Seven Wonders

When shadows fall, he'll close his eyes to hear the clocks unwind

Powerless to leash the hands of time

Kingdoms fall, the earth revolves, the rain will come this spring;

And nothing he could say would change a thing…

Sometimes Éowyn suspects that Gríma did not begin as a man of wickedness.

Sometimes, Éowyn feels that she and he are not so different; that both feel the frustrations of time and human limitation wearing away at their already-fragile hopes and dreams. Both are powerless to stop the forces that carry them in some way, and both would do anything to gain that power that had been denied them.

Gríma lacked the power to control his body. From the day he was born he had been unhealthy and weak, and that lack of physical stamina had taken its toll. Unable to participate in any of Rohan's usual activities, he was abandoned by his peers and family and left to grow on his own. His intelligence more than made up for what he lacked physically, but intelligence was not a thing valued by the people he was born to. His mind had failed to impress the woman he sought as his bride; and he sought now to achieve that love he had long been lacking.

Éowyn lacked the power to protect and defend the land she held dearest to her heart. She was as passionate as any of the Riders were for Rohan, and yet, because of her sex, she could never give her life and shed her blood for it. It was not only this, but the way in which she could do nothing but bow to the wishes of the men whom she was forced to serve. She would be wed, and she would bear many children, and then she would die. Such a life held no satisfaction for Éowyn, and she battled it tooth and claw.

And both of them, powerless in their own way, had determined that they would be powerless no longer.