It didn't end up working out. Buffy watched as the O'Connor parents came home and helped Angel and Connor move their stuff out. She kissed Angel's cheek and told him she'd see him the next day.

Buffy curled up on the couch and eventually went upstairs and surfed the internet. She got up and talked on the phone with Angel a little while, even though he was just next door. She sighed and worked on her homework.

It was late at night by the time she finished. While she was putting her books up, the phone rang.


"Buffy Summers?" An unfamiliar voice asked.


"Do you happen to know anything about Devon McLeish?"

"Who is this?" She panicked.

"I'm Officer Carlson from the Sunnydale Police Department. Would it be best if I came by your home to talk to you?"

"Um, sure." She bit her lip.

"We'll be there soon."

"Did you see or talk to him today?" The policeman was scribbling tiny notes on a clipboard.

"I saw him at school. He asked me for a date. I couldn't. I had tons of homework." She replied. "Why?"

"Miss, you might want to sit down." She sat down, frowning. "Mr. McLeish was found brutally murdered in an alley behind a local club. You might know it. The Bronze?"

She nodded and began to breath heavily, eyes brimming with tears. "Who found him?"

"I'm not really-"

"I'd like to know." She whispered.

He checked his notes. "Er, the records say that Harmony Kendall found him."

"That makes sense." She mumbled.



"If you know anything, Miss Summers, I'd like you to tell me about it now. Any information can make this investigation go faster."

"Um, not to be morbid or anything, but how did he die?" Her mascara was running at this point.

"I have pictures…"

"Can I, uh, see them?" She asked, her voice was monotone

He raised his eyebrows. "Sure." He took the polaroids from a folder that he had been carrying with him.

Buffy glanced at each of the photos. Devon had two punctures in his neck. The blood was surrounding his body. There was also a vial of cocaine nearby, she could tell that much. She rolled her eyes.

"Do you have any idea of anyone that might do this?"

She shook her head.

"Thanks for your time, Miss Summers. Please contact the police department if you have any more information that might be beneficial to this investigation." He went out.

Joyce ran in a moment later. "Why were the police here? God, Buffy, what have you done now?" She noticed her daughter crying into atissue. "What is it?" She whispered, now next to her.

"Devon was…He was murdered." She cried into her mother's shoulder.

"Oh, darling."

The funeral was three days later. Cordelia and Harmony stood next to Buffy as she stared at the casket hollowly. She felt devoid of emotion, she couldn't speak.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…" She could recognize the reverend's voice as he did his service.

Soon there was a line of people walking past the closed casket and crying or saying a few things. She noticed Oz, Devon's friend, say a small prayer and put a small Dingoes Ate My Baby sticker on the casket. Mrs. McLeish, gave Oz a glare of warning. He walked off.

It finally came to Buffy's turn and she put her hand on the cold wood. It seemed so wrong. He'd been so vibrant, so affectionate and enthusiastic. She'd cheated him.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered and lightly and quickly kissed the cold surface. Tears were dripping down her face. "God, I'm so sorry." She walked off, leaving everything behind.

She didn't talk to Angel for a week. She barely talked to anyone. Her eyes were puffy and she didn't get much sleep.

Cordelia had decided that she needed to leave her room. She had finally persuaded her to go to the Bronze.