"Miss Popular thinks she's all that!" Cordelia spat. "Thinks she can flirt with my boyfriend."

"Hate to say it, Cor, but you did give her access to-" Aura reminded her.

"I didn't give her license to be a conniving bitch, did I?" She narrowed her eyes.

"Total negative feelings, Cordelia. Get rid of the venom." Aphrodisia replied.

"Venom?" Cordelia was aghast. "I see no venom here! I see truth!"

She spooned the chocolate pudding into her mouth.

"Cor." Harmony finally spoke up "Put the spoon down. Vengeful fat is nobody's friend."

"Pshaw." Cordelia dropped the cup onto the glass table and stormed out of the Bronze.

"Hey, chickas." Buffy walked up to Harmony, Cordelia, and Theresa.

"Hey, Buffy." Cordelia said, a tad snobbish.

"So, like, I was thinking we could all vacay in Los Angeles this summer. My dad's practically gone all the time, so-"

"Great idea!" Theresa squealed.

"I don't know. Daddy wants to take me and Mom to Cabo this summer. Deluxe private cabin." Cordelia bragged nonchalantly.

"Rodeo Drive." Buffy insisted.

"Exclusive beach." Cordelia became competitive.

"Hard Rock Café." Buffy crossed her arms.

A hand went on each of their shoulders.

"What's going on?" A familiar voice was concerned.

Buffy untensed and looked up. "Oh nothing." She smiled.

"Yeah, it's nothing, nothing at all." Cordelia grinned, purely saccharine.

"They were just talking about summer vacation, Angel." Harmony bit her lip.

"There was nothing wrong this morning, right?" Angel asked as they walked home together.

"No. Of course not. Me and Cordy, BFF." Buffy replied, shaking her head.

"It seemed a little tense. It would be really complicated if something-"

She put her finger to his lips "Angel, chillax, nothing is going on. Don't worry. Why should you worry?" She cocked her head with a lukewarm smile.

He brought his hand up and gently removed her finger. "You forgot."

"Yeah." Buffy looked down to her feet. "That's me: Forgetto-Loser Girl."

"You're not a loser." He replied.

"Even a loser would have a boyfriend by now." She reminded him "I mean, even Xander Harris has someone. Him and Willow. All geeky and loser-y together. It's so cute." She sighed.

"It'll happen." He looked at the sun, and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "It'll be right under your nose. And when you least expect it-"

"Jonathon?" Buffy bunched her eyebrows "Oh yeah, a match made in heaven."

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