Hello Readers,

Long-time, no post, I know. I wanted to let you know that this story has been moved to my DeviantArt account. The fanfiction . net version may be deleted at some time in the near future, so if you wish to save this story, I would recommend bookmarking the DeviantArt version. As a bonus,the DeviantArt version has illustrations by the author!

The story can be found at (please remove the spaces):

http:/ danikamorningstar . deviantart . com / art / SM – Your – Secret – Admirer – 01 - 258772360

(The illustration for part one sucks. I'm sorry. The rest are better.)

Note: I am currently moving all of my completed stories to DeviantArt, so you may receive similar notices in the future if you have watched me. I apologize for the inconvenience.