The mirror of Time.

Link patrolled the Hyrule fields, practising his sword against the lowly demons that sometimes plagued the lands. Not that they did anything like that anymore. Ever since he started destroying monsters, none could be found along Hyrule. He guessed they were probable plaguing other lands or areas he didn't frequent.

Zelda was safe. Malon was fine. Ruto was safe. There wasn't a princess in need of his services anymore! In truth, he was glad for this. But what must the hero of time do when there is no need of a hero? Get a different job? Have a family? Retire? It just seems so... final.

It was then, he noticed the old hag. She had actually surprised him!

"Young one. Do not fear me," she rasped with her dry voice.

"What can I do for you?" he asked politely, ignoring the fact that he was startled.

The old Lady's eyes swam with a great perception, entirely focussed on Link. Link found himself lost in the sea those eyes healed, and wondered just what was it he saw?

"I bear an important gift for ones such as you," she said, reaching into her bag.

"Thank you, madam" he replied, "but I don't have any need of gifts. I protect Hyrule because it is what I was born to do." Link said in an almost practised way, but he truly meant it.

People always gathered where he was.

The legendary hero.

He wasn't a knight, or even a proper citizen under the rule of the Royal family. Link suspected they would turn him into a knight of sorts, but he had vowed to protect all in Hyrule. Nobody had to command him.

"A pure heart." The woman sighed. "That is what makes you special, young man, but what I give is no tribute to your skills, but one that you have a chance to have. Tell me, do you know what it means to be the hero of Time?" she asked.

Link tried to think. What did the woman wanted to hear? The truth was, he didn't know. "It's just who I am."

"Yes. But then, who are you?"

Link wondered again. He had no family, and was the typical loner. His one time fairy companion had long gone, although he did find her for a short time. He would miss her, but nothing could be done about that now. "I am... Link," he said at last.

The Woman nodded. "Link. That name feels empty to you, does it not? But that will change. Now tell me, do you believe in fate?"

"It's what got me here," Link replied.

"Fate is not as enforceable as you may think." She gave a short smile on her wrinkled face, as she circled him. "You became the Hero of Time and you battled gannondorf seven years ago in this time, did you not? But all that need not have come to pass. Zelda may have broken the Ocarina accidentally as she threw it in the moat, and Gannondorf need not have got the Triforce of power. Or, the Evil King might have found a way to take all power from you."

"But none of that happened," said Link.

"Who's to say? As you stand here, your life can or could have taken an infinite number of roles. Both better… and worse. In another dimension, you would kill me here as I stand, being a pawn of Evil. Or we could just as easily have been talking down there," she pointed to a random direction. "You may have been born a different species, or as a lowly peasant from any work of life. A friend that aided you may not be there. In fact, you yourself may not even be born at all. All possibilities have happened somewhere, and that is what my gift centres on."

Link didn't like the things this woman was saying. "I don't understand. What do you want from me?"

She plucked out a mirror from her bag. "This is the Mirror of Time. If used properly, it can show you any destiny. Remember that ALL things are possible. And I mean all things, no matter how farfetched they might seem. You can use this to select your future, or even your past. Fate can no longer cast you with what you do next." She smiled.

Link looked at the hand mirror she held. It doesn't look like anything important, but he had a long experience in magic. The old lady passed the mirror onto his hand.

Link held it, remarking on its strange lightness. He could see his reflection clearly in it, the light giving a slightly blue hue. But what was he supposed to do with it?

"Ask it what you wish it to show you. The mirror has the power to allow you to assume the role of any alternative version of yourself, across any time."

"I don't know what I want to see," he said in awe. "I don't even know if I want to see."

"But you are curious, are you not? Focus on what you wish to explore. You can be a great adventure, or even have incredible power. Your power can be magical or political depending where you choose to go. Or perhaps it is your love life you wish to explore… Yes, I can see that weighs heavy on your mind..." She said peering at him with those incredible eyes. "You fight with your sword, but know not matters of the heart," She seemed to take delight at his expression.

Link looked into the mirror. He then focused past his own reflection, on the reflected background... and saw himself! He turned round, but no one was there. He looked, and the figures were still there, even sharper then before. "W-What is this!" He said in confusion.

"As I said, we could have met somewhere else." the old woman spoke. "What you are seeing is an after image of an alternative present."

Link saw his reflected self refuse the mirror. The reflection started to fade away. "He didn't take the mirror..." what did that mean?

"In that universe, you did not accept the gift. Will you accept it here?"

"Who are you?" Link asked.

"An agent, a worker, a friend... A salesman. All the people you meet, and all the ones that you never meet."

Link gazed once more into the mirror, noticing the person before him cast no reflection. "Why don't you have an image?" Link had heard tales of evil casting no reflection.

"I am no agent of evil. I... just don't have alternate futures. Please, use the mirror. Go where you wish to go, or where you think you might be needed. Perhaps it is the same thing. Beware what you may find; Link is not a name of a hero in some of the dimensions I have travelled though.

"Why would you want me to see this?" Link thought.

"My own curiosity... One final warning. Never stay longer then a year in the time-space dimension you are on. It becomes more unpredictable where you end up, should you wish to return."

His eyes locked onto his reflection in the mirror, as if drawn. His eyes reflected back, and deeper and deeper could he see. Nothing more existed. He felt the great questions ask, "what do you wish to see?"

He answered that question.

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