Beautiful Innocence

By: chocolate rules

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Chapter 10: Not All Fun and Games

The brothers exchanged a quick glance before looking back at their father. Sam had known the second that he had set eyes on that box that something was up. Dean wasn't too happy with what that look on his father's face meant. Surely they weren't moving yet.


John pulled out his journal from inside his jacket, flipping through some pages while he addressed his sons.

"I was researching my last hunt, seeing what had gone wrong, when I came across something."

Dean raised his eyebrow. Usually, their father wouldn't worry them over things like this before he had looked into it himself. To Dean, it sounded like his dad had just happened across something and was now presenting it to them. He wondered what it could possibly be to have his father change up on his 'need to know' basis of operations.

"What, Dad?" asked Sam.

Patience was never one of Sam Winchester's greatest attributes.

John didn't respond his children until he found the page of his notes that he had been looking for. He had thought that it would be the last page he had written on, but apparently, he had written more than he had thought.

Setting the journal in front of his eldest, John allowed the boys to gather besides each other and read over the notes, wondering if they would come up with the same conclusion that he had.

Dean read both of the pages presented to him. The more that he read, the more that he was confused. It wasn't that he wasn't pretty clear on what it was that had been presented to him, it was just the opposite. Why would their father show them something so delicate?

Sammy, on the other hand, was having a harder time at trying to decipher the hieroglyphics that his Dad called writing. He could feel Dean tensing up beside him, he knew that whatever it was that was written before him was something to be bothered about. Something probably pretty damn deadly. The thought sent shivers down his spine, but he still had no idea what was going on.

John caught Sam's gaze looking up at him. The boy had that questioning look in his eyes, and John understood that his son had no idea what was presented before him. He couldn't blame the kid, sometimes it even took him a second look to understand whatever it was that was on those pages, and he had written it!

Before either could speak up, Dean baffled response interrupted their thoughts.

"Dad? Is this for real? Is this...really?"

Sam looked at his brother and back down at the notes. The worried tone that Dean was finding hard to mask really frightened him.

"Far as I can tell, son."

"What is it?"

Dean turned to his brother, ready to ask the kid if he was really that dense. How could he not possible understand the severity of what was being presented to him? Then, Dean noticed the blank, confused expression on his brother's face.

John walked over to the seat in front of the boys. He set himself down, rubbing a hand over his face.

"A few years ago, Sammy, I went after this creature. You were about seven, and I left you and your brother behind at Joshua's, so that Olivia could look after you two. Josh and me went after this thing, chased it for a whole week before it finally gave us the slip. When we were coming back home, Josh was beyond pissed that we hadn't killed the thing. He was worried over where the damn thing could have gone off to, when it would kill again. I was worried too, but not like Josh had been." John sighed, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head at the memory.

"We stopped for the night, camping out because we barely had enough money left to fill up the Impala for the trip back home. I thought that he had headed to bed at the same time that I had. But, some three hours after I'd fallen asleep, I hear some - well, I guess it was whispering. Now, mind you, only me and Josh were on the grounds, so I couldn't think of a person that he'd be taking too. Actually thought that he was praying or something. Then he started screaming, and I got out of my tent, rifle at the ready."

Dean was watching his brother as his father's story went on. He had heard it once before, when he had been twelve. He had overheard his father and Olivia talking when John had returned home from the hunt without Josh. Sam had always wondered what had caused Josh that permanent limp and probably didn't remember the men before the accident.

John sighed into his hands, he wasn't sure that he really wanted to finish the story, now that he had begun. He and Josh never talked about it; no one ever wants to remember their last hunt, or ultimate moment of stupidity. But, John knew that if what he was seeing out of the papers were right, and then he'd need someone watching his back. And if he could have both of his sons' watching out for him and each other than he was pretty certain that this certain critter wouldn't get the slip on them this time.

Or so he hoped.

"What happened?" Sam asked worriedly. It was as if the boy didn't recall that their friend was currently alive still.

Dean bit his lip, trying to think the situation through. From what he remembered, the story wasn't really pretty here on in.

"Dad? Maybe, maybe you should just stop. I, um, I don't think that Sam, uh we, we need to hear any more. We'll help out any way that we can, behind you all the way. You know that."

John nodded at his eldest, pleased to hear the immediate thought of following him in to a battle.

"Sammy, listen,"

"No, Dad. Just, he doesn't need to know about that!"

John locked eyes with Dean and shook his head.

"He should know what I'm asking of you boys. I want him aware of what's out there, son."

"What? What is it? What happened!"

John sighed, maybe growling a little bit.

"I couldn't get a clear shot. The damn thing wouldn't stop fighting with him. And to top that off, Josh is a pretty damn good fighter, and he wasn't going to give in either," John said softly, hopping to lessen the blow for the boy. "This thing, it mangled Josh's legs, Sam. Made him walk about crippled. Now, if you want to back out of this, I get that. This is some pretty intense request here now."

Sam stilled. He could feel every hair on his body stand at that. Not only was their father giving them an option, something that never happened without some sort of fight, but he was asking something that he had never asked of his youngest.

Something that the little boy had no idea would hit him so hard.

"So, you, um, you want me to hunt with you?"

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