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"Chiro Spearo!" Chiro yelled. A lightning bolt formed in his hand, and he threw it at the monster. It flew right through the thing.

"Okay, that's not going to work", Sprx said, "Time for plan—wah!"

He cut off as something slammed him from behind and hauled him into the air. "Sprx!" they all yelled at the same time.

"What's holding onto him?" Chiro asked, squinting.

"I could be wrong", a taunting voice said from behind them, "But I think it's D.S."
They whirled around and found themselves facing…"Nova?" Otto asked, looking between D.N. and the actual Nova.

"You really are the dumb monkey", D.N. scoffed.

Nova's fists clenched. Not here, not her friends. "Get lost!" she yelled at D.N.

"But I just got here", she said silkily, "And besides, if I leave, so will D.S. and that means—"
"Sparky here will be coming with us", D.S. called down, still restraining Sprx.

"Let him go!" Chiro yelled furiously.

"Well, okay, if you insist", and with that, he dropped him.

"SPRX!" they all yelled as one. Chiro dove, and caught the red monkey right before he hit the ground.

"Nice one kid", Sprx muttered, sitting up. There was a flash of light, and suddenly, they were surrounded. Four black monkeys that looked a lot like Nova, Sprx, Otto, and Gibson surrounded them. Nova looked around, and realized right away who was missing from the little group.

"You're the ones who have been behind all this trouble, aren't you?" Chiro asked, glaring at them.

"So you are smart", D.G. said, "What are you going to do about it if we are?"
"You call yourselves friends?" D.S. asked, "All you ever do is fight, you can't even tell if you're really fighting with the right monkey or not!"
It hit them all in one sickeningly clear wave. They'd been mad at the wrong people. Of course. "What do you want from us?" Sprx asked.

"We want you all destroyed, of course", D.O. said, "You're wasting your powers, defending the world. It's futile"
"In the end, there's always evil", D.S. said, "You've never made a difference"
"You might as well just give up now", D.N. said, "We've got more on the five of you then you'll ever realize"
"We'll never give up", Chiro said.

"Then you'll just have to be eliminated", D.G. said.

"Good luck trying", Sprx said, "You lousy excuses for robot monkeys can't be beat us!"

"Funny", D.S. said, "Because it's us who have been beating you the entire time"

And with that, they vanished.


"There has to be a way out of here", Antauri said.

"I can't find one", Jin May said, "they disabled my powers when they captured me, and being tied up probably doesn't help, of course. This is hopeless!"
"Don't give up", Antauri advised her, "We will get out of here"
If only he knew.


"Okay who were those lunatics?" Sprx asked furiously.

"Um…Lunatics?" Otto guessed.

"That's a help", Sprx muttered, "Why did they look like us?"
"No clue"

"That's no help at all"

Nova squirmed uncomfortably. No one had questioned her about it. Yet. They'd been too busy taking in the shocking appearance of their evil selves, that they hadn't noticed her and D.N. going at it with each other. She wasn't exactly upset about that, though.

"Nova?" it was later that night, and Nova was standing outside, taking in the fresh air. She'd been hoping to get some quiet time, but no such luck.

"Yeah?" she said quietly, afraid that Sprx was going to ask her about what happened earlier.

"I was just wondering…" his voice drifted off, "Did you really mean what you said the other day, about not caring about me?"

She hesitated. What could she? Oh, no, that was my alter ego? Yeah, that would go over real well.

"Look, Sprx", she said, quietly, "I can't explain it right now, but you have to believe me: I would never say that"
"Can't explain it?" he sounded confused, "Nova, what do you know about what's been happening?"

"Sprx, please don't ask me", she said, wrapping her arms tighter around herself, "Just…trust me"

"How can I trust you if you want talk to me?" he demanded. The words stung, but she didn't give in.

"Please", was all she said before shoving past him and hurrying back inside.


"You think she's hiding something?" Chiro asked, confused. Sprx nodded. "But why would she hide it from us?"
"I don't know", he admitted, "But I can just tell; she knows something"

"But how?" Gibson asked, "And why?"


"You're not the real Antauri"

D.A. turned around to face Nova. "Oh really?"
"I'm not an idiot you know", she said, her anger barely contained, "You might fool the others, but you don't fool me. Especially not after the fight today. Where's the real Antauri?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" he asked with a smirk that didn't look right on his face, which was still that of the real Antauri's.

"I tell them", she said, "I'll tell everyone"
"They won't believe you", he said simply, "You're not the number one person on their list of people to trust, you know. They know you're keeping secrets from them—"
"Then I'll come clean!"
"And admit that you've been lying to them?"

"They'll believe me"
"Will they?"
"Yes", she said it with much more belief then she really had. Right then, she didn't even think Sprx would listen to her.

D.A. smirked, "Face it, none of them will listen to you"
"You don't know that"

"And you don't know if they will"

She paused, "Is the real Antauri okay?"
"In good time Nova. In good time"

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