The New Girl

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Chapter 1: The New Girl

Michelle Song walked into her new school, East High. She was about five foot two with straight dark brown hair that went a little past her shoulders. She looked at her schedule to find her homeroom, room 232, Darbus. Michelle walked in, went up to the teacher and handed her some papers. As she did this she could hear some people whispering behind her.

"Damn! She is hot!" Chad whispered to his best friend, Troy.

"Yea, I guess she's ok," replied Troy. He had been kind of down since Gabriella

broke up with him a week ago. She got upset after she got a C on a chemistry test. Gabriella had blamed Troy for it because they were on a date the night before her test. He tried to make her feel better by telling her that they could hang out over the weekend and do whatever she wanted, but then she told him that her grades had been slipping since they started going out so she broke up with him. Troy called her, but she never picked up. When he tried talking to her at school she would walk away or just say that she didn't feel like talking. Chad had been trying to help him get over her by telling him other girls were hot, but Troy never really cared about any of them.

"You should ask her to the winter dance," said Chad. The East High Winter Dance was only two weeks away and he didn't have a date, anymore. All the cheerleaders already had a date, Gabriella was going with some guy on the decathlon team, and almost every other girl in school had a date. While Troy and Chad were talking, Michelle had taken the empty seat next to them. She was studying her schedule. First period math then Spanish, chemistry, lunch, American history, free period, and last, English. She was looking at it when the guy next to her introduced himself.

"Hi. I'm Chad and that's Troy," Chad said pointing to Troy. "Welcome to East High."

"Thanks. I'm Michelle," Michelle replied with a smile. "Um...can either of you guys tell me where room 129 is?"

"I'd show you, but it's on the opposite side of the school from where I'm going and if I'm late for class again my teacher is going to fry me," he replied jokingly, "but room 129, that's math right?" She nodded.

"Well, Troy has that to. He can take you, right?" Chad elbowed Troy in the stomach.

"What...yea...sure," Troy snapped put of his thoughts and back into reality.

"Ok. Thanks." The bell rang for the end of homeroom and Michelle followed Troy to first period. The first couple minutes they didn't say anything to each other. Troy decided to break the ice.

"So, did you just move to New Mexico?" he asked her.

"Yea, from Florida."

"Florida. Huh? New Mexico isn't like it in any way. No beaches or palm trees or sunny weather all-year long or girls running around in bikinis." She laughed.

"Is that all guys think about? Girls in bikinis and stuff like that?" They walked into the classroom laughing. The teacher told her to take a seat in the back near where Troy was seating with some of his friends from the basketball team.

Gabriella, who was sitting in the front, saw Troy walk in with that new girl. It hurt her that he was with someone already just a week after they broke up.

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