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"Where have you been?" I asked after waiting around for another hour and a half.

I had assumed a lounging position on the couch after having failed to get back into my interactive diary (which is what I had decided to deem it) for a solid forty minutes. I hung lazily upside down on the comfy couch, my legs swinging to and fro up in the air as I gave them a monumental stretch. The satisfying popping in my spine brought a smile to my face and a low groan from my lips.

"I do believe that the real question is; what are you doing?"

"Swinging my legs. Duh." I watched as he approached the back of the couch, wisely bidding my time as the question came to a simmer within, "So, this diary is pretty interesting, wouldn't you say?" I did my best to keep my tone collected, cool and calm but even I could detect the strain in my voice. I had definitely over done it. But Black merely shrugged his shoulders and didn't bother to acknowledge my tone. Instead, his eyes gazed over my exposed midriff. "What is that suppose to mean?"

"I haven't read it," finally his eyes met mine. I grunted my disappointment and disapproval before struggling to pull myself up a bit. Black reached out and pulled me up with (what I'm sure he assumed was) a gentle tug that had me all the way on the back ledge of the couch.

"What do you mean you haven't read it?" his hands moved to rest on my still exposed skin, distracting me only slightly as the heat of his hands warmed me. "Sirius,"

He met my eyes again and I could see the amusement dancing within them.

"Dumbledore gave it to me. Said you would find it very useful and other veiled words. Was he right? Have you started it?" I pouted at his answer. This was no good. I was expecting to be able to question Black non-stop about the material in the book. Or lack thereof.

"It's definitely the most interesting book I've read," I commented with a sigh.

"Right," he replied, a low chuckle following his response. And then he gave me a kiss on the nose. A blush spread across my cheeks. The nerve of this boy!

"Stop that!" I said, still annoyed by the fact that I had to go through the process of an interactive charmed diary alone. "So where were you, what were you doing?"

"I was going around to all of your classes, asking the professors about what they'll do about the work you're missing out on. I've got a few pieces of parchment with reading assignments and papers for you to work on. They were hoping to see you back in class soon, as most of the work needs to be practiced in class but I let them know the circumstances."

"That I can't attend class because you'll go crazy with me around anybody else with a — "

A low growl erupted from his throat, cutting off my sentence. The growl cut short and I could have sworn I saw a bit of color rise to Black's cheeks, but his head ducked down to swiftly for me to truly see.

"Sorry," came his mumbled apology, "I don't mean to get so possessive and jealous but—"

"It's a common trait of unmated adult veelas who have yet to mate with their partner. The trait will most likely come to an end after the mating ritual has taken place, but there is also a chance that the level of possessiveness will increase. In those rare cases it is important a deeper form of bonding accompany a second mating ritual. I was there reading with you. I know what you're feeling, at least theoretically." he gave me a tired smile, and rubbed soothing circles onto my exposed waist.

There was a peaceful moment of silence that I allowed myself to enjoy before I caught the possession of Black's gaze.

"Don't do it," I said giving him my sternest glare and attempting to wiggle back. But his eyes remained glued to my lips, and his hands anchored themselves on my waist. Black was not to be deterred, even as my hands pushed against his chest. He must have been waiting for the moment I would turn my head away from him, anticipating a kiss, so that he could attack a far more vulnerable area on my body.

A cry of surprise burst forth from me as Black placed a wet and loud raspberry against my stomach. The sly bastard! He had taken advantage of my retreat to lift up my shirt just enough to tease me mercilessly. I wiggled and squirmed against his tight embrace, and even screamed my hatred for him as my hands beat against his shoulders. But sooner, rather than later, did he have me begging for mercy as tears fell from the corners of my eyes, my stomach aching from laughter.

"Please, please! Stop!" my voice reached an impossible decibel, but my laughter followed my pleas for compassion.

"Say I'm the handsomest man in the world! And that I have a smoking body! Say it!" he pulled me flush against him, a large smile on his face and his hair falling over his eyes.

"You have got to be the least handsome man I know. As for your smokin' body, it is rather hot, but that's a natural body temperature for a veela." My cheeky words had a different type of growl rumbling from him, but before I could decode it I became very aware of how pressed to him I was. His face leaned in slightly closer to mine, or maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Yet I couldn't ignore how our breath mingled together while our laughter lightened into an unnerving silence. The moment I felt the instinctive need to retreat was too late as hot lips branded themselves against mine.

I don't know who it was that groaned first, but the very audible sigh was released by me. At first he pursued my lips with a great amount of pressure, his body straining to pull me against his own more snugly. But just as suddenly as the passion came it went. His frenzied kisses calmed and he pulled his lips away from mine before I even had a chance to properly respond to the assault.

"I'm sorry," he said. His lips barely brushing against mine with each word. I shook my head, and then proceeded to nod.

"Um, it's fine," I responded slightly dazed.

"How about something to eat and then we get some rest. It's been a tiring day."

"All we've done is read Sirius,"

"Exactly," he said with a wink, but his tired eyes held a read a different story. Of course I knew what he hadn't meant that. Once a veela's mate was found it was imperative to consummate the relationship with a bonding ritual that leaves the veela's unique mark upon the mate's skin. The more time that passes by without consummating the relationship the more unsound the veela is more likely to become. Exhaustion being one of the many underlining symptoms of what happens as the time goes on.

We ate a small dinner before Black decided to call it a night and crawl into bed. But I wasn't tired. I opted to read by the small light emitted by the fire, while allowing the rest of the lights to be off so he might sleep easier. I had a different veela book resting on my knees, but my gaze was held by the flickering flames. In all honesty I should have been just as exhausted by the past few days events but my body just didn't want to give out.

Switching my gaze to the worn diary at my side I pondered over its origin. I had never had too much interaction with Dumbledore until recently. But from the stories I heard, no matter how strange the advice he gave, it was always served a purpose. I had a hard time doubting that the dairy wouldn't help me in some way, but I didn't know if I was patient enough to discover what secrets it held. More importantly I didn't know if Black could hold out long enough. The option to perform the bonding ritual as soon as possible wasn't exactly appealing. Call me virginal, but I just wasn't ready, and I wasn't completely sure I would even be when the time came. All I was hoping for was the diary to help ease my worry. To give me some advice, or insight; but if it was faulty what could I do? Closing the book in my lap I tossed it aside in favor of the diary. And then…nothing.

"How do you work?" I asked aloud as quietly as possible.

I flipped through the first couple of pages wordlessly. My mind begining to roam aimlessly once more as I stared into the fire but continued to flip pages. I felt the sensation in my fingertips as soon as I got to the first blank page. Quickly my eyes sought out the words that began to seep into the page. The bright flashing light merely made me blink and before I knew it I was back with Eleanor.

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