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Chapter One: Tailless

"Ohaiyo, Ritsuka!"

Ritsuka blinked an eye open at the sound of the strong male voice. He sat up slowly and rubbed sleep from his eyes.

Looking around the room, Ritsuka realized he had no clue where he was. No. Fucking. Clue.

It was apartment that Ritsuka assumed was in Japan. In Tokyo, even, though Ritsuka couldn't say why he assumed that. Artwork and butterflies filled the walls. Two boys, much older than Ritsuka were asleep on a nearby couch. They were curled in each others arms. Standing in front of him was a man, his long blond hair pulled up in a pony-tail and glasses on his face. He was wearing a white apron over his clothes.

"Who are you?" Ritsuka asked, his eyes fixating on the man.

The man's blue eyes widened for a second. The smile faded from his face. "What do you mean, Ritsuka?"

"How do you know me?" Ritsuka reached for his tail, a nervous habit for as long as he could remember. Seimei always teased him about it; what would he do when it was gone?

Not that he would ever loose…

Where the fuck was his tail?

Ritsuka looked down where his tail should be. There was no sign of it. Numbly, he patted his head. No ears either.

What the hell had happened?

"Ritsuka…" The blond man sounded kind of faint. Ritsuka noticed that the man was an adult.

He was in a strange room with an adult. Alone. Earless and Tailless.

Oh, Ritsuka could guess what had happened. He may be only ten but he wasn't stupid.

"Ritsuka." The blond man's voice was stronger now, sort of distant, unnatural.

Ritsuka curled back onto the bed, as far away from the man as he could get. "Answer my questions," he told man, making his voice sound as strong as he possibly could. To Ritsuka's surprise, it sounded much deeper than he had anticipated.

"I will. But first, what is the last thing you remember?"

The last thing he remembered? That would be… "I was going to school. Wonder where the he- heck Seimei was since he hadn't been around for a couple of days." Ritsuka shrugged. He narrowed his eyes at the stranger before him.

"I see…"

"Eh…Soubi-san!" One of the boys on the couch called. Ritsuka looked over and saw the blue-haired boy sitting up. "It smells like something's burning!"

"Are you and Loveless having a fight?" The red-headed one added. "If so, could you not burn breakfast? And keep it down? Not all of us are demi-gods like the two of you."

"Youji, Natsuo. My apologies." The blond- Soubi- turned towards the two on the couch. "Do me a favor. Get the food off the stove. It was finished anyway."

The two boys both sat up fully and looked at each other.

The blue-haired one turned his attention to Ritsuka. "Sorry, didn't know you two were really fighting," he said.

"C'mon, Ji-chan. Let's do as Soubi-san suggested."

The two boys left the room quickly.

"Soubi-san?" Ritsuka asked, sounding the name out on his tongue. Names were useful.

To his surprise, the blond man vehemently shook his head. "Not 'san'," he said. "Never 'san'. Not to you. Soubi."

Ritsuka narrowed his eyes. The two other boys hadn't seen anything wrong with the situation. 'Having a fight' they had said. "Children should treat adults with respect," he told the older man. "Soubi-san."

The man didn't respond but eventually nodded. "As you wish, Ritsuka-kun," he murmured.

"Answer my question. Where am I? Who are you? And what am I doing here?" Ritsuka looked around for a phone. He had to call his mother. Or his father. Or Seimei. If Seimei was even around.

"That day, that you remember going into school, wondering where Seimei was…"

"You speak my brother's name so familiarly?" Ritsuka demanded.

"We…were….friends." The man seemed to be choosing his words carefully.

Ritsuka studied the man in front of him carefully. "Where is he now?"

Soubi-san froze. He took a deep breath. "He's dead."


"He died five years ago." The man spoke calmly, pushing through Ritsuka's strangled reaction. "The day you are remembering was five years ago. On that day, you walked into your classroom to find your brother dead in your seat."

"You're lying!" He had to be. How would Seimei die? It just wasn't possible! How would he have forgotten something like that? How would he miss five years of his life? The man had to be lying! Had to be!

But Ritsuka felt older. His limbs were longer, his voice deeper, his body hairier.

"No, Ritsuka-kun. I'm afraid I am not lying."

"Where's my mother?" Ritsuka asked. He glared at the man. "Take me back to my mother."

The blond-haired man nodded. "As you wish. Get dressed." The man turned on his heel and left the room to walk into the kitchen where the two boys had disappeared.

Ritsuka glared after the man but left the bed quickly. He found clothes in about his size o the floor by the bed. They were folded neatly.

Ritsuka tried not to notice that they were a much larger size than he last remembered his clothes being. He also tried not to notice that they fit perfectly.

The man had been lying!

As soon as he was dressed, the two boys came out of the room, looking solemn. The blue-haired one approached him first. "I'm Youji," he said, sticking out his right hand.

Hesitantly, Ritsuka took it. "Ritsuka," he said.

The boy- Youji-san- nodded. "Yes, I know." They shook hands.

"Natsuo." The red-headed one offered his hand as well.

Ritsuka took it and shook. He eyes the boys warily. Were they in on whatever the fuck was going on? They seemed to be, at some level at least.

"Soubi-san asked us to take you home," Natsuo-san said.

Ritsuka nodded. He followed the two boys out of the door and into the bright morning sunlight.

As the door swung shut behind him, Ritsuka almost thought he heard sobs coming from the house.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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