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Summary: Izayoi takes stock.

She watched her son sleep, counting his gifts.

Silver hair and golden eyes, a robe of bright red, a hidden treasure buried within him; these were the legacy of his father, but they were not the only things Touga had bequeathed their son.

The child had his father's nose. When she had given him the Fire Rat Robe for his tenth birthday, he had immediately sniffed it and demanded to know if this was his father's scent that lingered on the garment. Myouga's quick affirmative reply had masked her stunned silence and sudden tears.

Like his sire, he was a natural fighter. She was glad Toutousai had found a youkai willing to teach a little hanyou combat skills. Watching him spring into the air during training, she knew a human tutor would not have been able to instruct him.

In temperament, the likeness was uncanny. Yesterday, Myouga told him an amusing story, making his eyes brighten with mirth. The resemblance was so strong that it sent a pang through her.

As with the good, so with the bad. When Sesshoumaru had last visited, he had made a careless remark that had riled her son. The young one had glowered at his magnificent half-brother. Seeing it, the inugami sent her a startled look. She had nodded; yes, they both knew that scowl.

She counted his gifts and then counted him as her great gift, her legacy, all that she had left of the one she loved.

Hanyou - The product of a union between a youkai and a human.
Inugami - Dog spirit of Japanese myth.
Youkai - Creatures in Japanese folklore. Some possess part animal and part human features. Generally have a sort of spiritual or supernatural power.

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