I can't let you go no

And I don't wanna know the reason why

I can't stay forever like this

Now I'm climbing the walls 'cause I miss you


Climbing The Walls


Chapter Three


Hermione smiled secretively to herself and watched Draco as he slept. He had long, dark lashes that stood out against the pale skin of his face, and he looked so peaceful. She had pushed his feathery hair away from his face to look at him better and found that she was more in love with him now than ever.

He looked so young and peaceful with no worries at all. Though his features were still pointy and thin, it wasn't ruined by the scowl or the sneer that had been his best friend's in school, aside from Crabbe and Goyle, that is.

She couldn't believe that they were getting married. She would have wanted to get married in white, and Draco had told her that she still could, that no one had to know that Hogwarts' golden girl was no longer untouched.

But it wouldn't be honest. Draco's argument was that she was marrying the first man she had ever been with intimately, so she could wear white if she wanted.

Hermione sat up and ran a hand over his fingers. Those hands had felt so heavenly traveling over her body. She had never thought that being with a man could have been so amazing. Maybe it was just that she was so in love with Draco that she blew everything out of proportion, but she really doubted it, he was just that incredible.

The truth about her relationship with Blaise Zabini was that she had never once let him touch her that way. Draco had thought that he had, but nothing had ever happened.

Zabini just so happened to be her shrink. Yes, shrink.

He was one of the first ever wizards with actual certification as a psychologist and who worked with wizards and witches. Had it not been for Blaise, Hermione feared that she would have been a full blown alcoholic. He had always been there to help her vent out her sadness and frustration and had even been a good friend when he had agreed to see her at her home.

She wondered what Blaise what make of her mind now that she was engaged and in love with her childhood tormentor. Hermione giggled slightly and slapped a hand over her mouth when Draco shifted slightly in his sleep and reached for her. She smiled when his arm curled around her waist and he went back to deep slumber.

Hermione's head snapped up when she heard noises in the living room. Mortification filled her when she heard the familiar voices of……

She shrieked like a banshee when the door opened and she had barely enough time to pull up the sheet over her nude upper body.

At her scream, Draco's eyes snapped open and he jumped off, nearly falling off of the bed in the process when the sheets tangled around his legs. "What? What's wrong?" he asked her.

Hermione's eyes were riveted to the door where Harry and Ron stood just inside the room. Their eyes were wide and horrified as they took in the both of them, half nude, and in bed.

"Ron," Hermione started when he took a step forward.

"Hermione…… Malfoy—ugh, ugh," he choked. Ron looked sick.

"Want to tell us what's going on? We came to ask you about this," said Harry as he handed Hermione three different magazines, two newspapers, and other tabloids. The heading on the main one was:

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Secretly Elope In Hawaii!

"Where did the media get this kind of rubbish from?" Ron snapped. "Or is it not rubbish? From what I am seeing, I don't know what to think."

"Ron, I—I, er," Hermione was at a loss on what to say. On one hand, if she lied to Harry and Ron, they would never forgive her. But on the other, if she told them that she and Draco weren't married yet, they would go ballistic, especially because of the current state of undress she and Draco were in at the moment.

"We're engaged," said Draco dryly. "That's all you need to know!"

Hermione saw Ron's reaction before anyone else, and she just tugged the sheet around her and jumped up to stand in front of Draco for two reasons. A, she wanted to protect him from Ron—and he wouldn't attack while she was in the way—and B, Draco was stark naked.

Harry was holding onto Ron as he struggled to get free. "I warned you about taking advantage of her!" the red-head yelled. "You took advantage of her depression, you sneaky bastard! We trusted you to keep her safe!"

"But he did keep me safe! He saved me from myself and from… from Viktor. We saw him a few days ago," she muttered.

Ron stopped struggling and Harry released him carefully. "Krum is here, on this island?" he asked in a dangerously soft voice.

All three stared at the directional change of Ronald Weasley's anger.

"I'll kill him!" Ron snarled, even angrier than before.

"Ron!" Hermione yelled, getting his attention before he attempted to go stomping after Krum. "I don't care about Krum, Draco and I are getting married!" she yelled.

Harry looked at Draco and then at her and promptly broke into a wide smile. "Are you really?" he asked.

Hermione nodded happily and Harry wrapped her in a hug. "Put me down, Harry," she said patting his shoulder.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because we're naked," Draco said coolly.

"Because I was blocking him from flashing you two," Hermione said with a laugh. Harry set her down in a second, turning away as she backed towards Draco and stood in front of him again.

"Can we at least get some clothes on before we talk?" Hermione asked meekly. Ron glared at her and at Draco before stomping out of the room while Harry shrugged and waked out after him.

Hermione turned to Draco and grinned nervously. "I feel like my parents just walked in on us," she said quietly.

Draco wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tight. "They'll understand," he murmured into her hair. "If they love you even a fraction of what you say they do, they will understand."

Hermione smiled and pressed a kiss to Draco's collarbone. "Let's take a quick shower before going into the lion's den," she said as she pulled him into the bathroom.

"How long do you think they're willing to wait?" Draco asked vevilishly.

Hermione laughed at his question and turned on the shower. "I don't know, but I reckon that our shower will have to be quick," she said before dropping the sheet.

Draco's pale eyes traveled down her body before a smirk slipped onto his lips. "Oh, I'll make it quick," he said before hauling her into the water.


Harry and Ron looked up when they both walked into the living room, hair still damp and dressed in clean clothes. Hermione was in a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt, while Draco was in a muscle shirt and loose cotton pants.

Harry stood and walked over to give her a proper hug. "Congratulations, Mione. Ron and I had a moment to talk while you, ahem, while you took a shower. I saw the look on your face when you said that you were getting married with your dear old Malfoy here, and I must admit that I haven't seen that look on your face for a long time."

"Neither have I," Ron intoned quietly.

"So you forgive me for—for that?" she asked as she waved a hand towards the bedroom.

Ron made a gagging noise. "Not unless you promise to name your first son Ronald."

It was Draco's turn to make a disgusted noise while Hermione mock-glared at him. "I think we're getting ahead of ourselves," she said with a grin, running over to wrap her arms around the volatile red-head.

"That's my stipulation, take it or leave it," Ron whispered against her shoulder as he gave her another squeeze.

"We'll think about it," Draco said, sarcasm dripping from his every word.

"So you guys are happy for me?" Hermione asked as she let go of her friend and looked at him and Harry.

"How could we not be? If Malfoy is the man who brings that smile to your face and that makes your eyes shine with happiness. All we want to know now is when the wedding is going to be," Ron said.

Hermione smiled nervously. "We're staying another week, so it'll be in about five days," she said.

"Five days?" Harry echoed.

She nodded. "That'll give us enough time to get some small details arranged. Such as where we're going to have the ceremony, who will perform it, what Draco and I will wear……"

"You're not going to invite anyone?" asked Ron.

"Well, the two most important people in my life are here, and my parents are vacationing in Greece. I don't want to interrupt their well earned vacation. Besides, it'll be a surprise for them when they come back," she said as they moved into the kitchen for coffee.

"Can I at least get Ginny to come?" Harry asked.

"And I would really like Lav to be here too," Ron put in.

"They could help you in choosing your dress," Draco said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Hermione grinned happily. "Fine, but just them. I don't want anyone else to know that we're not really married," she said as she rubbed his arms.

"Get a room," Ron said.

"We were in a room, but you two interrupted our vacation," Draco drawled.

"You know, vacation entitles more than just seeing the inside of your bedroom," Harry said with a smirk.

Hermione blushed and buried her face against Draco's chest. "How about we go out for breakfast?" she asked.

"Sounds good," Draco said as they abandoned the coffee machine after turning it off and made towards the door.

"Discovered Hermione's lack of cooking prowess have you?" Harry asked with a smirk. He dodged the hand aimed at his head.

"I discovered that two years ago, but I put up with it because she tried," Draco replied, wincing when the slap hit him in the back of the head.

"How sweet," Ron said with a laugh. "So sweet I feel like throwing up."

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione scolded. "Don't see things like that. I know that my cooking is by the far the worse, but I didn't recall yours being any better. I can't help but wonder what poor Lavender has to go through every time you cook dinner for her."

"She takes it and doesn't complain," said Ron smugly.

"At least not to you," said Hermione under her breath. Draco snickered and entwined their hands as they walked down the beach.

Things were turning out better than they had expected.


"That's too much lip-gloss," Ginny Weasley stated, swatting at Lavender Brown's hand.

"No it's not. Besides, Draco is going to eat it up anyways," she said as she recapped the little tube.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Could you two stop bickering? I need to get into my dress and we're going to be late if you add anything else to my bloody make-up."

"There's no need to be so rude about it," Lavender said with a slight sniff, throwing her long curled hair over her shoulder.

"You're right. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so nervous and I have no idea why. Draco has been so wonderful with me and I know that he wants this as much as I, but I'm just so…… jittery," Hermione said quietly.

"Hermione," Ginny started in a soft voice, "every woman gets nervous on such an important day. Even if you aren't inviting anyone to it aside from us. This day will constitute as the start of a new life for both you and Draco."

Hermione's eyes watered and both girls went into a panic. "Don't cry! You'll ruin your make-up!" Lavender squealed.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Hermione said urgently, fanning at her eyes as Ginny dabbed them gently with a tissue. "Are we safe?" asked Hermione.

Ginny nodded and all three burst out laughing. "Come on, let's get you into that beautiful dress," Ginny said as they began to carefully take out the dress from its coverings.


"You're not nervous at all?"

Draco raised his gray eyes and glanced at Weasel and Potty. "Should I be?"

Harry shrugged. "I know I would be. But maybe that's just me."

"You're kidding. You, who faced off with the great Lord Voldy-snort, would be afraid to walk down the isle with the girl Weasley?" Draco asked with a smirk.

"She has a name, you know," Harry said peevishly.

"Yes, I know," said Draco coolly. "But you would do it, wouldn't you?"

"Hey, if Ron did it Lavender, why wouldn't I be able to?" asked Harry.

"If I remember correctly, Weasley there nearly fainted before walking down the isle towards his bride. And before that, he was hyperventilating in the back room as we waited for him to walk to his doom," Draco said with a loud snigger.

Ron turned red in embarrassment when he remembered that. "But I did it because I loved and still love Lavender."

"There's your answer, Potter," said Draco carelessly, getting up to pull on his crisp, cream colored, new dress shirt over the muscle shirt her had been lounging in. He wouldn't wear a traditional tux for three reasons.

One, the weather was too bloody hot.

Two, he wanted to go for something that wasn't a clichéd black and white suit.

Three, nothing about his relationship with Hermione was conventional. They were eloping with only four friends there and a Hawaiian ministry official who would be performing the ceremony.

He smirked to himself as he turned his back to the other men and tucked his shirt into his pants of the same cream color. The entire suit was of that color, so he'd have to watch out and take care of it more than his usual clothing. The shirt would remain with the first three buttons undone, and he would wear a pair of suspenders more for show than for needing them, with a matching suit coat above. Even his shoes matched him.

"We should go. Lav told me that they weren't coming out until we're gone," said Ron as he stood too and pulled on a black vest over his white dress shirt.

"You have the rings?" Draco asked Potter.

He patted his pocket and nodded. "Right here," he said as he pulled on a navy blue coat over his white dress shirt, no tie and the first few buttons undone too.

"All right, let's go," Draco said as they apparated to the place where the ceremony would be held.


"We're not late, are we?" Hermione asked as she, Lavender, and Ginny walked through the gardens and gardens of beautiful and wild flowers.

"This place is beautiful," Ginny said in awe.

"Draco and I chose it a few days ago," Hermione said with a smile. "I loved it here and he told me that I could want whatever I wanted."

"How lovely," Lavender crooned. "The view is spectacular," she said as they walked towards a vast cliff that overlooked the beach from high above.

Hermione stopped when she spotted Draco standing there, waiting for her. He looked so handsome in his suit and wind ruffled hair. He spotted her too and stared, his mouth opening slightly.

"Close your mouth, Malfoy. I've heard that the flies on this island are way bigger than any others," said Ron with a chuckle.

But Draco ignored him. His attention was all on Hermione as she approached, clad in a beautiful dress the color of his suit. The material was silky and see through, but not indecent since it was made up of many layers.

The skirt hugged her hips and flared out around her like a bell, the top of it wrapped around her chest and back, literally, tying off behind her neck like a halter top and trailing behind her in long strands. The cut and wrap of the dress also left a considerable amount of her waist bare. Her hair was in fat curls piled atop her head and tumbling over a crown of red tropical flowers, and her make-up had been made to soften her face more and add emphasis on her honey colored eyes.

She stopped in front of him and smiled shyly. "I'm not late, am I?" she asked softly.

"No," said Draco. "Even if you had been, you were worth waiting for," he said quietly.

Hermione had a faint notion that he wasn't really referring to the wait now, but the wait of her finally seeing him as a man and not a friend. She smiled and leaned up to press a kiss to his lips.

"Shall we begin?" the official asked with a smile.

Draco nodded and took Hermione's hand in his, pressing a kiss to her knuckles when she squeezed his hand. "We're ready," he said, feeling jittery flutters in his stomach at the prospect of Hermione being his wife.

"We are gathered her today in a small group of friends and loved ones to witness these two souls joining together in matrimony, magic, and life."

Through most of the ceremony, Hermione's attention was all on Draco, even as they said their vows, she tried desperately to hear past the roaring of her heart over the fact that she was marrying Draco and had never felt happier in her entire life.

"Please take this ring as a sign of my love and devotion to you, and only you," he said. "It took me such a long time to see you. But it only took me a short while after that to fall in love with you," he said as he slipped onto her finger a silver band with a single diamond put into it.

Hermione felt her eyes tear up and forced them down as she spoke her words to him, taking the matching, masculine ring for him. "Please take this ring as my proof of love and complete fidelity to you. You who brought a smile back to my life, who made me feel better when I was down. You who kept your feelings a secret out of consideration for me. I knew that there was good in you, and you had only to show it a little to prove that I was right and that there was a man there worth loving. I love you, too. Thank you for loving me the way that you do," she said, choking on a sob, slipping the ring onto his finger.

"By the power handed to my from the ministry of magic, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the official said as he tapped their rings with his wand and sealed their marriage with an unbreakable charm. It was what they had chosen to do. "You may kiss your bride," he said with a smile.

Hermione looked at her friends and then turned to Draco with a nervous grin. He merely smirked and leaned down to capture her lips in a kiss that was more about letting her feel his feelings, than for show.

He pulled away and his eyes were shinning with unfathomable happiness.

"I'll love you for the rest of my life," he murmured.

"That's good," she stated with a nervous giggled. "But now you're going to have to put up with my incessant nagging about keeping the flat clean."

"I do that already," Draco said with a grin.

Hermione laughed and they turned to thank the official before he left. Then they walked towards their friends who were cheering.

"That was beautiful!" Lavender sobbed as she hugged Hermione tightly.

"Congratulations," Ginny said right after.

Then Ron and Harry engulfed her into a three-way hug. "Congratulations, Mione. We hope only the best for you," Ron said.

"But if he ever makes you cry, just call us and we'll be there to smash his face in," Harry said with a laugh.

"Thanks, both of you. I know that marriage will in no means be easy, but I just know that he'll make me happy with every ounce of his energy," she said as she looked at Draco.

He smiled indulgently and pulled her into his arms for another kiss.

"Now that we're all gathered for such a happy celebration," Harry started, turning to Ginny. "There's something that I want to ask Ginny."

"Do you think she'll say yes?" Draco murmured into Hermione's ear softly.

"Of course she will. She's been in love with him for ages," she said as she leaned back against his chest, watching with a giddy smile as Harry took Ginny's hand and got down on one knee.

"It took them as long as us to get to this point," Draco said before pressing a kiss to her neck.

Hermione nodded and sighed. "But wasn't it really worth it?"

"More than worth it," Draco replied.


Did you guys enjoy that? I really enjoyed how I left off the last chapter, but this was so worth it. The whole fluffy thing just made me happy. I hope everyone enjoys it and I'll see you soon with the rest of the fics!