Dracula's Diaries

Chapter 1

Dracula is dead and now the village is in peace, no more days of fear and reclusion. The nights are clear and full of stars, no more gloomy days, and the sun is the sign of hope and a new beginning.

Irena, a young girl admire the night trough her window. She is thinking about the old days and the story of her family. There is sadness in the house because one of their latest members was a victim of Dracula and for that, the eternal curse of her family. Her name was Marishka, Dracula's second bride. Marishka was the sister of Irena's great-great grandmother.

Irena suffered so much because of that, because it was precisely Marishka who killed her mother and little brother, leaving her alone with her drunken father. Irena always felt a big hate for Marishka, but at the same time, when she saw her die at the hands of Van Helsing, she could not denied that she saw pain, fear, regret and loneliness in the eyes of that evil vampire girl.

Irena always have the curiosity of know why, why can a normal girl turn in to a monster only for love of for a mere spell of love? She needs to find out the answer and she will.

Her father is drunk as always, so she leaves the house with freedom. She takes her horse and ride in course to Castle Frankenstein.

After a few hours, Irena finally arrives to the old and abandon castle. The night is clear and very quiet. Irena enters the old castle; everything is so quiet, so calm. Irena begins her search in the castle, she search high and low and there is nothing of importance until she enters the principal chamber of the castle. Is a very big room, with nice luxury but very dusty too. She opens one of three chests. In the first one she find a picture of a beautiful dark hair girl.

------------"Verona, this is her before Dracula turned her into a vampire.

Also she finds an elegant blue gown, jewels and a little notebook. She opens it and start to read.

April 14, 1465.

After a long time alone with this condemned upon me, I decide that I don't want to be alone in this cold world, I want pleasant company, and I want the continuation of my kind. And when I saw her… that beautiful dark hair girl, I knew she was for me, I want her beauty to be eternal. I've been followed her for the lasts three weeks and I finally know her name, Verona. I can't wait any more; she must be mine, as soon as tomorrow.

----------"My God, he signed here her death sentence.

May 1 1465

And I made her mine under the full moon, beside the river. She gave herself to me and for now on she will be the second at charge in all my plans.

June 12, 1467

Two years had passed since Verona and I started a life together. She is an excellent hunter and a passionate lover. But I know she feels alone sometimes, she needs company, maybe more pleasant than mine. She needs a sister.

----------"Of course, a sister. Marishka

We will find the perfect girl. She must be strong and beautiful, someone who can follow orders and love me with the same intense passion, someone a little younger that my Verona. Tonight we will start another chapter with my new bride.

Chapter 2

Irena closes the notebook and opens the second chest. Inside, she finds a faded picture of a charming blonde girl.

-----------"Marishka. She looks so innocent in this picture, and she was so young.

And there is another notebook, Irena opens it and start to read.

June 13, 1467

We found her, the perfect sister for my wise Verona. She is blond and full of life. She is different, more audacious; we saw her riding in a great black horse in the hills with other boys and girls. She will be ours soon, very soon.

June 15 1467

Verona will bring her tonight, oh, I am so desperate to have her, we will be a happy family. She will give me more children and my plans will be more than a simple dream.

Her name is Marishka, she was under the spell of Verona, I made her mine in an instant and she responds. She too, gave herself to me; she forgot all her past, all her values and good feelings. Verona is so happy with her sister and now, we are a happy family.

June 20 1467

Marishka is a clever girl, a great hunter, sometimes she is hard to control but I love the way she get along with her older sister and with the way she show me her love. She told me that she want to give me children soon, now I can trust in her love and loyalty. She made the same sacrifices I asked for Verona; she killed three members of her family but, when she returned, I saw regret in her eyes. She told me that she felt pity for them, that she had memories of them, things she cannot forgot so easy. I am worried for that; I fear that she tried to be human and kind again.

----------"Marishka suffered with Dracula, I wonder why she never tried to leaved him.

I love Marishka as much as I love Verona, but they are different. I need to control Marishka; I must destroy what left of her human feelings.

-----------"Maybe she had human feelings but she was very cruel too. She was your bride Dracula but she was the curse of my family too.

Irena finds a nightgown and a silver medallion with the image of a wolf.

-----------"What an irony, the image of a wolf. Maybe it was her fate to be the second bride of Dracula.

Will Continue….