The Day With Wolfram, Chapter Eight







"Leave me alone!"


The blonde prince scowled as he tried to walk away from Murata Ken, who seemed to enjoy his ability to torment Wolfram by doing nothing at all. The two boys were currently playing a one-sided game of tag in the dining area of the hotel in which they were staying.

Wolfram glared at the Japanese boy who was following him as he tried to 'lose' him by walking around a table, then ended up circling the table over and over with Murata, neither of them gaining any territory. It was so aggravating, keeping that same amount of distance between them! I wish that I could either get away from him, or get close enough to cut his head off. Great Sage or not, he show know better than to provoke me!

But everytime that Wolfram took the initiative and Murata became his pray, he felt a little part of himself die. He did not want to admit it that he was THAT annoyed by the Great Sage, that any person could get under his nerves by simply following him.


Wolfram turned on his heel, and, against his better judgement, drew his sword on Murata. "That is NOT how my name is pronounced!" he shouted, and Murata laughed and took a step back.

Conrad yawned as he entered the dining area. "Did something happen?" he asked with a good-natured smile.

His younger half-brother blushed and put his sword away. "No, Weller, nothing happened," he said in a steely voice, glaring at Murata as he smiled back.

Wolfram did not fail to notice how quickly Yuuri entered the dining area after Conrad. He nodded at his fiancé, who gave him a confused look as he glanced at Conrad.

/Why did I wake up in Conrad's room/ he meant to ask.

Wolfram shrugged and looked away.

Murata took the moment of silence to walk up to Yuuri. "Shibuya, did you know that Wolfram liked to dress up as a dragonslayer when he was a child?"

The prince's face colored then, and he shouted, "Murata, shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you!"

Yuuri could only stare at Murata. "Huh?"

His best friend just smiled back, and said, "He also prefers vanilla to chocolate. Did you know that?"


"What are you on about, Murata?" Wolfram asked, giving both Japanese boys a shared glare.

Murata turned away and shrugged. "I don't know, it's just that I wanted you to know that I and Wolfram are on the road to becoming friends, is all, Shibuya."

Yuuri stared at his back, trying to figure out what was going on. "Well, I guess that's good…"

Wolfram turned on him, and Yuuri took a step back. "What does THAT mean, you wimp?" the blonde shouted at him with a rage that Yuuri couldn't understand.

"Well…I mean, I guess it's better than if you two hated each other…"

"And why would we hate each other?"

"Wolfram, keep it down," Conrad said under his breath. Wolfram looked around the dining area, and he noticed that their little group had attracted quite a bit of attention from the other hotel guests.

Turning away from Yuuri, he said, "Hmph. I've lost my appetite, so I'll be back in my room."

As he left, Murata shouted after him, "See you later, roomie!" and the blonde prince's shoulders stiffened visibly.

Yuuri sat down across from Conrad, and he asked, "What's wrong with Wolfram?"

The half-blood swordsman shrugged. "I think he's just in one of his moods. He may act completely different the next time you see him."

Murata nodded as he sat down. "That's Wolfram for you. Hot one minute, cold the next."

Yuuri stared at Murata as his friend met his confusion with a secretive smile.



Wolfram fell back onto his bed in defeat. What's that Murata thinking? It wouldn't be so strange if he'd acted outgoing and interested from the moment we'd first met, but now it's just…confusing. Why does he want to be friends all of a sudden? And why with me? Shouldn't he be running to Yuuri's side, that cheater…

But the odd thing was that Murata had come to HIM, not Yuuri. He clamped a hand to his mouth and his eyed widened. Does Murata…have a THING for me now? Probably not…most guys are straight anyway…even my fiancé…is actually…

He tried to banish the though from his mind. Well, most men are heterosexuals, and Murata is probably a heterosexual too. He's never shown any interest in any woman, though…at least not that I know of…I actually thought the only other gay man in New Makoku was Gunter. Well, even if he is gay, then why me, and why now, of all times?

It's probably the now that worries me the most. We were never close before, so it must have been something that happened very recently…maybe…could it be that he was hiding his feelings for me, and he realized them after I was kidnapped?

No, that's stupid. He's not acting like he's in love with me.

How does someone act when they're in love? How do I act around Yuuri?

Well…well now that he's come to accept me, I feel guilty. It was one thing when I was working against his defenses, trying to get close to him, but now that he's trying to be with me I just feel guilty getting close to him. It's like I'm taking advantage of his kindness.

It really is just his kindness that's driving him towards me, isn't it?



Gwendal's blue eyes scanned the horizon. There were no enemy troops camped near the castle, so he suspected that the enemy was small, fast, or both.

"Gwendal?" came Annissina's high-pitched voice.

Gwendal turned to see his childhood friend standing in the doorway, watching him with concern. He tried to smile back at her reassuringly, but smiling was difficult for him, so he simply nodded back. "What is it?"

She sighed and walked into the room. "Gunter is preparing the troops right now, but I don't know if they'll cut it…"

He glared at her. "Make yourself clear."

Annissina smiled. "I have a new invention that'll do the trick, Gwendal! And I just need you so I can test it out!"

"Get out."

She pouted. "I'm serious! Have a little faith, will you?" Unfazed by his glare, she sat down in the chair that faced his desk, and continued.

"I have synthesized a new gemstone that greatly increases the magical power of its user. It leaves the user tired afterwards, so I'm calling it maryoku-from-the-future-kun!" She finished her short explanation by pulling a ring out of her pocket and throwing it at Gwendal.

Gwendal, who knew better than to touch, smell, or even look at Annissina's inventions, stepped to the side and let the ring fall on the floor. He gave it a look of disgust and Annissina snatched the ring off the floor.

"Come on, Gwendal!" she said, grabbing his hand. The much larger and much stronger black-haired Mazoku fought against her, but Annissina prevailed; the ring soon found itself on his little finger, and he jerked his hand away.

"Annissina! For the love of--"

As he shouted, he gestured in the air and Annissina reached for his hand, shouting, "Don't!"

It was too late, though; the castle's foundations had already been torn by Gwendal's ring-enhanced earth-majutsu, and the castle settled down into its new resting place.

Gwendal stared at the red-headed woman, who smiled back and him and shrugged.

"I think we're both to blame, personally."



Gunter stared at the damaged castle with his mouth hanging open. If it were not for that expression, he would have looked much more dignified than usual; after all, since the brothers were all gone or otherwise occupied, he'd been assigned the duty of leading the New Mazoku army in the upcoming battle, so he had donned a commander's uniform and cape.

However, there was nothing dignified about the silver-haired man's horrified expression as he took in the 'new' castle. The whole works had sunken about ten feet into the ground, and a few soldiers had found temporary solutions for the doorways…ramps and the like, most of which were flimsy affairs.

"TERRIBLE!" Gunter grabbed his head and screamed, then whirled around to look at the men he'd been talking to. "WHO DID THIS?"

Each soldier stared at him, afraid of being blamed, but as he prepared to advance upon them their ad-hoc sovereign and an eccentric female inventor ran out of the castle, using one of the afore-mentioned ramps.

Gwendal ignored the panicking Gunter as he surveyed the damage. Annissina simply whistled as she stood beside him, waiting for his judgement.

"Well…at least it works." he said finally, then he turned to Annissina. "I could kill you very easily right now, if I WANTED to, couldn't I?"

She smiled nervously. "That just about sums it up, Gwendal."

Gunter continued to stare at the castle, not quite sure of what had happened. "What…what a bad omen…"



Yuuri caught sight of Wolfram as the blonde prince made his way back to the dining area.

"Wolf!" Yuuri shouted as Wolfram tried to avoid him. "Let me come with you!"

Wolfram continued to walk in silence, and Yuuri walked right up to him and took his hand. "This is okay, right?" the Maou whispered to him. Wolfram answered by staring at their hands, then pulling his hand away from Yuuri.

"It's okay if we don't. I mean, we're not kids, Yuuri," he said, a frown upon his pretty features.

Yuuri stopped walking. "You don't want to be around me anymore, do you?"

His fiancé stopped and turned. "Of course I do, Yuuri." He sighed and looked away from Yuuri's face, unable to accept what Yuuri was giving to him.

"Then why are you pushing me away?"

Wolfram surprised him by glaring straight at him.

"Because you're trying too damn hard!"

Yuuri stared at him, and the angry look didn't leave Wolfram's face as he expected it too. There was a little guilt there, but there was no shame or regret in his confession.

"Look," Wolfram continued, "you're doing the same thing with me that you do with everybody else. You're patronizing, and accommodating, and…" He sighed. "And it's not real, if you do it like that."

"Then how am I supposed to do it?"

"You're not SUPPOSED to do anything!"

Yuuri bit back his words, realizing how they'd come out. "I didn't mean, supposed to," he said, trying to amend his words, "What I meant was that I don't know any other way. I mean, this is how it's supposed to be, for boys and girls at least; kissing, holding hands, talking…"

"Well, I'm not a girl, Yuuri," Wolfram said, a smirk on his face.

Yuuri rolled his eyes. "I didn't mean that either!"

They glared at each other, and Wolfram realized that he didn't know why he was mad at Yuuri, either. He thought and thought but he couldn't find a clear answer with Yuuri standing in front of him. Instead, he said, "Hpmh. You just don't know how to be with me, Yuuri."

Wolfram turned to walk away, but Yuuri caught his arm and turned him around. "What do you mean? Do you know how to do this? Look…" he let go of Wolfram's arm, and the blonde prince rubbed his arm as if Yuuri had hurt him. Yuuri sighed and relaxed his posture, trying to show the fight-ready prince that he wasn't going to attack him.

"Look," the Japanese boy continued, "I'm new to this, so if I do something that bothers you, just tell me normally. Don't get all...pissy."

"Pissy?" Wolfram spat. "What kind of language is that?"

"Wolfram, you know what I meant. Just tell me how to do things the way that you'd like them."

Wolfram stared at Yuuri as if he'd grown a second head. "That's the problem, you WIMP!" he shouted at his fiancé. "It's not about you doing things the way I like them! It's about you doing what you want to do to me!"

It was Yuuri's turn to stare at Wolfram, and Wolfram blushed as soon as he'd heard his own words.

What did he want to do to Wolfram?

"Oh," Yuuri said in defeat. "I…I understand." He walked away from his fiancé, back to the room that he shared with Conrad, and Wolfram cursed him under his breath for shattering his pride, for making him admit that he needed something from Yuuri.



When Yuuri returned to his room, he found that Conrad was not there. Sighing, he realized that that may have been a good thing. He had a lot to think about, and though he did want to ask Conrad for advice, he doubted that Conrad would be able to help him with this kind of problem.

It's about you doing what you want to do to me!

Yuuri shuddered as Wolfram's words returned to him. What did he want to do to Wolfram, after all? He had to admit that, two nights ago, he had been able to lie next to Wolfram all night—or rather, he had forced himself to stay close to Wolfram and he had, thankfully, not been kicked or punched during the night—and that Wolfram's body had felt…pleasant.

There was something about Wolfram's smell that attracted him, though. Yuuri had once heard that the sense of smell was the most important sense that humans could use during the act of sex, though Yuuri doubted that—you needed to be able to see what you were doing and who you were doing it to, and if you couldn't FEEL sex, then why do it?—but he had begun to understand the importance of smell.

Wolfram didn't smell like anything in particular…not like flowers or vanilla or perfume or anything…he just smelled like a person. Well, considering the fact that there was no deodorant in this world (something Yuuri had grown accustomed to rather quickly, though he now kept a stick in his pocket whenever he went out in the case of being sucked back into this world) Wolfram actually smelled pretty damned good. His skin felt soft, too, and as for how he looked…Yuuri had known that Wolfram was attractive since the moment he had seen him. It had been a fact, pure and simple. Wolfram was a pretty boy.

Then again, many of the people in this world had called HIM attractive, though Yuuri didn't get what the big deal was. He was a normal Japanese kid; that was what he saw in the mirror everyday. Wolfram had always said that he was attractive, though, even if he said it in a jealous way, or as if he had been forced into admitting it.

It's about you doing what you want to do to me!

Did he want to do anything to Wolfram?

If he was a girl, what would be normal? Wanting to touch his chest, right? What about touching Wolfram's chest? Granted, there's nothing there, but…

He imagined setting his hands on Wolfram's bare chest, and moving them wherever he wanted. What would you do next? Maybe another kiss, to get things going…kissing him did feel nice before…

He kissed his Dream Wolfram, who closed his eyes and stayed still, waiting for him to go on. What next?

Yuuri was startled when his Dream Wolfram sat down in front of him, and smiled up at him from his place on the floor. Dream Wolfram lifted up Yuuri's shirt and started to kiss his stomach, and Yuuri felt his fantasy take its toll on his body, afraid to imagine anything more but terrified of stopping. If there were any seeds of this in his mind, he had to plant them; it was for Wolfram.

He was mostly shocked, though, that he wanted this, that it could sound so appealing. Was it because it was dirty, and wrong, to want Wolfram on his knees like that? Did this seem sexier because Wolfram was a guy?

Yuuri drew in a deep breath, and closed his eyes, returning to his fantasy. Dream Wolfram was still on his knees, and he rested his hands on Yuuri's thighs for a moment before unzipping his jeans.

He sat up quickly. There was a certain point he couldn't go past in this fantasy…it was wrong to imagine Wolfram doing those things, he reasoned.

Yuuri was only half-hard by then, but he decided that it was a big step. After all, if someone had told him that he'd get hard over Wolfram two days ago, he would have looked at them like they were crazy.

It's about you doing what you want to do to me!

His erection grew harder when he remembered that, and for a moment he was able to imagine Wolfram lying on his bed, naked, with his beautiful green eyes half-open as he looked at him desperately.


The Maou shook his head, and the image disappeared. He still had a ways to go before he could make his move.



Murata found Conrad tending to the horses in the hotel's stable.

"Hello, Sir Weller!" he said energetically. The swordsman smiled at him and turned back to the horse whose coat he was brushing.

"It's good to see you, Great Sage," Conrad answered. He paused, then asked, "May I be so bold as to inquire about your plan?"

"My plan?" Murata asked innocently.

Conrad paused again, then faced the Japanese boy who had sat down on a stool close to a stack of hay in the stable. "I assume that you're planning something, concerning those two boys."

"Those two boys? You mean, Shibuya and Wolfram?" Murata smiled at him. "Oh, I'm just sick of how Wolfram always tries to get Shibuya's attention, and Shibuya doesn't respond, so I tried to break the cycle by splitting them up." With that, he leaned back and folded his arms behind his head. "What do you think?"

Conrad looked out the stable door, thinking of his younger half-brother. "I guess it would be good for Wolfram. Maybe he'll see that there are other men in the world."

Murata chuckled. "That's not my plan, really."

"What is your plan?"

"You'll see, when it works out."

Conrad shrugged, then turned his attention back to the horse. "Either way, those two have a lot to talk about." He sighed. "Poor Wolfram…he's in love with a straight boy."



Wolfram took a walk through the town after his encounter with Yuuri; he hadn't eaten yet, but he would have prepared a fight to food right then.

And look for a fight, he did.

He reasoned that this town probably had its share of muggers and pickpockets, and that, though finding one may have been difficult given the fact that the sun was shining brightly, there still had to be a criminal or cruel person SOMEWHERE, and when he found them, he would be able to work off some of his Yuuri-induced frustration.

Oh…I understand.

Wolfram kicked a rock. No, you idiot, you don't understand at all! How can someone who's never fallen in love understand what I feel for you? How can you understand my genuine feelings? You just like to be nice for everyone, and do what's right for everyone, no matter what they want…I don't want to be like that with you! I'm supposed to be different!

He sneered as the rock bounced down the path he was walking on, and fell at the foot of a man. Wolfram's eyes traveled upwards, and he saw that the man was talking to a girl. Or, rather, accosting to girl. Whatever, same difference, he thought.

Wolfram watched as the large man kept the woman pinned to the wall of a nearby jewelry shop.

"Hey, I've been thinking about you," the man said. His arms were planted firmly on either side of the woman's head.

The woman tried to back away further into the wall, looking over the man's shoulder, trying to pretend that he wasn't there.

Wolfram smirked. Play time.

"Excuse me, sir," the prince said as he walked up to the pair. The man turned his head and glared at Wolfram over his shoulder.

"What do you want? If it's her, I'm busy with her. You can come back later." And with that, the man spat in Wolfram's direction.

Wolfram stepped out of the way of the saliva and frowned at the man in disgust. "No, my business is with you. Would you say that you're a strong man?"

The man sneered. "What does it look like, you nancy boy?"

The woman took this opportunity to run from her assailant, and as the large man tried to chase after her, Wolfram grabbed his hand and used the man's own momentum to dislocate his shoulder.

"FUCK!" the man shouted, holding his wounded appendage. Wolfram smirked back; this was a move he'd learned from his shoulder training. It had helped that his opponent was large and strong, of course; most of the power that had gone into that attack had come from him, not Wolfram.

Wolfram's green eyes darted around in search of a suitable sword-substitute, and he found a discarded metal pole that was about three feet in length. He lifted it enjoying the weight, as adrenaline flooded into his veins.

The man twisted his arm around, and his shoulder settled back into its socket with a loud POP.

"Ready?" Wolfram asked in a cocky voice. He raised the pole so that it was about even with his torso…it wasn't really like a sword, he thought, but it would probably get rid of the discrepancy in their strengths.

The man glared at him. "What's wrong with you? Are you some kind of punk or something? I should call for the authorities."

Wolfram took a step back, shocked. He had not expected that.

"You wouldn't," he said, trying to call the man's bluff. This man was just a common thug.

The man glared down at him. "Why not? Why would I want to fight some idiot kid like you? You've probably never been in a real fight before." He sneered. "What, did you run away from home? Are you mad at your mommy, so you came out here to beat up the first big guy you could find?" The man spat again. "Don't kid around! Go back home, and don't pick on other people!"

Wolfram stared at the man as he walked away. He was suddenly drained, and he did not move to follow him.



Yuuri took a walk around the hotel, still trying to figure himself out, and he spotted Wolfram after a while. He walked up to his fiancé as he neared the hotel property, and he stared at the now-placated blonde, wondering if those feelings would come back while he was in Wolfram's vicinity.

Wolfram ignored him, and Yuuri sighed. He didn't want to play any push-me, pull-me games with Wolfram, so he decided to try talking to him like a normal person.

"What have you been up to?" he asked his fiancé.

Wolfram glanced at him and shrugged. "Nothing…just…nothing." He stopped walking, trying to signal to Yuuri that he wanted to talk to him.

To his surprise, Yuuri took his hand and led him away from the hotel, into the nearby forest. Wolfram let himself be pulled, though. He wasn't curious, or angry; he still felt defeated, and he didn't know why.

So when Yuuri stopped walking, and pulled him into a sudden kiss, he didn't fight or join in. He simply allowed Yuuri to do whatever he wanted to do to him, and he felt his knees weaken as Yuuri wrapped his arms more firmly around him.