs had told Trisha to get to bed early tonight and he would be in soon to tuck her in, but that was almost half an hour ago. Every once in a while Trisha heard Kate's giggles drifting up the stairs. Trisha sighed and continued writing:

Dear Rochelle,

I finally got settled in at Gibbs' place. His house is in a nice little neighborhood. The place is kinda plain, but then again he is a guy and we both know what that means. I'll send some pictures soon. Gibbs wanted me to go to bed early tonight since I go to my new school on Monday, but he still hasn't come in to check on me. I think him and Kate are making out downstairs because there are some funny noises going on right now! Kate still spends nights in her own apartment, but I think there's talk of her moving in with Gibbs and me.

Kate and Abby took me shopping for new clothes the other day. Kate wanted me to get some really nice stuff, and Abby tried to get me to wear big black baggy pants with a lot of chains on them. I ended up getting some jeans, cargo pants, T-shirts, and hoodies. Gibbs drove us to the mall, but he waited for us on a bench by the fountain. Eventually he came into the store to see what was taking so long. That was a huge mistake because Kate and Abby attacked him and made him try on clothes! It was really funny, and Abby got some good pictures on her cell phone. I'll be sure to send them, too.

Tony and McGee took me to see the Washington Capitals hockey team play the Flyers. I bet Tony $10 that Philly would win, so now I'm $10 richer! Tony got me some hot chocolate when I got really cold. He's a nice guy when he's not acting like a 5 year old. I had to spend most of the game telling McGee what was going on on the ice. He just didn't understand the theory behind the two-line pass rule. I guess he's better with computer stuff.

After the game Tony and McGee dropped me back off at Gibbs' house. Somehow we started a snowball fight. Tony threw snow at me right when Gibbs came out the door, and it hit Gibbs square in the chest. I thought Gibbs was going to kill Tony, so I grabbed onto his leg and hung on tight. It gave Tony and McGee enough time to get in the car and peel out of there. Any other time I would have helped Gibbs kick Tony's butt, but Gibbs still has a week and a half to go before he can go back to active duty. He's restless and easily angered right now.

Speaking of The Boat (I'm capitalizing it because Gibbs treats his boat like it's a living thing), it really is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I can't believe Gibbs built that boat out of basically nothing. It's far from being finished, but Gibbs tells me that it will come along faster now that he has me and Kate to help him build it.

The other night Kate came over with pizza and the three of us spent most of the night working on The Boat. We ended up all falling asleep on the living room floor watching some chick flick Kate rented. I woke up the next morning lodged between Gibbs and Kate; my face was pressed up against Gibbs' chest and Kate's front was pushed flat against my back. Gibbs had his arm around both of us. Somehow Abby had let herself into Gibbs' house and, of course, had taken more pictures. I don't know if I want you to see those though because they could be used as blackmail against me and Gibbs!

Those nightmares that I have are coming back again. I only have them when I sleep alone. They're not as bad as other times, and I think once I get into a routine and used to living here they should go away. Or at least I hope so. I haven't told Gibbs about the bad dreams yet, but Kate somehow figured out that I was having them again. She promised to not tell Gibbs unless the dreams get really bad. I'm afraid to tell him because I don't want to screw up our relationship. Gibbs makes me feel safe and I don't think he would be the kind of guy to throw me out on the street because of some nightmares, but all my experience says that's what happens.

Anyway, Gibbs took me into the NCIS HQ to show me around. I met the director, and rumor says that apparently Gibbs had some fling with her back in the day when they both worked together. Of course that came from Tony, so who knows how much truth is behind that. Right after Tony told me that, Gibbs slapped him upside the head. I noticed that Tony gets whacked a lot. Like REALLY a lot. I almost feel bad for him… almost. I got to see Abby's lab and I helped her with some high tech science stuff. I also spent some time with Ducky in the morgue and I met his helper, Jimmy Palmer. He's kinda weird and Tony calls him the Autopsy Gremlin. I don't really like being in the morgue, though, so I didn't spend much time in there.

Ok, well I better get to bed before Gibbs comes in and finds me still awake. Aw crap… he just walked in! I'll write again soon. Oh, and McGee says hi.


Trisha quickly folded the letter, stuck it in an envelope, and licked it shut before Gibbs walked up behind her. She leaned her head back to look at him upside down and smiled innocently. He was wearing black mesh shorts and a plain white T-shirt. "Hi Gibbs, I uh… I was just gonna get into bed!" she told him.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, "I thought I told you to go to bed half an hour ago?"

Trisha turned around in her swivel chair to face him. "Well I woulda been in bed already if you would have came in and checked on me sooner instead of smooching with Kate in the kitchen!" she exclaimed. She saw something in Gibbs' eyes flicker before he gave her one of his infamous half smiles. 'Not good, abort!' she thought to herself as she tried to make a dash past Gibbs.

Gibbs put his arm out and caught her before she got away. He easily lifted her and tucked Trisha under one arm before turning around and walking towards her bed.

"Arrgh, Gibbs! Put me down you big bully!" Trisha yelled, but to no avail. She squirmed for a few more minutes before finally giving up.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs!" came a voice from the doorway. "What did the doctor say? You drop her this instant!" Kate scolded Gibbs like he was a little child.

Gibbs turned in Kate's direction and pouted. "Awww Katie, you never let me have any fun anymore!"

Trisha grunted, "Hello, all the blood is rushing to my head!"

Kate sighed, "Now, Gibbs!" She pointed towards Trisha's bed.

He moved closer to the bed and dropped Trisha onto the covers. Trisha bounced a few times before lying still and moaning. "Holy crap, Gibbs…"

Satisfied, Kate went off to the bathroom to take a shower. Gibbs just smiled and pushed Trisha over to the other side of the bed. He laid down next to her before reaching for her and pulling her to him. Gibbs turned on his side and propped himself up with his elbow before looking at Trisha, who was staring at the ceiling.

"Gibbs, I'm never gonna fall asleep with you staring at me," she said jokingly. She was going to continue until she turned her head to meet his gaze. She saw concern in Gibbs' blue eyes. "What?" Trisha asked.

He sighed before he spoke. "Trisha, why didn't you tell me you were having nightmares again?"

Trisha bolted up angrily and glared at Gibbs. "Kate promised she wouldn't tell!"

Gibbs sat up also. "No, Kate agreed not to tell me unless the dreams got worse, which they have. You've had a nightmare every night since you've gotten here, with the exception of the time we fell asleep on the floor. Last night you woke me up because of how loud you were yelling! So don't you try and tell me that they're not bad!" he yelled at her. As soon as Gibbs realized that he was actually screaming at Trisha, he felt like complete crap. His expression quickly softened, but Trisha wasn't looking at him anymore.

Instead Trisha cringed and clamped her eyes shut as she felt the lump in her throat begin to rise. She scooted away from Gibbs and to the other side of the bed. "I… I'm sorry," she stammered as tears ran down her face.

Gibbs quickly crawled across the bed and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry, Trisha. I didn't mean to yell at you like that," he said. "I'm just mad because I'm stuck on desk duty, that's all. It's not your fault," Gibbs told her as he rubbed her back.

"Yes it is!" Trisha sobbed. "This is how it always starts, with these stupid nightmares. And pretty soon you'll get sick of me and you'll throw me away like everyone else!" She started crying and shaking harder.

"Oh, God no, Trisha. I'm not going to get rid of you, I promise, ok?" Gibbs held her tightly and bent over a little as he rested his forehead against the top of her head. "Shhh, baby, please don't cry. I don't like seeing you hurting like this. Shhh, it'll be alright," he whispered as he stroked Trisha's hair. "Come on, kiddo, you gotta stop crying. You're breaking my heart," he told her.

"Gibbs…" Trisha said shakily through her tears.

In response, Gibbs began to softly rock Trisha as he cradled her small form. "Shhh, I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere," he whispered. He moved backwards and pulled Trisha with him before he laid down. Both Trisha and Gibbs were on their sides. Trisha had her face buried in Gibbs' chest as his strong arms enveloped her, in essence shielding her from her bad dreams. He slowly ran his hand up and down her back. "Get some sleep now, ok? I'll keep the bad guys away. I'll keep you safe, Trisha," he whispered. Gibbs felt her body relax and her breathing become deeper as she fell asleep in his arms.

Kate came walking into the bedroom with the cover from Gibbs' bed. She turned off the lights before climbing onto the bed behind Gibbs. She threw the cover over Gibbs, who gently tucked some of it around Trisha's body. Kate nestled against Gibbs before closing her eyes and falling asleep fairly quickly.

Gibbs, on the other hand, stared out the dark window as he continued to gently rub Trisha's back. It would be some time before he drifted to sleep.

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