The New Girl

By: BaybiGurlX3

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Chapter 10: Winter Dance

Thursday – 1 Day until the Dance

"Hey everyone!" Michelle greeted everyone walking to their lunch table followed by Chad. "Where's Ashley?" She asked Sharpay.

"Probably with Cam. I don't get why she likes him!" Sharpay replied.

"Anyone want to go watch a movie tonight?" Gabriella asked. "I heard The Omen is really scary! Everyone agreed and after school all the girls got a ride with their boyfriends. Gabriella with Troy, Zeke and Sharpay, Jason and Kelsi, and Michelle with Chad.


At the theater they all watched The Omen. All the girls were freaking out during the movie that is except for Michelle who was making out with Chad the entire time.

"Hey Chad, how was the movie?" Troy asked jokingly.

"It was...good," he replied looking at Michelle. Everyone laughed. Chad drove Michelle back home and walked her to the door.

"Have fun?" he asked her.

"Yeh. You know you're a pretty good kisser," Michelle replied and laughed.

"I know."

"I'll see you tomorrow." She gave him a kiss on the lips and went inside.


Friday – Dance Day!

The next day at school, nobody could concentrate on their work. Everyone was too excited about the Winter Dance.

After school, Michelle rushed home and plugged in her curling iron and went to take a shower. It was already 3:58 and Chad was picking her up at 6. She got out of the shower, blow dried her hair, changed into her dress and started curling. When she was done, her usually long straight her was now curled and rested on her shoulders. Her dress was pink, strapless and went to about her knees which she paired with some silver heels. Michelle glanced at the clock 5:45. She put on a little bit of makeup and started looking through her jewelry box for a silver necklace to wear when the doorbell rang.

"Crap! Can you get that for me Mariah?" she asked her sister.

"Whatever!" Mariah answered walking down the stairs towards the door. Michelle finally found a diamond necklace her grandma had given her back in Florida. She walked down the stairs to find Chad sitting in the living room talking to her brother, Jake.

"So you're taking Michelle to the dance? Why?" Jake asked Chad.

"Jake! Go play with Mariah." Michelle said to her brother so he would go away. "PLEASE?"

"FINE!" Jake yelled at her.

"Wow!" Chad said when he saw her. "You look great!"

"Thanks! You look pretty good yourself."

"Ready to go?"

"Ready if you are."


All the guys on the basketball team were waiting outside for the rest of the guys. Along with Chad and Michelle there was Zeke and Sharpay, Jason and Kelsi, Ryan was also there with his date, Jenna. The only person missing was Troy. After waiting for another five minutes, Troy and Gabriella finally arrived. Gabriella was wearing a brown, strapless dress with polka dots on it.

"Everyone ready?" Troy asked when he walked over to the group. "Lets go," he said when everyone nodded. When they walked in Everytime We Touch was playing. They all headed straight for the dance floor. The next song was a slow song, One Wish.

"Michelle would you like to dance with me?" Chad asked her.

"Of course," she replied. She saw Ashley was dancing with Cam and Zeke dancing with Sharpay. The dance lasted five hours and the last song finally came. It was You and Me by Lifehouse. While they were dancing, Chad started singing to Michelle.

"cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you" he sang.

"You're a terrible singer," she laughed.

"I know," but he continued to sing.


After the dance, all the guys were hanging in the parking lot talking.

"Well, we got to go. I'll see you guys Monday!" Chad said after looking at his watch. It was 12:49 and Michelle had to be home by 1.

"I had fun tonight," Michelle said inside the car.

"Me, too. And I'm glad I got to go with you."

"I'm glad I went with you, too." They arrived at her house and went to the door. For a minute they just looked in each other's eyes. Chad moved in slightly giving her a long, passionate kiss. He slipped his hand around her waist.

"AWWW!" Mariah and Jake opened the door.

"What are you guys doing?" Michelle asked them upset at them for ruining a perfectly good moment.

"Nothing," Mariah said,

"SPYING!" Jake said happily.

"OMG!" She laughed. "I'll see you later Chad!"


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