Beautiful Innocence

By: chocolate rules

A/N: Okay, let me try and explain this one... It's not a one shot. And it's kind of the sequel to COMING FOR YOU, but it's also after SAFTY IN YOUR ARMS. You don't need to of read them to understand this. At least not yet. This kind of stands alone as of now, but refrences to COMING FOR YOU will be made later. As for SAFTY, it's just set during the same time period.

Dean's 17 and Sammy's 12. Call it Feb. :)

Chapter 1: A Candace of Truth

He couldn't take it anymore. He was sure he was going to blow. He shouldn't have to take it. No one else had to. Everyone else could be, what was it Sam liked to call it, normal. He wasn't normal. He was a freak. That didn't bother him. Nothing really bothered him. But then it seemed like everything did.

He hated the hunting almost as much as Sammy. Not for the same reasons, but with the same amount of hate. He hated what the hunt had done to his father, to his family. He hated how his world had been changed so abruptly. Hated how wrong everything was turning out. He didn't know how to calm his worry and troubles and he worried that if he didn't then there'd be some bad consequences. Things could go wrong. And when things went wrong, Sammy usually ended up hurt.

Dean lied awake in his bed. He was thinking about so many things and he hated that, the thinking. It wasn't healthy for him. It was three in the morning and he could hear all the movements in the house. The winds outside, the fridge, his father's light snoring from the couch in the living room, Sammy's soft crying, the cat in the alleyway….

Dean sat up and looked around his darkened room as if it'd give him any answers. Sammy's soft crying? Why was Sammy crying? And why was he still sitting there asking himself that? He got up from the bed and headed to the other bedroom.

Their current residence only had two bedrooms. Usually, that meant Dean and Sam shared a room while John got the other. However, to both of the brother's surprise, John had announced that they would each get a room. That he would rarely be spending any time there and that they each needed to grow as individuals. Especially Sam.

Dean looked over into the living room and assured himself his father really was asleep before entering Sam's room. It was practically pitch black, something terribly uncommon in Sammy's room. There was, however, a small residue of light coming from under the covers. Dean walked towards the bed and pulled the covers back slowly.

Sam sat in the middle of his bed, head resting on his knees and arms wrapped around him. He sat in his pajama bottoms and a tank top. He shivered at the new impact of the cold air around him.

Dean sat beside his brother. Sam finally acknowledged his presence by looking up at him through the tear filled eyes.

"What's the matter, Sam?" Sam shook his head. "You can tell me, Sammy. "Whatever it is." Again, Sam shook his head no. Dean would've rolled his eyes, had he not been so worried at the moment. Sam again dropped his head to his arms. He continued to sob, trying to not make it known to the elder.

Dean edged closer and, clasping both hands on either side of his head, brought Sam to face him again.

"What's the matter, Sam?" he asked again. This Time there was a firmer tone to his question. "Answer me, Sam." Dean tried to order, but it came out as a soft request.

"It's… it's nothing, Dean. Honest." Sam tried to say truthfully through his tears.

"Now, don't start lying to me. You know you won't be able to pull it off." Sam looked down, but once again Dean forced him to look at him by taking his chin and bringing it up. "Let's try this again."

"I was just scared, that's all." Dean nodded, patting Sam's head softly as his other hand kept Sam looking at him.

"About?" Sam shrugged. "Sam! Just tell me."

"You'll think I'm a baby."

"I already do. And you are." Dean said, releasing Sam's chin and grabbing hold of both of Sam's arms. Sam looked a little hurt, so Dean quickly added, "Well, you're always going to be the baby. Unless you know of some magical potion out there that can make you older than me, you're going to have to learn to deal with that."

"But, you're going to think that I'm a real baby. It's stupid, Dean. I was just a little scared. And I'm better now." Sam said, trying to play it all of with a smile. It was a calming smile, a rare charmer, but Dean knew better than to trust the twelve year-old's features. Sam was only 'better' now, because Dean had arrived and they both knew it.

"Sure you are." Dean said, sarcastically. "So, I guess I can just, get back to my room, close my door, and reenter that blissful land of sleep?"

"Yeah." Sam tried to say convincingly. However, the crack in his voice said another tale.

"What's so bad that you can't tell me?" Sam looked like he was about to play it off again. But, when he looked at Dean, he knew that his brother wouldn't really judge him and that if he did, he wouldn't mean it. Dean would make it all better, one way or another.

"It's not like a monster, or anything." Sam said. He wanted to make clear that not only was this something Dean couldn't go out there and kill, it was also something that Sam knew couldn't hurt him. Or rather kill him.

"It's okay to have normal nightmares, Sam." Dean said, surprisingly sweetly. Sam nodded and continued.

"These kids, in school, they said that cause I didn't have a mom, I was condemned to hell. I told them that wasn't how it worked, but then this one kid, Josh, his father's a priest. And Josh said that that is how it works. He said that I was going to hell because I had no mother to teach me right from wrong. But then, you and Dad did teach me right from wrong. And Dad said that only demons and such go to hell." Sam let out a small whimper.

"Dad's right, Sam. You're not going to hell. You know the kind of things that go to hell better than anyone there…"

"But," interrupted Sam. "Josh's father is a Reverend, Dean! He knows!"

"Josh knows nothing! And I doubt Josh's father would want him spreading that kind of bullshit around." Dean said quickly. "I know what kind of person you are, Sammy. You're not the type that goes to hell…"

"But, I'm trained to KILL, Dean! Killers go to hell!…"

"Sam! You're not listening!" Dean said a little loudly. Then, remembering that his father was sleeping in the living room, he continued to whisper. "You don't kill Sammy, we hunt. And we hunt things that are hurting others. We help. We're like…"

"Evil Bitch Hunters?" offered Sam, remembering the phrase his brother had previously used earlier that morning. Dean shot him a look that said 'You know you shouldn't be talking like that', but he didn't reprimand him.

"We're the good guys, Sammy."

"The good guys?" Sam repeated. He rolled his eyes, with a smile. He took his flashlight and shined it at Dean. "The good guys, eh. Where are our costumes?" Dean laughed, as he brought a hand up to block the light.

"I said the good guys, Sammy, not Superheroes!" Sam placed the flashlight down with a pout.

"I wanna be a Superhero." It was Dean's turned to shake his head.

"What are you now, like five?"

"Hey! You're that one who said I was the baby!" Sam said defending himself.

"Yeah, yeah you are!" Dean said. Then, he reached over and started tickling the little boy. "And don't you ever forget it!"

Sam was trying to roll away from the persistent hands, but he seemed to roll into them. After about a minute, Dean stopped tickling him and Sam started to breathe again. Dean pulled the boy into a sitting position.

"So, you okay?" Sam nodded the smile still on his face. "You're sure?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." then, with a shrug he added, "It was stupid anyway."

"No, it wasn't stupid. They were taunting you. You let them get in your head, but its okay. Now, you can go and tell them that they were wrong and if they bother you again, especially that Josh kid, just come and tell me. Okay?"

"I can fight my own battles, Dean." Sam said trying to convey a look of power and maturity. The look, however, was lost on his brother.

"I'll believe that, when I see it. Until then, everyone's gonna have to answer to me, first. Got it?"

"Yeah. I got it. You just want to show off to some girls. Defending little brothers from their school bullies, must get on great with the ladies." Sam said slyly. Dean reached out and bobbed him on the head.

"Not as well as sticking up for your baby brother does, I assure you." then, he arose from the bed and headed to Sam's nightlight, flicked it on. "Now get some sleep. A little kid your age shouldn't be up this late."

"Screw you." said Sam as he pulled the covers once again over him.

"And that's not the kind of language proper for a little kid." Dean said pointing his finger at him.

"Bug off," Sam said rolling his eyes. Dean walked over to him and tucked him in.

"A little kid like you should get plenty of sleep. He should stop worrying so much. As long as I'm around, nothing can touch you. Not that Josh kid, not any monster, not hell itself."

"Nothing?" Sam asked, voice already settling in once again for sleep.

"Nothing!" Dean silently assured him. Then he leaned down and kissed his forehead lightly. "Night kiddo."

"Night, Dean." Sam replied as his flashlight was tugged out of his hand.

Dean turned off the flashlight and set it on the nightstand beside the bed. Then he headed out the room, leaving the door slightly open. He started to walk back to his room when he heard his father speak behind him.

"He okay?" John asked from the bathroom doorway. Dean turned around, surprisingly startled.

"Yeah, he's fine now." Dean said he stepped closer to his father and noticed how the man appeared to be readying to leave. 'You leaving already?' Dean wondered. "New gig," he asked. John nodded, applying aftershave.

"Yeah, got a call a minute ago."

"Where now?"

"In Nebraska."

"Nebraska? Dad that's like a four hour drive!" John nodded, ignoring the worry in his teen's voice. He walked in to the living room, closely followed by Dean.

"I know that. And the sooner I get there, the less people will die." he said, gathering his things. "Take care of yourselves."

"At least go and say goodbye to him." John heard Dean say from behind him as he reached the front door.

"Dean, I don't have the time. Just tell him good bye for me."

"Dad, you told him you'd at least say goodbye the next time. Well…"

"I don't have the time, Dean!" John said opening the door. "And I can't waste it talking with you either. Now, you know the drill. Lock the door and I want you both home right after school. Keep safe. Bye." And with that, Dean Winchester was left alone.

So? What do you think. Abviously, the boys are going to be alone. And abviously, that Josh is not getting away with bothering Sam. This story will involve both natural and supernatural angst. Or, at least that's what I'm aiming for. Any helpful hints, comments, and suggestions are welcomed.

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