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Shadows- By Silver-Fox-Kitsune


It was a hot summer afternoon at Redwall Abbey. Mark the new recorder, muttered to himself as he bustled around the cluttered and stuffy gatehouse. The Abbot had requested an old document on Martin the Warrior, and Mark had to find it before the day's end.

"Now where is it!" the young mouse ranted, disassembling piles of messy papers. "It has to be here! I swear I just saw it a second ago!" He scanned through a stack of books before opening a closet and nearly disappearing under a tidal wave of papers. Mark reached down among the papers and searched about, his paw closing on a book.

"Ah, here it is, or I thinkā€¦" The young mouse pulled the book from the ocean of documents and papers. Mark sighed as he glanced down at the record book. It wasn't the one he was seeking. He put it down on a table and began his quest again.

Suddenly, he did a double take and picked the book back up again. It was strange for a record; it had all sorts of weird symbols under the Redwall script. Intrigued, Mark opened the book and started to read.

The summer of the Fair Elm is now at an end. Now it is the Autumn of the Late Burdock and the days are growing chilly. Today, Silver and her mate Aiden stopped by, making a surprise visit. They will be soon expecting a cub of their own, and everyone is very happy for them.

However, the whole Abbey had a favor to ask of them. We have been currently recording the strange events that happened several seasons ago. We needed creatures that could give us eyewitness accounts of these happenings

Although many of the creatures here experienced these events closely, none can compare to how Silver could give us a full-fledged account. At first she was a little hesitant, but after a while of Aiden and Abbot's soothing words, she began to retell the story of those dark events that befell seasons ago.

I have written an account, of what she and several others who remembered these events, below.

Tim Churchmouse

(Recorder of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country)