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October 19, 1992

A meteor shower rains down in Smallville, Kansas. Jonathan and Martha Kent, a childless couple is returning to their farm when their truck is run off the road by falling meteors. When they awake from the crash they see a small boy walking towards them and a small girl standing in the distance. The Kents find the children's spaceship, which fell undiscovered during the meteor shower. Since they are unable to have their own children, they decide to adopt the boy and the girl and keep their origins a secret.

Back at the farm later that night

"What should we name them?" Martha said to her husband, while both were sitting at the table in the kitchen watching the two children sleep on the couch.

"If I had a daughter I wanted to name her Samantha." Jonathan told his wife.

"You never told me that." Martha said in a surprised voice.

"Well I think that name is sweet, and she looks like a Samantha, with the dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Don't you think?"

"Yes I do, we can name her, Samantha Leah Kent. Do you like that?"

"Yes Martha I like that, its perfect." Jonathan said "Know what about that little boy, we should name him?"

"Clark, I like that name. It describes him so well with the brown hair and blue eyes" Martha said looking at the little boy then turning back to Jonathan.

"Clark Joseph Kent, what about that do you like that?" Jonathan asked his wife.

"Yes I like that a lot. Wow I can't believe we have two children now, just yesterday it was you and me, now there are four of us." Maratha said "How old do you think they are? We have to pick a birthday date for them too."

"Well they look like Clark and Samantha are fraternal twins and about two year old at the most. So they must have been born in 1990." Jonathan said

"Yes they do look about two, and they do look like twins too. We need to pick a date for them, How about sometime in the month of May?" Martha asked.

"May 16, what about that day?" Jonathan asked his wife.

"Sure, May 16, 1990, Samantha and Clark Kent were born. Wow, this is so different, having these two new little lives to take care of." Martha said in a confident voice.

"One thing." Jonathan said


"I want Clark to be born first, I want him to be the big brother, you know what I mean, and He can be the big brother who will protect his little sister." Jonathan asked his wife, not knowing what kind of answer to expect.

"Sure sweetie, Clark can be first so we will say Clark and Samantha instead."

"Thank you" Jonathan said.

"We do need to get clothes, toys, and beds soon for Clark and Samantha." Martha said in a concerned voice.

"Yes we will have to get those things very soon." Jonathan said to his wife while he got up from his chair and kissed her on the cheek, and walked up stairs to go get blankets and pillow for Martha and him to sleep in the living room next to their new children.