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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

"Come on guys, you are almost at the Tower, just take out the two Megatanks and your home free," Jeremy said to his team as they are ridding their vehicles across the Desert Region.

"That's it, no problem Einstein," Odd replied as the two Tanks position themselves to fire at the team.

"Bombs away!" Odd cried out as he released the missile from the bottom of his Overboard and destroyed the two Tanks. "You're right Ulrich, these upgrades rock."

"Now get Aelita to the Tower and we're done."

Then Odd with Aelita riding with him was dropped off by the Tower as the rest of the group hive five each other. "Lyoko Tournament, here we come again."

Aelita reached the platform and deactivated the Tower as the large screen said Winner! Team Kiwi!

"What a great year these Lyoko matches have been so far, but only team from this area can go to the Lyoko World Championship. And that team is last year's champions, Team Kiwi!"

The crowd cheers while holding up signs saying Another Year, or You rule Team Kiwi!

The team walked up and bowed to the audience as the Announcer walked up to them. "This is your second year heading to the Tournament, how do you guys think you will do this year?"

Ulrich grinned as he answered. "We will win, just like last year!"

Now in the After Party at Yumi's house, the group is toasting to their victory while resting on the couch. "I can't believe how fast this year has already gone by, we are once again in the Lyoko Tournament," Ulrich said as he has his arm around his girlfriend.

"Yeah, hopefully we don't need to deal with a world threatening virus this time, what did you hear about that Aelita?" Yumi asked.

"Don't worry, my dad and Uncle Anax have gotten rid of any trace of that Virus. It is one-hundred percent safe," the pink hair girl replied as she moved closer to her boyfriend.

"That's good to hear," Jeremy said.

"It has been fun being your standby guys," Sissy said as she took a sip of her soda. "But will I actually play during the Tournament?"

"Who knows Sissy, that is what being a standby means," Jeremy replied. "You have done very well during this past year, maybe there will be a time you will play but I'm not sure."

"It's ok, I just wanted to know."

"Oh Ulrich, I love you so much," Hiroki mocked as he saw how close Yumi and Ulrich was.

"Hiroki! What did mom tell you about bothering me when I'm with Ulrich?" Yumi yelled as Ulrich signaled her to calm down.

"Hiroki, what did I tell you about bugging your sister," Ulrich asked in a calm voice as he frowned.

"You will stop teaching me how to use a sword and I won't become a Lyoko Champion like yourself."

Ulrich placed his hand on the kids head and rubbed it. "That's good, now go play."

He walked off as Yumi hugged her boyfriend. "I'm glad you can talk to my little brother, he never listens to me."

"It must be a guy thing," Odd replied as Yumi grinned.

"So you wouldn't know anything about that, huh Oddlina?"

The team laughed as he made a sour face. "Are you guys ever going to drop that?"

"I hope not," Sam replied as she stood behind him. "Because you will always know not to date other girls while you are with me."

"You know I already learned my lesson, I am a one girl guy now."

She then gently put her arms around his neck and softly hugged him. "And I hope it stays that way."

"Quiet guys," Jeremy said as he turned up the Volume on the TV. "They are announcing what is going to happen in the Lyoko Tournament."

The party became quiet to hear the News Report. "And now to talk about the upcoming Lyoko Tournament, the Location the Tournament will be held at is Tokyo, Japan."

"Are these kids lucky or what, all of them getting a free trip and hotel rooms to this Exotic land for playing this amazing game."

"Yes, now for the list of the Five Top Teams that will be attending this Great game."

"Obviously, last years Champions Team Kiwi is on this list," one of the two News Casters said as everyone at the party cheered.

"That team was an inspiration to us all, going from Underdog all the way to Champions in just their first year of playing this game. But will they be able to keep that title with the rest of the impressive competition that will be playing this game?"

"We will just have to find out, but let's read off the rest of that list. And also to no surprise, Team Project is also heading to the Lyoko Tournament."

"Remember that scare about a year ago of that school disbanding their Lyoko team."

"Who could forget, but the School Council went against the suggestion and now we have one of the best teams ever to be seen coming and great matches are known to come from it."

"Good to hear, but what isn't good to hear is that the darkest team is coming back to the Tournament spotlight."

"You don't mean Team Sin?"

"The one and only, who knows what is going to come from this dark team."

"Then let's get off the thought of that team and look at the other teams."

"Yes and one of the new teams, isn't that new to the Lyoko World as Team Mew once again is in the Tournament."

"You mean the team made up of all girls?"

"That is them, last year Team Shadow took their place but they have come back to get the Trophy they want."

"Now the last team, but certainly not the least, a team completely new to the Tournament spotlight. Team Extra."

"Well they are the new Underdogs of the Lyoko Tournament, maybe they will pull off what Team Kiwi did in last years Tournament."

"Only time, and a Tournament you would be crazy to miss, will tell. So tell your friends about what they are going to miss if they pass this up."

"Well that is all we have for tonight for the news, two weeks from now the Lyoko Tournament Opening will start so start getting ready teams."

To Be Continued

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