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Chapter 1

To begin Clark and Samantha, are now age fifteen, and starting their sophomore year at Smallville High. Clark has the power of speed and strength, Samantha (Sam for short) has only speed. (No heat or x-ray vision, or red K yet.) Samantha has the normally personality of most fifteen year old girls. The only thing on her mind is fashion, boys, and fun. Sam & Clark are outgoing, smart, and competitive. Clark is dorky, and just wants to be cool. (Also Clark & Sam don't know about the kryptonite or there origins, Just like season one, somewhat.)

The Kent's house is a two story house and has three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, then on the first floor there is a kitchen, living room, dinning room, and a laundry room. Clark and Samantha's rooms are across from each other and Martha and Jonathan room is across from the bathroom.

Martha and Jonathan get up at 5:30am, Martha gets breakfast ready, and Jonathan starts the chores on the farm, they let Clark and Samantha sleep till 6am. Clark and Samantha must do there chores either before school, if they have time, or after school. Most of the time Samantha does them after so she doesn't have to get to dirty in the morning. Clark he doesn't care, whenever he has time in the morning he will try to do them, but if he doesn't have time he will do them after school.

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September 3, 2005


"Beep beep beep beep," the sound of Samantha Kent's alarm goes off. She hits the alarm like every morning, and gets up to start her day. Samantha gets her towel, robe, and other necessities for going to take her shower. She walks out her door and notices that Clark's door is open; she stands there for a minute then jogs down the hallway to the bathroom door, she start to pound on the door.

"Clark, if you use all the hot water I will kill you" Samantha shouted.

Hearing nothing Samantha just waited, and then 5 minutes later Clark opened the door with a big smile on his face, behind him came puffs and puffs of steam out of the bathroom.

"That was such a nice shower, felt so nice and warm." Clark smiled at Samantha and said "I hope that you like icy water." Clark said and walked down the hall to his room.

"Oh thanks, don't worry you will pay for it" Samantha said in a low voice.

Clark and Samantha are always fighting for the hot water in the shower.

Samantha got a 5 minute shower, and went to her room; she got dressed in her new jeans, old tennis shoes, and her new striped tan polo with a, denim jean jack and her badge tote purse. She never liked to carry a backpack.

Samantha was heading downstairs when she saw Clark wearing a pair of jeans, red flannel shirt and his red backpack he carried every year.

"Wow" Samantha said to Clark who was sitting there at his computer. (Clark and Samantha had their own computer, a birthday and Christmas present.)

"What" Clark Asked?

"Nothing, I just can't believe you're dressing like that for the first day of school." Samantha said

"Whats the big deal? Its only school." Clark said to Samantha paying no attention to her anymore.

Then Samantha continued her way downstairs, she walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Martha,

"Don't you look nice for you first day of school,"

"Thanks mom. It's a must to look nice for the first day."

"Well I made pancakes for breakfast would you like some?" Martha asked Samantha.

"Sure, I have to eat and then get going it already going on 7 bus will be here at 7:20."

"Where is your brother?" Martha looked at the steps then shouted "CLARK KENT YOUR GONNA BE LATE."

A minute later Clark was at the table right next to Samantha. Then Jonathan came in the door, and asked.

"Hello my family, Is everybody ready for school?"

"Yes" Samantha said

"Sure" Clark said

"Well your bus will be here in 5 minutes, you two better get a move on." Jonathan said

Samantha and Clark hugged and kissed their parents, got there thing and walk out to the road when the saw a yellow bus ride right past.

"Great we missed it," Samantha shouted

"Well lucky for us we have super speed; do you want to make a bet Sam?" Clark asked, knowing Samantha wouldn't say no.

"Sure, let me guess 5 dollars to the first person at school?"

"Yea, so is it a bet?"

"Yes it's a bet. On 3, ok" Sam told Clark

"1, 2," Clark said

"3" Sam said

Then Clark and Sam speeded over to school. From the window of the kitchen Jonathan and Martha watched their children make the bet.

"Well school starts and betting season is on." Jonathan said to his wife and laughed.

"Yes, what will we do with those two; I heard them fighting over water again. Very funny to listen too, you know that." Martha said to her husband.

Jonathan laughed and then hugged his wife and kissed her.

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