A/N: This story takes place in the year 2010. And I got the title from one of my favorite Papa Roach songs. Hope everyone enjoys this. Oh and please review. 

Rory had been living in California for the past three years becoming the author she had always dreamed of being and while she did visit her mom and Luke on the holidays and called every chance she got, it still wasn't enough. Being that she had proved herself to her publishing company with her last best selling novel, they decided to allow and pay for her to move back home for inspiration for her next novel.

Rory arrived home early and decided to rent a car at the airport so she could drive herself home and surprise everyone. Even though they knew she was coming they didn't expect her until later that night. Pulling into the driveway she noticed her mom's car was gone. Her surprise was ruined but she couldn't be upset she didn't tell them she would be there early. She unpacked her car and put all of her stuff into her old bedroom. As she realized her mom was probably still busy at work, she decided to walk to Luke's to visit and of course for the coffee.

"Hey Luke." Rory said smiling walking into the diner.

"Rory, what are you doing here so early? Your mom and I weren't expecting you until seven."

"I took an earlier flight; I couldn't wait to get home."

"Well it's good to see you kid. Come on sit down. You hungry, whatever you want is yours. I'm going to call your mom and tell her you are here."

"Thanks Luke." Rory sat down at the far end of the counter and pulled out a menu. Already knowing exactly what she wanted, it still just felt right to look at the menu.

"Your mom will be here in fifteen minutes, she asked me to remind you how much of a horrible daughter you were for not telling her about this. So you ready to order?" He asked as he poured her a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, I'm actually in the mood for pancakes."

"But breakfast is over."

"You said I could have anything I wanted."

"I did say that didn't I?"

"Yes you did."

"Alright, pancakes coming right up."

"Hey Luke, if she can order breakfast. Does that mean that all of us can order breakfast? Because I would really like some eggs." Kirk said from the corner table.

"No Kirk, Rory is an exception. You are here three times a day; she hasn't been here in months."

"More the reason why you should give me eggs. I'm a regular, she isn't."

"Kirk, just to avoid any further conversation with you, I'm going to make you some eggs."

"Thanks Luke." Kirk smiled happily feeling victorious.

Luke yelled back the orders to Caesar and came back to the counter to help another customer. Rory found that mornings paper lying on the counter and began to read, blocking everything else around her out. The bell above the door rang signaling another customer coming inside but she didn't bother to look up to see who it was.

Dean and Gavin approached the counter on the opposite side of where Rory was sitting. Gavin not being quite tall enough to pull himself up on the barstool, Dean helped him up.

"Hey guys, what can I get you today Gavin?" Luke asked happily and very unusual.

"I want a cheeseburger and some milk. Grandma says if I drink lots of milk I can grow as tall as daddy."

"Well that's true, but as determined as you are I bet you will outgrow your dad. How about you Dean, you want the same thing?"

"I'll just take the burger, I'm tall enough. And could you make that to go, we have to get on the road or else were going to be late for our tour."

Rory heard an all too familiar voice causing her to look up from her paper, she continued to listen trying not to get noticed.

"Sure, no problem. So where are the two of you headed today?"

"I'm taking Gavin to a museum in New York, a dinosaur museum." Dean said in a scary kid voice.

"I'm not scared you know, I love dinosaurs. I want to be an arc arciolly well whatever the world is. I want to dig up dinosaur bones."

"Archeologists." Dean said correcting his son.

The bell from the kitchen rang and Caesar announced that Rory's pancakes were up, instantly causing the two of them to look in each other's direction. Luke sat the pancakes down in front of Rory and continued to help another guest.

"Hey Rory, so you're home." Dean said trying to be friendly.

"Yeah, I just got here about half an hour ago actually."

"Gosh, it's been a really long time since I've seen you, what is it? Five years?"

"Yeah, it's been a while. So how have you been? I see you've kept busy." Rory said pointing in Gavin's direction.

"Oh yeah, Gavin come over here. I want you to meet a good friend of mine."

Gavin walked over to where his dad was standing and smiled at Rory.

"Hello, my name is Gavin Forester. What's yours?"

"I'm Rory Gilmore; it's nice to meet you Gavin."

"Do you know Lorelai? Whenever she is mad at Luke she tells everyone her last name is Gilmore too."

Dean and Rory both began to laugh.

"Yeah actually Lorelai is my mom."

"You're pretty, just like her. So is Luke your dad?"

"Not exactly, but I think of him as my dad. You know what I mean?"

"Yes, I do the same thing with Grandma since I don't have a mommy."

Rory looked back at Dean making sure she had heard him correctly and judging by the expression on his face, she had.

"Hey Gavin, why don't you go ahead and start drinking your milk. I'm going to talk to Rory for a second before we leave."

"Okay daddy."

They both watched Gavin walk back to his seat, this time Luke had been around the counter and helped him up.

"He's really great Dean."

"Yeah, he's a really smart kid. Lorelai said he acts just like you did when you were younger. Which I took as a compliment, by the way."

"How old is he?"

"He turns five on May 17."

"Just a few more weeks."


"Well after doing the math in my head I've come to the conclusion that he is Lindsay's. I mean five years ago, it was either me or her and it definitely wasn't me." Rory kind of whispered, not sure if everyone knew details.

"Yeah, Lindsay is his mother. Your mom never mentioned any of this to you? I figured you would have known about all of this by now."

"No, she never said anything."

"So, she was pregnant when you left?"

"Yeah, she was." Dean said drawing in a huge breath. "We should really get going; I think we'll still be late at this point. But hey if you're going to be in town for a few days maybe we could have dinner one night."

"Yeah, I actually moved back here for good, hopefully. So I will definitely be around."

"Alright, well then we will see you around then." Dean went back to the counter where his son was sitting and gathered their lunches.

"Bye, Rory." Gavin said smiling as they went out the door.

"Bye Gavin, have fun with the dinosaurs."

Dean and Gavin left and Lorelai arrived at the diner minutes later.

"Rory! Why are you here so early?" Lorelai shouted from the door.

"I decided to take an earlier flight. I was missing the coffee." She said holding up her mug.

"I can't believe you didn't call to tell me so I could have been prepared. We were going to have a surprise party for you."

"Well I guess that we are even now then. And don't worry I was plenty surprised."

"What are you talking about?"

"I ran into Dean AND Gavin."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't want to be the one to tell you about that. I figured since you were living in California, it didn't matter anyway."

"What's the big deal; I mean Dean has a kid."

"Yes he does. So did you talk to Dean about everything?"

"Briefly, he and Gavin were in a hurry to go to the museum."

"So Dean didn't tell you what really happened?"

"We talked for a total of two minutes. If there is something you should tell me then just say it, stop being so cryptic."

"Dean didn't even know that Gavin exists until he was two. Lindsay kept him from Dean because he choose you over her."

Rory turned a pale white and began to feel like the meanest person alive.

"So Gavin didn't have a father until he was two because of me? Why would Lindsay keep this from him? I would have made him go back if I had known there was a child involved."

"Rory, stop it. None of that was your fault. Lindsay was just being selfish. If it hadn't of been for the accident, he still wouldn't know about Gavin."

"What accident?"