Title: This Side

Pairing: Gríma/Éowyn

Summary: A series of short fics based on Nickel Creek songs. Trust me, it's a good combination.

Rating: PG, until my hormones dictate otherwise.

Warnings: Gríma/Éowyn. Don't like, don't read. All songs copyright Nickel Creek - not mine.

- - - - - - - - -

I've been thinking long and hard about the things you said to me

Like a bitter stranger

Now I see the long, the short, the middle, and what's in between

I could spit on a stranger…

They didn't know each other, really, when either of them stopped to reflect on it. She only saw him, watching her, whispering to her Uncle, whispering - something. Something she didn't understand, or know. And he saw only her, her beauty, her adeptness with a sword, her cold pride and dignity, her sorrow and despair, and loved her for it - loved the living manifestation of everything he was not.

She spoke to him only when it was absolutely necessary, and then with as much venom as she could manage. He responded in kind, but his venom was different. His venom was seductive, warm and tempting, where hers was cold, cruel, sharp and fast. Both of them deadly, naturally. Venom was created to poison, to destroy, and thus it worked its slow death on both of them as time passed in the Golden Hall.

They behaved as if they knew each other intimately, and maybe they did, somewhere in the twisting corridors of their hearts; maybe words were unnecessary between them. Perhaps they simply knew. But that was doubtful. It was the unknown that made her fear him; it was the unknown that made him love her. If they became too familiar with one another, whatever was between them might melt away and disappear, and both of them feared that more than anything.

And thus they remained, simply, two bitter strangers.