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So this is what love does to you….

Kagome carefully picked her way through the soggy marsh that had been the forest floor. It had being raining all day, and the fresh smell of damp foliage filled the night time air. She finally stopped, smiling to herself at the red clad-hanyou who was sitting with his back to her. As she neared him, she saw the white puppy dog ears on his head twitch, though he made no other movement.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said gently, biting her lip so as not to laugh aloud.

I can't help it…it's too funny!

Kagome lowered herself in front of the hanyou, shivering a little as the damp spread through her skirt. But she wasn't paying that any attention. The look on Inuyasha's face was captivating.

"You know, I think your face will always stay like that," Kagome teased. Inuyasha blinked, his golden eyes focusing on Kagome.

"Nani? What's wrong with my face?"

Kagome giggled, her laughter tinkling through the air like the summer showers.

"You've been wearing that look ever since 'it' happened! You even stayed the same as you were killing Naraku!"

Inuyasha's bemused expression only deepened.

Kagome beamed, scooting forward so she was leaning against Inuyasha.

"How did you expect me to react? He's…he…hates humans!"

Kagome's eyes shined as she remembered the scene.

"He clearly doesn't hate Rin!"

Inuyasha didn't respond, and lapsed into thought once again.

Kagome giggled again.

"I don't know why you're so shocked, Inuyasha. It was only a kiss,"

The hanyou turned to Kagome furiously, a light blush creeping across his features.

"Only a –that's not the point! It was Sesshomaru! And he kissed a human! In front of everyone!"

Kagome shrugged, still unable to see what the problem was.

"If you makes you feel better, maybe he didn't kiss her. Maybe he was retrieving a gumball with his tongue,"

Inuyasha's blush turned scarlet, and after a minute, he crossed his arms, muttering,

"Sesshomaru doesn't know what gumballs are, baka,"

Kagome's lip curled into a grin at Inuyasha's obvious embarrassment.

"If you didn't like it, maybe you shouldn't have stood there with your mouth open and watched for half an hour,"

"Shut up,"

Kagome contained another fit of laughter, giggling into her hand. Inuyasha glanced at her, frowning a little, his puppy dog ears twitching like mad.

"What are you so happy about anyway?"

Kagome pretended to think, touching her finger with her lip.

"Well, apart from destroying Naraku, restoring the shikon-no-tama, and seeing an unlikely couple so obviously in love? Nothing, I guess!"

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, "You think they're in love?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "No, I think Sesshomaru kissed Rin because he really hates her, and he was upset that she wasn't dead,"

Inuyasha poked Kagome's arm, "You're in a sarcastic mood today,"

"And you're in a strange one. Now come back to Yumi's hut before you catch a cold!"

Inuyasha opened his mouth, but Kagome pressed a finger to his lips.

"Hai, hai, I know- hanyou don't catch colds- just humour me, ok?"

"Keh," Inuyasha resorted to his favourite phrase, slightly unnerved at how easily Kagome could read his mind. Though, at the same time, it gave him a warm feeling inside, that he only ever experienced with the time travelling miko.

"Neh, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked suddenly, her eyes fixed on the floor,

"Did you mean what you said today?"

Inuyasha blinked, "You mean…when I said that even though the tama was finished, I still wanted to see you?"

Kagome's eyes widened as Inuyasha finished his rushed sentence.

"Ano…iya, I meant about when you said- if it had been…our child…and I had been killed…"

Kagome's voice was low, but Inuyasha picked up every word easily. He shifted a little, and since Kagome was leaning against him, she felt his discomfort.

"It's okay," she said, "You don't need to say anything…"

"Kagome," Inuyasha slipped his arm around her waist, drawing her closer. Kagome froze as he tilted her head upwards. Her almond eyes grew greatly, and her mouth opened slightly as Inuyasha softly pressed his lips against hers.


"She's asleep,"

Sayuri looked up from moon's dancing reflection on the water. She had been deep in thought, and hadn't even heard anyone come up behind her. Sayuri turned, wincing a little at the pain that shot through her bones.

"Does it still hurt?" Hayai settled down beside her, swiping a few stray blonde hairs out his green grass eyes.

"Not really," Sayuri gave him a small smile, rubbing her arm absentmindedly,

"It just drained a lot of my energy,"

Hayai nodded, cupping his chin in his palm as he gazed into the rippling water, clear as glass.

Sayuri sighed, her eyes closing as she spoke.

"That little girl, Yumi. I seemed to upset her somewhat…"

Hayai blinked, startled out his gazing.

"Yumi? Ah, you mean when we arrived?"

Sayuri nodded, remembering the way the little girl's face had lit up when Hayai had been carrying her into the hut.

I'd only just awoken when I heard her shout excitedly, "Oneesan!"

"It's not her,"

Then the hysterical crying had begun, and the darkness claimed me once again.

"It's because you look like her sister," Hayai said, a slightly pained expression on his features, "I guess she saw me carrying you, and assumed…mainly because you have the same hairstyle that she too, wore,"

Sayuri gasped as Hayai trailed off, stumbling over his words.

"Gomen! I'll take it out!" Sayuri's fingers flew to the white flower that held one plait in place.

"Don't," Hayai touched her wrist, and unwound her hand from the ornament,

"I like it the way it is,"

Sayuri nodded, looking away from his grass green eyes.

"So this is what love does to you," Hayai contemplated aloud.

"Nani?" Sayuri asked sharply, looking at the thoughtful leopard.

"Us two, I mean. Both without our loves, both looking to the same moon,"

Sayuri smiled a little as she played with the bottom of her plait.

"So, what do you plan to do? Are you going to take Yumi back to your tribe?"

Hayai laughed, crossing his legs,

"To be honest, I think she's scared shitless of me- I can't imagine how she'll cope with a whole tribe! And anyway, how would it work? A youkai like me, and a little girl like her, travelling together?"

"Why not?" asked Sayuri, turning to him. "Sesshomaru and Rin managed, didn't they?"

"Huh," Hayai grunted, "That's because she wasn't scared of youkai. Yumi's a different story! She needs a mother figure, not a member of a pack,"

Sayuri rested her head on her raised knees, seeing faces from the past in the moon's milky disc.

"She's like my little sister," Sayuri said softly, "She was scared too,"

Hayai glanced at the girl, and smiled.

"You're not, though?"

Sayuri looked at him with soulful hazel eyes.


"So, what do you plan to do?"

Sayuri sighed into the material of her kimono, as different ideas tumbled around her mind.

"I'm not sure yet,"

"Come with me,"

Sayuri blinked at Hayai.

"Excuse me?"

Hayai leaned over, taking Sayuri's hand in his.

"Why not? Yumi likes you, and you're one of the best fighters I've ever met. I'm sure there's a perfect place near my tribe where you could open a sword forgery,"

"Hayai," Sayuri said gently, "You know I'm not her,"

Hayai smiled, "I know. I'm not him either. But if we're both going to be lonely, why not do it together?"


The thunder started with a mighty clap and clamour. Rin jumped, but a clawed hand through her hair calmed her down.

"It's alright," spoke a low voice, "It won't hurt you,"

The cave was dark, yet Rin could make out the ring of fluff that was around the two of them, keeping out the cold. Two beacons of shimmering gold gazed down at her, and a sheet of silky white hair brushed her bare skin.

"Sesshomaru-sama," Rin whispered, smiling. The lightening illuminated the cave, throwing shadows of horns from Sesshomaru's discarded armour on the walls.

Rin shifted a little, the thick kimono underneath her kissing her back, making the hair on her flesh prickle. Sesshomaru leaned down, lowering himself gently on top of her.

Rin closed her eyes as his lips rested on hers, and her hand entwined with his. Their hair mingled in contrast, stark white traced with raven smoulders.

Demon and Human.

Though the thunder continued to roar, inside the cave all was still. There were only the sounds of heavy breathing, and racing hearts.

Rin wrapped her arms around her protector, the being who solely brought her back into the world and cared about her. The one who always saved her.

Sesshomaru wound his single arm around his happiness, the only human who had showed him any attention and never feared him in the slightest. The one who always made him smile.

As he looked at her now, he could see the traces of the little girl he had once cared for. Her sparkling almond eyes and carefree smile reminded him of days past. Her body though, was completely woman, and as Sesshomaru honoured it, he realised something.

"Perhaps your youth being stolen wasn't such a bad thing," Sesshomaru commented, brushing Rin's hair out of her eyes. Rin raised herself up on her elbows, so her chest was pressing against the inu youkai.

"What are you saying?" she asked smirking, running a finger down his side,

"You've still to do that!"


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