So hey, I'm back! The writing bug bit me again, so I've only had a few days break from finishing my other fic, I want to love you (check it out! Inu X Kag!) to starting this! I hope you enjoy it…It's a Rin X Sesshy with a twist!

Note: I don't really know if they have apple trees in Japan, but let's say they do!

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Note: This is set in the same time period as I want to love you…two years after the anime has finished. But it is not a continuation of I want to love you! I have only seen up to eps. 139 and the first movie, so that's what I'm going on!

The stolen youth of Rin

By Kawaii-KeKe-Chan

Chapter 1


The sun was beating down on a young girl of ten whom sitting on a mossy log. The sky was a vibrant orangey-red, much like the flames of the small camp fire that was burning not too far from the girl. She swung her feet listlessly, singing sweetly under her breath:

"In the mountain,

In the forest,

In the wind,

In a dream,

Where are you Sesshomaru?

With an ally like Jaken

I will wait alone

Until you come


Please return…"

A breeze whipped around the girl, tousling her dark brown hair and making her blink her hazelnut eyes. She stood up, her orange and cream checked kimono flapping in the sudden wind, her green sash whipping behind her.

"Jaken-sama!" She cried, as the brown clad youkai appeared through the trees.

"Rin," he reached her, leaning on the staff of heads "Lord Sesshomaru-sama is still away. I have come to check on you," Sesshomaru would never forgive me if anything were to happen to the wretched girl…

Rin nodded, the disappointment clear in her liquid brown eyes. Then she smiled, clapping her hands. "Good, you're here, Jaken-sama! Now I can go look for some food!"

"Wait! Rin!" the small reptile-like youkai called. Foolish child…I have been travelling for days…

Jaken sat heavily on the log, looking at Ah-Un, Sesshomaru's two headed beast guiltily. I'll let her go herself, this once…

Rin walked through the forest, the pink tipped sky visible still through the trees. She skipped merrily, pausing now and then to examine a fungi or plant, trying to determine if it was editable. Rin tripped while skipping, stumbling onto the ground. She picked herself up, wondering what she could have fallen over, in the middle of the grass. A shiny red apple was nestled in the lush green blades. Rin stooped down, picking it up with delight. She had never seen an apple before, but it looked fairly appetizing.

"Where did it come from?" Rin asked aloud, her gaze travelling upwards. She beamed, looking into the braches of the tree laden with the fruit. "Great!" Rin had always been a good climber, and she immediately dropped the apple she had been holding, in order to grasp the first lower branch. She swung herself up, her feet latching onto the trunk as the reached the second, higher branch. Determined and focused on her goal, Rin didn't realise how high she was really climbing. She reached out in anticipation, wondering at how the fruit would taste on her hungered tongue. A sudden rustle and gasp made her look downwards sharply. A young woman had been running and stopped abruptly under the tree Rin was perched in, one hand steadying her against the bark while another held her panting chest. Rin had forgotten about the apples completely, so rapt she was in observing his woman. She's very pretty!

She had long, dark raven hair, very much the colour of Rin's own. It was in two pleats, one at each side of her head, ending at her waist and fastened with two white flowers. Her eyes were closed as she took sharp breaths, but Rin thought she had a very beautiful face- Like Sesshomaru-sama's!

She was wearing a deep purple kimono; half of which was pale lilac embodied with indigo flowers. She wore a white sash in which, Rin was surprised to see, rested a sword. Rin was so intent in watching this woman that she didn't realise her hand was still out reached for the apple. She wobbled unsteadily, a cry bursting from her lips as she toppled back and fell, screaming.

Rin closed her eyes as she plummeted to the ground, her stomach seizing as she screamed. She expected to hit the ground hard, and was astonished when she felt arms grab hold of her. She opened her eyes, blinking….Sesshomaru-sama?

Large hazel eyes gazed down on her. They were framed by long, black lashes and they peered at her prettily. "Are you alright, child?"

Her voice was light and soft, and Rin guessed she was around Kagome-chan's age, though maybe older. She nodded, still too shocked to speak. The young girl smiled down at her, and was about to set her on her feet when they heard yells. Rin looked up at the noise, seeing the girl bite her lip "I'm going to need to run little girl- hold on tight!"

Without another warning the young woman took off, running with the grace that reminded Rin very much of her protector. She put her arms around the girl's neck, looking over her shoulder as they bumped up and down through the woods, heading in the diagonal direction of where Rin's camp was. She could hear the shouting again, men's voices-

"Bitch! Get back here!"

"Stupid hussy! You can't run forever!"

Rin saw the woman's eyes narrow as she sprinted as fast as she could.

"Why are we running?" Rin asked.

"Those men," inhaled the girl as a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead "If they catch me, they'll kill me," she looked down at the girl in her arms, smiling slightly "If they catch you…"

Rin shuddered, fairly understanding what she was implying. In the village from which Rin had lived, men had often threatened what they would do to her…she hadn't lived a sheltered life until Sesshomaru-sama had came along, and try as she did to forget…

"I can see them!" gasped Rin, as two men came through the trees behind them "They have swords!"

The young girl nodded "What's your name, little girl?"


"Rin, quickly, around my neck I am wearing a chain with a jewel attached on it. Take it off and put it around your own neck. When I drop you, hide in the bushes,"

Rin glanced up, worried at the rasped breaths the woman was taking as her pace slowed "Rin, don't let them get the chain- I won't let them harm you- understand?"

Rin nodded, and then asked "Please, lady, what is your name?"


"Arigato for saving my life, Sayuri-sama,"

The girl glanced down, smiling briefly at how the little girl had addressed her.


"Hey! Bitch, get back here!"

"Now, Rin!" Sayuri released Rin from her grasp, shielding the child with her body as she scrambled off the ground "Whatever you may hear, stay hidden," Sayuri whispered as Rin picked herself up and burrowed into the bushes nearby. She covered her mouth as Sayuri drew her sword from her sash, raising it in front of her face as she took up a defensive stance. There were many more men now, around eight, all similar looking, with their dark hair in small ponytails, and khaki green armour and kimonos. Many had swords, others bows. Rin trembled as she watched the woman who had saved her life bravely stand before these men. Cupped in Rin's small palm was the necklace she had hastily taken off Sayuri. It was a silver chain, and at the end was a purple jewel shard. Rin's brown eyes widened. This is a Shikon Shard! Like the ones Kagome-chan is collecting!

Rin tore her gaze away from the shard as the men began to laugh-

"We've got you now, bitch!"

"No more running for you!"

Sayuri felt her chest rise and fall as she inhaled much need oxygen. There was a stitch tearing up her side and her head was dizzy. She saw three men had their arrows trained on her.


They released them simultaneously, and Sayuri jumped up in the air, neatly dodging them. She checked behind her while still in the air, relieved to see the arrows hadn't gone Rin's way. Poor child…but I couldn't have left her there…

She landed on her feet, one knee on the ground, her sword angled diagonally across her face.

"You don't seriously think you can fight us, wench?" hissed one, charging towards Sayuri, his sword slashing the air where the young girl had previously been. She flipped backwards, propelling herself up with her right palm, swiping the man's hand cleanly off his arm. There were collective gasps from the men as their captain staggered, holding the bleeding stump.

"What are you waiting for?" the man screamed "Get her! Dead or alive, I don't care!"

The men looked at each other warily "But sir, the danna-sama said…"

"Fuck that! My hand's fucking been cut off!"

The men looked at their spitting leader, and Sayuri tilted her sword so that his blood dripped off in crimson beads "It makes me sick to dirty a sword with such unworthy blood…"

"Argh!" The now one handed captain grabbed his sword from where it had fallen

"Right, bitch, you're dead!" He charged, and Sayuri nimbly jumped up, springing off his chest and kicking him into two of his men. She landed gracefully, eyeing the remaining men. They charged, bows forgotten.

Rin cowered as she watched the fight progress. She had never seen a woman fight before like this. These were trained, full grown men, and Sayuri was just a young girl. Rin clenched her hand, gasping as the shikon shard bit into her palm. She quickly put the necklace on, remembering Sayuri had wanted her to do so. She leaned through the dense braches of the bush she had thrown herself into, leaves and thorns scratching her face as she struggled to get a closer look. Sayuri had just tricked two men into charging at her, while jumping into the air as they stabbed each other through the stomach. Now only four men remained on their feet, bedazzled at the young woman who was easily taking out the strongest men the village had. The captain had his bleeding arm to his chest, and yelled at his remaining men "Get her!"

They charged, a little hesitantly. She was still a girl, after all.

"Please, don't insult me," said Sayuri coldly as she infiltrated their attack. One man she sent sprawling on the ground, two more out cold. Only one clashed swords with her. He leaned in, his eyes narrowing under her ice cold glare,

"Where did a girl like you learn to fight?" he exclaimed.

Sayuri raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow "Not surprisingly, I was about to ask you the same,"

She pivoted on her foot, whacking the man's sword away with her blade. He stepped back, picking another sword from a fallen comrade, shaking with rage.

"Where is the necklace, bitch?" hissed the captain as he came forward himself with another sword. The sprawled man got up, embarrassed at being taken out by a girl half his age. Then he noticed his two unconscious comrades, and felt a little better. Sayuri cocked her head, innocence portrayed on her face.

"Necklace? Whatever are you talking about?"

"Don't act coy with me, hussy!" He had been in the army for twenty years, and knew a lot more about distraction tactics than Sayuri. While she was still answering him, he chucked the metal blade without warning. Sayuri just jumped in time, but the sword caught her hip. Sayuri bid it no heed, striking the captain down when he charged again.

Rin gasped as the blood blossomed on Sayuri's kimono. The deep purple stained violet, but the young girl didn't seem to notice or care. She fought on, parrying the blows of the remaining three men, infuriated by the death of their commander.

"What do you want a sword like that for anyway?" one man hollered at her. Sayuri didn't turn her head to reply- she wasn't foolish to fall for the same trick again. As she leaped over the other two men, she said sweetly "It's such a pretty sword, and it matches my kimono!"

The man seethed "Are you patronizing me, bitch?" he screamed.

Sayuri laughed "So glad you caught on!"

She was silenced as one man grabbed her by the hair and wrenched her neck head back, the blade under her throat.

"Give me the necklace," he crowed "Or I'll take more than your life!"

The two men wiped their foreheads, glad the wench had finally been caught. She remained cool and dignified, as if she under no threat at all.

"What's stolen will be returned!" cried one man.

Sayuri laughed "Stolen? This sword has been in my family from its birth! It was your so called master who stole it!"

"So called?" the man holding Sayuri captive held the blade closer to her skin, so she could feel the sharp edge neck her neck. "The danna-sama is your master too, don't forget. He wants you back alive so he can kill you slowly in the same way he did to your lover!"

Sayuri swallowed "What did you do to Takeshi?"

The man laughed cruelly "The danna-sama will tell you himself. It is the price you pay for lying with the likes of that servant scum and thinking the danna-sama wouldn't find out!"

Sayuri heard the rustle and saw the other two men turn.

"Takeshi was a better lover then the danna-sama ever was!" she cried, jutting her foot behind into the man's groin.

Rin tried to get a better view of the men, as they were blocking her vision of Sayuri. I can't sit and watch her die!

Rin pulled herself out the bush, snagging her kimono in several places. She fell out with a thump, and couldn't help but let out an "Oof," as she landed on her stomach.

"What was that?" the two men peered around. Rin watched as Sayuri delivered a kick behind, causing the man to double up in pain, releasing her. She ducked the blade, slicing him down the stomach.

"Rin," gasped Sayuri, her eyes wide. It was too late. The two men had approached Rin, sword raised. They had noticed the girl, who was shakily getting to her knees. More over, they had noticed the chain dangling from around her neck.

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