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Never Alone




"Magnoball Blazer!"

An electric shock slammed into the monster they were fighting and threw it backwards. Sprx whirled around looking for one of the other Hyperforce members. His eyes landed on Gibson, who was tending to Nova. The yellow monkey had taken a few good hits.

"I'm okay", he heard her mutter as Gibson leaned over her, "Go help one of the others, go on Gibson"

Okay nothing, Sprx thought bitterly, She's too stubborn for her own good, when will she learn?

He shifted his attention back to the monster, which had turned on Chiro. "Look out kid!" he yelled to Chiro, who had his back to the creature, trying to help Antauri and Otto. They were all in pretty bad shape.

Chiro whirled around just in time to see the monster coming at him, "Chiro Spearo!" he yelled. A lighting bolt formed in his hand. He threw it at the monster and knocked it off track, giving him time to grab Antauri and Otto and run.

"How are we supposed to beat this thing?" he asked Chiro as the kid came up along side of him. The monster was about ten feet tall, and a complete shadow. They couldn't even tell if it had a face.

"Got me if I know", Chiro said, "We've got three monkies down, and we're not doing any good against it ourselves"
"So what's the bad news?"

"Great time to be telling jokes Sprx", Nova said sarcastically from behind them. Sprx couldn't help but grin.

"Come on, you know how much you love my sense of humor"
"Not nearly as much as I'd like to--"

"Save it you two!" Chiro snapped as the monster reared to attack again, "We've got bigger problems"

Sprx turned his full attention to the monster, and a split second before it attacked, he realized what it was about to do.

"Nova, Gibson, move!" Chiro shouted as the monster took aim at the two and fired what seemed to be a shadow blast at them. Gibson stumbled up and attempted to pull Nova up as well, but she was too badly hurt to do anything. Sprx, thinking quickly, jumped in front of the two and put a magnetic shield up to block the blast. It worked, but just barely. As the attack died away, the red monkey fell to his knees, exhausted.

"We can't keep this up much longer", Chiro said, "If we're going to destroy this thing, we need a way to do it now"


"If we're going to destroy this thing, we need a way to do it now"

And how exactly do we do that? Nova thought impatiently, I don't know if he's noticed, but we're being kicked around by this thing!

Her eyes wandered over her teammates, who all looked tired and beaten, and finally landed on Sprx. A not-so-calm-calm feeling came over her. She allowed herself to smile for a second at the red monkey's fierce determination, before she remembered that there was still a fight going on.

"Watch out!" she yelled as the monster attacked again. This time it aimed for Sprx, who was obviously the weakest.

"Sprx!" she yelled, "Move!"
But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He was just too weak. No… She thought desperately. Before she had time to stop to think, she gathered what remained of her own strength, and dove in front of Sprx, taking the blow head on. She flew about ten feet, and hit the ground. She heard yelling around her, but couldn't make sense of it. Finally, everything went black.

"Well Gibson?"
"For the last time stop pestering me Sprx! I have two other monkies and Chiro to take care of to you know!"
"I know, I know…"
"Instead of standing around, you could give me a hand you know"

"I could…"

"Oh forget it"
"Just tell me what you need done big brain"

Nova tried to make sense of what was going on around her, but it was all fuzzy. Jeez, did I get run over by a planetoid? She thought wearily. The thought struck her funny and her memories of the battle came back. Oh yea…I hope everyone else is okay…where am I anyways?

At least she could answer the last question. It was safe to bet she was in the Super Robot, how long she had been there for though, she wasn't completely sure of. She tried to make sense out of who she had heard talking before. It'd sounded like Gibson and Sprx. At least they were okay. What about the others though?

"Nova?" she finally managed to open her eyes and saw Sprx leaning over her, a look of concern one his face.

"What a site to see when I first wake up", she managed to say jokingly, "How long have I been out for?"
"Oh, a week or so…"
"A WEEK?.!" Nova yelled, bolting up.

"Cut it out Sprx", Gibson snapped, "She needs her rest"
"All right all right", Sprx said, "It's only been a few hours"

"Sprx you wait till I get out of here, I'm gonna--"
"Threaten him later Nova", Gibson said boredly, "Rest now"

It was only then that she noticed Otto, Antauri, and Chiro were all laying on hospital beds similar to the one she was on, "Guess we took a beating, huh?"
"We took worse than that", Sprx said, "And that…shadow thing or whatever you want to call it is still out there, that makes it worse"
"It's still out there?"
"It ran away during the fight", Sprx said with a shrug, "I dunno how it happened or why but the thing just took off. Dunno where it went, but next time we see it, we'd better be ready"

"Yea", Nova pushed herself up unsteadily to get a better look at the others. They were all worse for wear. Chiro had several bruises, and Otto and Antauri had enough dents to last a life time.

"Well aren't we a lively group, huh?"

"Yea", Sprx said with a half hearted chuckle. Nova sighed and leaned back on her own bed, eyes closed.

"Get some rest", she heard Sprx say quietly, "We can talk later"

"Huh?" Nova's eyes snapped open, "Where am I?"
She looked around, trying to make sense of where she was. But it was no good. This wasn't any place she'd ever been before.

"How in the world did I get here?"
"Nova…" Nova's head snapped around, "Nova…"
"Who's there?" she said shakily, "What's going on? I…ah, why is it so cold here?.!"
She shivered and continued to look around, completely rattled by what was happening.

"Stop that!" she yelled, "Now who are you and what do you want?.!"

"Come and see Nova", the voice said teasingly. Nova's fist tightened angrily.

"Oh I'll come and see", she said through gritted teeth, "Just as soon as I knock your lights out!"

She took off at a run towards where she thought the voice (whatever it was) was coming from. She came to a halt in a clearing, Now what?

"You mean you don't know?" the voice scoffed. It sounded familiar…

"Who are you?.!" Nova screamed, "Tell me now!"

"Better yet, why don't I show you?" Nova whirled around and a figure stepped out from behind a tree. The yellow monkey yelped in surprise and stumbled backwards, tripping over a fallen stick and hitting the ground. It was…her. Well, sort of her. It was more like a dark, evil version of her. The fur was a shade of black unlike anything Nova had ever seen. It was almost like a shadow her.

"W-What?" Nova stuttered, "What's going on? Where am I? Who are you?"

"So many questions little Nova", the doppelganger said mockingly, "I'd love to answer them all, but I only came to give you a present"

Nova shielded her eyes as a flash of light jumped up in front of her. The light died away and she was left facing a horrible sight; the Hyperforce members laying on the ground in front of her, dead.

"AH!" she stumbled backwards, screaming, "What is this?.! What's going on?"
"So sad", her evil self sad, shaking her head mockingly, "Such a shame. Five good heroes, all gone to waster like that…wait. I just remembered, I don't care"

Nova looked, dumbfounded, at the bodies of her friends laying in front of her. Her eyes fell on Sprx, and an anger she'd never felt before awoke inside her.

"You did this!" she cried, jumping up, "You…I'll make you pay, I swear it!"

"Oh you think so do you?" Evil Nova laughed mockingly, "I'd like to see you try"

"You would, would you?" Nov asked, "Have it your way. Lady Tomahawk!"

She would have loved dearly to wipe the smirk off her alternate self's face. She didn't get the chance though. Right as she got close enough to attack, a flash of light appeared, and she was thrown backwards, slamming into a tree. She straightened up rubbing her head, and glared at the evil her.

Wait a minute…she thought, Wasn't I hurt before? Think Nova, what was the last thing you were doing before you got here…

A single memory came back to her.

"Well aren't we a lively group, huh?"

"Yea", Sprx said with a half hearted chuckle. Nova sighed and leaned back on her own bed, eyes closed.

"Get some rest", she heard Sprx say quietly, "We can talk later"

She'd fallen asleep! Of course, there was the answer!
"It's a dream!" she cried, "It's just a dream!"
"Very good little Nova", her evil self smirked, "But figuring it out isn't enough to save you!"

There was a flash of light. Nova heard a cracking noise, and looked up to see that a branch had broken off the tree she was standing under. And it was a big branch.

"Say good night little Nova"

Nova squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the impact…but it never came. After a few seconds, her eyes snapped open, and she found herself back in the infirmary of the Super Robot.

"What the…" she bolted up and looked around, "How in the world…"
"Morning Nova", she looked around and saw Chiro sitting up in his own bed. He looked at her curiously, "You okay? You seem a little--"
"I'm fine", she said quickly, turning away from Chiro.

What in the world was that all about?

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