Summary: While fighting a ghost, Danny gets turned into a two-year-old with a really hyperactive problem. Not to mention he can't change human. To top it all off, word leaks out that Danny's 'vulnerable' and now just about every ghost in the Ghost Zone is coming to Amity Park. When they meet him one by one, however, they quickly change their minds...I mean, how can you say no to an adorable kid who releases a massive Ghostly Wail every time he starts to cry?

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"Why won't you do it Sammy-kins?" Mrs. Manson asked her 14-year-old daughter, "He's just your two-year-old cousin! He's not a raging, man-eating monster. It'll be fun!"

Sam just rolled her eyes. A raging, man-eating monster, she could handle…but Ralph? That boy made the color pink look decent. She shuttered at the thought.

"Mom," she started, trying to explain for the hundredth time that morning, "I love my cousin, I really do…but…" she thought of words to get her point across nicely and failed miserably, "HE'S THE BIGGEST BRAT EVER!" Mrs. Manson frowned.

"Now Samantha," she started, but it was hard to punish her daughter on saying something that was completely true. "I know Ralph is a bit…"

"Destructive?" Sam interrupted. Mrs. Manson's frown fell farther.

"Curious," she said, replacing her daughter's word, "but he's still family. No matter how-"

"Annoying, irritating, obnoxious, unusual, freakish, and curious he is?" Sam asked, innocently. Mrs. Manson's eyes narrowed.

"Now Samantha!" She said, "He's your cousin, and you will spend time with him this weekend, whether you want to, or not. Now get to school before you're late…again."

"But mom, it's not fair! He-"

"I don't want to hear any more of the subject Sam." Mrs. Manson said, crossing her arms. Sam was steaming. Grabbing her spider-looking backpack, she stormed out of her room.

"Teenagers…" Mrs. Manson muttered when Sam was out of sight.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry, sweetie?" Sam's grandma asked, stopping her at the front door. Turning around, Sam smiled as she faced her.

"I got to go to school, grandma, and meet Danny and Tucker before it starts," she explained. Her grandma frowned.

"When I was your age," she started, "I was never that eager to get to school…" The gothic girl sighed.

"I had to get away from my mom; she was trying to convince me about Ralph again." She finished by rolling her eyes.

"Ah…I love that boy," she smiled then looked at her granddaughter, "if worse comes to worse, sweetheart, sing a soft song to him; it puts him right to sleep." Sam made a sour face, but hid it with a smile.

She didn't want to sing. She didn't even want to watch him, but she knew she was going to have to so there was no point in arguing anymore.

"Okay grandma, I'll keep that in mind," she opened the door and waved as she left. "Bye!"

Finally! Freedom! Walking down the sidewalk, she couldn't help but think of what her grandma said. Sing to him? She knew Sam didn't like to sing…so why did she suggest it? She shook off the thought when she saw the school and her techno-geek friend, Tucker, standing outside of it. Hurrying the rest of the way to catch up with him, she was extra quiet so he wouldn't notice her.

Tucker was so wrapped up in the game on his PDA he most likely wouldn't have noticed a meteor landing three feet in front of him, let alone Sam.

"Almost to Level 3, go faster…go faster…NO! How could I have missed that! Level 4? How did I get here? Oh well…GO! GO! GO!" Sam was having a hard time keeping herself from laughing. Did he always talk to himself?

"So close…" he muttered, "So…very….close! I'm going to crash! NO!"

"BOO!" Sam screamed, causing her friend to jump four feet in the air. Tucker desperately trying to grab his PDA that kept slipping out of his hands. Sam continued laughing as she finally decided to help and grabbed the handheld computer before it hit the ground.

"Oh ha ha, very funny Sam!" Tucker growled, snatching the PDA from his gothic friend.

"Yes," she said through her chuckles, "very, VERY funny…"

"YOU HAVE DIED, GAME OVER." A high-pitched female's voice said as the game went back to the main menu. Tucker frowned.

"You know how far I was?" he asked, shaking his PDA in his hand.

"Actually yes…" Sam said smiling, "I was listening to you talk to yourself and I think it was Level 4, right?" Tucker's face went red.

"It's just a habit!" he muttered, stuffing the game in his pocket, "Where's Danny?"

"I don't know," Sam said, shrugging her shoulders, "I thought he'd be with you. Maybe he ran into trouble…"

"Well if he did," Tucker said, as the two walked up the school steps, "he better hope he gets here before the bell rings, Lancer will flip if he's late for class again…"

Danny was running down the street as fast as humanly possible. He only had one thing skipping through his mind: get away from his house. His parents created another ghost hunting invention, and with Danny being the only one in FentonWorks at the time, they decided to share it with him. Whether or not the thing actually worked was completely unknown to the youngest Fenton, for he didn't stay around long enough to find out. All he heard from his dad who came barreling up the lab stairs was:

"Hey, Danny! Your mother and I have invented a weapon that locks on to ghosts within ten feet and shoots away! Isn't that cool son?" The moment Jack Fenton's back was turned; Danny made a dash for the door.

He ran about four blocks until breathing became a requirement, and he was forced to slow down. It didn't matter too much though; the school was coming into view and a smile swept across the hybrid's face as he realized that he might actually be early today.

Then his ghost sense went off…

Sighing and rolling his eyes, he changed direction, darted into an abandoned alleyway that was between two narrow buildings, and quickly scanned the new area to make sure he was alone.

"I'M GOING GHOST!" He shouted and a light-blue halo sparked at his waist. It split and the separated rings ran up and down his body, changing his white T-shirt and jeans into a black jumpsuit with white gloves, boots, collar, and belt. His black hair changed into a chalky white and his eyes went from blue to green. The red oval that used to be on his chest was replaced with a white DP symbol and a smirk smacked on his face as the transformation of Danny Fenton to Danny Phantom was complete.

Shooting up into the sky, he flew off to the source of the disturbance which wasn't very far.

His ghost sense began to fade when he reached a playground that was invaded by kids. Instead of playing on the equipment or screaming at the ghost that hovered above them, they seemed to be dancing: mesmerized by a gentle tune that sounded like a twisted version of "Ring Around the Rosy".

The music tugged at Danny, causing his eyelids to fall slightly and a smile to dance across his face. He broke out of his trance when he found himself swaying to-and-fro along with the children's movements. He blinked a few times, shook his head to break the hypnotizing music, and looked at the ghost responsible.

It was a teenager, much to Danny's surprise. She looked older than Danny by a few years, but that was only apparent by her face. Her short, blonde hair that was pulled up in pigtails made her look childish, and the overalls she wore weren't helping.

Danny couldn't help but snicker as the thought of her and the Box Ghost going to the same clothing store crossed his mind. Her hands were pulled up to her lips as she played a flute that carried the gentle spell to the ground.

"Are you the one that's making that obnoxious noise?" Danny asked, covering his ears in exaggerated annoyance.

The music immediately stopped.

Looks of horror replaced the children's smiles as the interruption brought them back to reality. The kids below the two descended in all directions: most of them were screaming from fear.

The new ghost watched in shock as the children scattered underneath them. Surprise was replaced with anger when her eyes met Danny's.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!" she snapped. Danny looked back at the ghost and was about to answer her question when she started yelling again.

"YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE FUN OF THE BABYSITTER!" She howled, charging at Danny who flew a little higher to dodge it.

"Trust me lady," he said snickering, "you don't need my help to make fun of you." The ghost was furious; her whole face turned a fiery red.

"MY NAME IS BRITTNEY BALOR!" she shouted at Danny, "I'M THE GHOST BABYSITTER!" She flew up to try to hit Danny again who dodged it just as easily as he did with the first attack.

"Like ghosts need a babysitter," he laughed, rolling his eyes and moving aside as Brittney slammed head first into the monkey bars, "is that the best you can do?" He added as she recovered. Her eyes narrowed.

"Not even close!" she snapped, reaching for her flute again. She was interrupted by the sound of Casper High's late bell. Gasping, Danny looked at Britney who was just about to blow hard on the small instrument.

"Sorry, I'm sorta late for something…we're going to have to finish this later." He said reaching around and got a thermos-like object strapped to his back, but he dropped it when he heard a loud, earsplitting sound coming from the flute around Brittney's neck. Clapping his hands over his ears, Danny fell to the ground. Brittney stopped blowing and the sound of the flute was replaced with laughter.

"Like ghosts need a babysitter…" she said in a childish, mocking voice. Danny gave an angry look at the girl; he hated his own words being thrown back at him. His expression then changed to confusion. What was she talking about?

Brittney must have noticed this cause she pointed to his body, still laughing and dancing around. Danny looked down. The ground was definitely closer than it normally was, and so were his feet. He froze, just now noticing that his legs were three times shorter than they usually were. He looked at his hands, they were small too. Shock started to rush through his now tiny body.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" he shouted, but quickly slapped his hand over his mouth. The voice that came out was nowhere near his own. So small, so childish, like that of a….

"Two. Year. Old." Brittney said smiling, "Don't worry, ghost boy, you wont remember it for long. Your mind will eventually turn into that of a toddler's too. It's just a matter of time." She started flying around him and her grin grew when she saw the look of horror in his eyes.

"But…" he started and flinched when he heard the voice again, "but I have to get to school!"

"Trust me kid!" Brittney said as she started to laugh again, "That's the least of your worries right now…I would love to help baby-sit you so you don't get into too much trouble, but you said so yourself: ghosts don't need a babysitter…" Still laughing, she went intangible, and phased through the concrete.

"Okay, okay," Danny said to himself in attempt to calm down, "This isn't that bad…maybe there's a way to reverse this…" Then an idea hit him. Change human! That normally reverses everything!

A white ring appeared at his waist but it quickly disappeared. Danny gasped as he tried it again, and again. He couldn't change back! He was starting to get worried now.

What if he would never be able to change back again? What if his parents couldn't find him? It's not like he could tell them…like they would believe him anyway.

He's a ghost, he's two, and he's claiming to be their son…yeah that makes a lot of sense. What about Sam and Tucker? Or Jazz, or Lancer?

"Ah!" He screamed, "Lancer! Lancer's going to kill me! What am I going to do? What about school? What about home? What about-"

A little jingle broke Danny out of his thoughts. A smile spread on his face which quickly turned to a grin.

"Ice cream?" he asked and he jumped up and down with joy, "I like ice cream!" He shouted than ran off toward the source of the noise…

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