Okay, to all of you, this is a really short poem, and I wrote it several years ago about Kestral and Bowman Hath and the Wind on Fire trilogy. Do you mind? I know it's bad, but I had to publish it for the sake of doing so.

The March of the Zars, based on The Wind Singer (give me a break; I wrote it a LONG time ago. We're talking about years here.)

March on! March on!

To Aramanth!

The Zars march on

And sing a song

The song of death

The will to kill

Their song, it has a deathlike chill

Bend your back to the Morah's will

Morah! Morah! Please take a break!

There are a couple of humans at stake!

But no man rides with Morah's arms

They are all dead; oh ghosts be gone!

The ghosts, they march

Not a one falls

They stream on out of the castle's halls

Infinite Zars walk past infinite walls

Come here! Come here! Morah commands,

Burn the Wind Singer down to sands

Then freedom shall never moan true again

And I will rule Aramanth with its vast lands

The citizens of Aramanth have no fear

The Emperor rules; not them, it's clear

With the people naïve, the Zars march near

With their monotonous drums and pounding feet

Going about with their daily rounds

Buying their rice by the ounces and pounds

Walking past gutters, seeing the stars

Not knowing that these things could hide the Zars

Innocent faces of pleasure and glee

Fooling around on the Wind Singer's free

Frolicking over the well-advanced town

I hope the Elders don't look on with a frown

People practice their notes as exams become near

Their normal routine is something to hear

The Zars march on, every day and each night

And the Aramanthics, strangely, show no sign of fright

The sounding of news starts a longlasting brawl

People are gathering up at the hall

Mumpo was said to have seen from afar

The devilish face of a murderous Zar

The Aramanth's forces assemble in days

Sheer numbers of Zars will turn spines into clay

The armies do clash at the easternmost way

We all know which side will pay

The Aramanth holds its ground

But the Zars don't come around

Aramanth will lose in the end

Unless one finds help free for the lend

And we all know the rest of the story

We know who fought,

Who hid,

And who got the glory.

(cough READ THE BOOK cough)