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Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Annabel Stephanie Lauren Marie Sue sat in front of her full length mirror, running her hand through her perfect golden tresses. Her pure Azure blue eyes gazed at herself appraisingly.

She picked up her hot pink cell phone, clicked the speed dial, and put it up to her small ear.

"Well?" she asked, her voice silky soft, like Japanese silk, and sweet like bee's honey. "Are you-," but she was cut off in mid sentence by a soft tap at the door.

Clicking the hot pink phone closed with an annoyed snap, she got up and answered the door.

Two huge bodyguards came in followed shortly by a girl with short brown hair in a black tee-shirt that had the logo, 'Big&Rich', and her baggy cargo camouflage pants. She gave Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Annabel Stephanie Lauren Marie Sue an evil smile, as she took in the room and began playing with her retainer.

She carelessly flapped a newspaper in Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Annabel Stephanie Lauren Marie Sue's face.

Mary Elizabeth…ok, how about Mary Sue. Mary Sue took the newspaper gingerly, as if it had germs and looked at the circled ad.

It read, 'Sue's for Hire.'

"You for hire?" asked the strange girl.

Mary Sue thought for a moment. "Well, that depends on how long the job is, and who the job is."

The girl gave a sinister smile that could have chilled a bon fire. "Will Legolas Greenleaf do?"

"You have my full attention."

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